Dell Hell, continued (and continued and continued)

Business Week is staying on Dell’s ass about customer service. After recounting its disasterous satisfaction ratings and various rants against them (including mine) and their panic to hire more customer-service and now their numbnutty attempt to actually start charging more for the crappy service they give, the report says:

While execs won’t say so publicly, the message is clear: That new PC you bring home comes with only the most rudimentary support. More hand-holding costs extra.

Indeed, Dell is rolling back some of the perks that now come standard. BusinessWeek has learned that in mid-October, Dell plans to redefine the term “free shipping” for its low-end models. Instead of delivering them to the customer’s home, Dell will mail them to the nearest post office for pickup. These customers have to pay extra for home delivery — although it comes standard with pricier models such as the new XPS line….

If customers don’t go for the new “pay-up” plans and service keeps sliding, Dell may have to put more money into solving the problem itself — or risk having more consumers defect to rivals.

I’ll say it again: Sell Dell.