Professor of overwriting

That’s him.

  • penny

    There’s something about this medium that convinces us that our merest flights of fancy, our wispiest free-floating musings, are Revealed Truths, outtakes from Thus Spake Zarathustra

    “Overwriting”? Try fatuous. You are being too kind, Jeff.

  • David

    In a world where consumers have increasing choices and ever-constraining limits on their time — why would you choose to encourage your loyal readers to follow a link and spend time on that tripe?

    You surely didn’t waste our precious time to get in your own personal snark-back at that guy, did you? If so, consider this a gentle admonition.

  • owl 1

    Still laughing. He nailed me as I have an opinion on almost everything I find of interest. But the good news for him, I won’t be going back. “Interest”.

  • Barry Walker

    There has been considerable interest in subjects being falsely arrested.