Godspeed, Terry

One of my very favorite people I’ve met in this new world is Terry Heaton.

Terry has just told his friends on his blog that he is facing surgery for a tumor this week. And he is facing it without insurance.

He is approaching this with his characteristic bravery, openness, and grace.

Terry asks for our prayers. I suggest we also give him thoughts, candles, crossed fingers, and incantations.

: Terry also discusses his insurance situation in detail.

Here is another blogger, Rob Smith, who has to check himself into the hospital‘ for different reasons and he says he will not be covered. [via Glenn Reynolds]

Now that I’m also without benefit of benefits, I am paying $21,000 a year for family health insurance.

I was going to suggest to Terry that he put up a tip jar so his friends in the blogosphere could help insure him. (I’ll still suggest that.)

But the better gift to him and Rob and so many others would be the creation of a group insurance plan for bloggers. Perhaps that could be one of the fringes of creating a blog trade association. Anyone who know about such things have suggestions?

: In the meantime, Godspeed Terry. And Rob.

: UPDATE: Terry now has a tipjar up on his blog. Mutual of Blogosphere is open.