Tina Brown weighs in at the end of the week on The Times’ Judy Chronicles:

Readers would rather have waited and gotten a story they could at least understand. Newsrooms, however, can’t handle that kind of old-fashioned restraint. The blogs are baying to be fed, the competition is kicking their butt on the story, the stock price is down. “Transparency” turns into a combination of partial truths and morose institutional venting that makes everyone, including the readers, feel worse about themselves and the newspaper than they did before.

Wha? Which readers would rather have waited. Name two. Somebody read the whole thing and explain what she’s trying to say, which seems to be not much more than Miller said.

  • Mike G

    Yeah, I’ll never forget the way Woodward and Bernstein worked for a year on Watergate before finally producing the report that led to Nixon’s downfall in a week. Quite a shocker, since none of us had the slightest clue it was happening.

  • What’s particularly out of place about the paragraph you quote, Jeff, is that if you leave it out the entire piece is pretty scathing about the whole Times mess. That paragraph is just a gratuitous shot at blogs, doesn’t actually mean anything.

  • button

    You asked for it, Jeff. Here is my Blog entry on this story which may help answer your question… OR… you may not like my reaction at all.

    The Eclectic Chapbook: perma

    Thanks for ‘Preview is Our Friend.’

  • I thought the exact same thing as Greg Burton when I read the piece the other day: The paragraph is just a potshot at blogs.

    It’s not at all surprising when you consider the source, though. Brown is the one who wrote this of bloggers in March 2004: “We are in the Eggshell Era, in which everyone has to tiptoe around because there’s a world of busybodies out there who are being paid to catch you out — and a public that is slowly being trained to accept a culture of finks. … Bloggers are the new Stasi. All the timidity this engenders, all this watching your mouth has started to feel positively un-American.”

    I’m sure Brown’s stereotypes both then and now apply to some bloggers, but they certainly don’t apply broadly to bloggers. She’s just the latest in a long line of embittered MSM blog bashers … who sometime soon may well join the growing line of MSMers now in the blogosphere themselves — and lovin’ every minute of the intellectual and creative freedom it offers.

    Danny Glover
    Beltway Blogroll

  • Jorge

    The nothing is what it seems rule applies to all of these twists and turns in this national soap opera. The media connections probably spill over into international areas.
    What if the Judy Millers of each corporate media outlet are stiched together with one goal. How large of a goal might that be? What kind of a goal might that be?

  • Tina Brown is worried that she won’t have the corner on being able to pronounce judgment on everything, in her own time and in the single paper of record. She liked it better when she published and everyone else listened. So she swipes at people who ask questions now, demand answers soon, and don’t sit nicely with their hands folded, waiting for people like her to explain things.

    Otherwise, this is just a late attack on the Times and Miller. Big deal.

  • ken

    Tina is trying to say: “Listen to me. I’m still important!”

  • Dick

    Blogs forced the MSM to cover the story too soon?? PLEASE, it’s another MSM delusion.

    The NY Times finally got around to spinning (reporting?) the Air America – Boys & Girls Club funding scandal and the felonious identity theft perpetrated by Sen. Chuck Schumer’s staff only after the stories had been in the blogs for weeks; and even then coverage was thin and slanted.

    What is Tina Brown smoking?