Dell Hell, continued (and continued and continued)

Business Week is staying on Dell’s ass about customer service. After recounting its disasterous satisfaction ratings and various rants against them (including mine) and their panic to hire more customer-service and now their numbnutty attempt to actually start charging more for the crappy service they give, the report says:

While execs won’t say so publicly, the message is clear: That new PC you bring home comes with only the most rudimentary support. More hand-holding costs extra.

Indeed, Dell is rolling back some of the perks that now come standard. BusinessWeek has learned that in mid-October, Dell plans to redefine the term “free shipping” for its low-end models. Instead of delivering them to the customer’s home, Dell will mail them to the nearest post office for pickup. These customers have to pay extra for home delivery — although it comes standard with pricier models such as the new XPS line….

If customers don’t go for the new “pay-up” plans and service keeps sliding, Dell may have to put more money into solving the problem itself — or risk having more consumers defect to rivals.

I’ll say it again: Sell Dell.

  • Arthur

    Oh, I get it. The money (quite a bit) I paid for in-home service doesn’t count toward cutting my on-hold time or getting one of Dell’s top phone center people. I would have had to have bought a not-then-available XPS computer to get those plums. This is one of those classic ways to de-leverage customer loyalty, like offering lower prices to people who didn’t buy you before. See: Comcast introductory internet rates, automobile rebates, etc.

  • I am not a fan of dell at ALL. Yes, for the average consumer you get a “good computer”, but they are just cheap machines.

    Listen to this now…dell is cutting the free home shipping:

  • Doug Gregory

    On an afternoon when my Inspiron 8600 has funked out, my blood pressure doesn’t benefit from reading this. This and talking to “Steve” in Delhi.

  • “Instead of delivering them to the customer’s home, Dell will mail them to the nearest post office for pickup.”

    That is pathetic. Nice job Dell, please, encourage a loss of customers (or what marketers may term Consumer Confidence In Your Brand).

  • Bob

    You rail against Dell but [url=]you accept advertising[/url] from them. That seems a bit disingenuous.

  • Bob:
    I asked Feedburner to take Dell off the page. I took it off for Google. I didn’t see where to do it for Yahoo, which I believe has not given me Dell ads.
    So I agree.
    An argument can be made that in a world of separation of church and state, the ads are separate from editorial and so they can advertise in a newspaper that is critical of them.
    And an argument can be made that Dell owes me for all my time and effort.
    Nonetheless, I agree.

  • Ex-Dell Associate

    One has too look past the customer service issues and look at the core of the problem. Dell’s development budget is a fraction of that of HP or IBM, so this means that Dell products are rushed through product group (development) in order to be first to market. Dell (like other companies) do risk analysis on issues that arise with their products during the development cycle.

    Unfortunately, these risk assessments are geared more to revenue and not to customer experience. This being said corners are cut in the development process and potential issues are written off as an acceptable risks, thus creating a sub-par product. A Dell Product Group VP once said, “perception is more important than reality”.

  • Jim S

    The professional Dell apologists interviewed for the BusinessWeek article also said that they were going to add thousands of new support employees. I imagine that they too will be in India. What a huge help that will be. One of the big problems is speaking past one another and the fact that the support people in India often don’t have a clue. Like the ones I spoke to who didn’t understand that the replacement DVD drive for other models wouldn’t work in a 2650.

  • Where’s my adapter?

    About a year ago, Dell announced the recall of laptop adapters because they
    were a fire hazard. About a million of them. I dutifully went and registered at their website ( Dell promised to send a new, safe adapter. Almost a year later and my tracking number (and most others I randomly try) still shows as “in progress.”

    Not just incompetent. Dangerously incompetent.

  • I was in computer support for 25 years. Starting with IBM mainframes on down to crappy little PCs.

    The only company that had decent customer support was IBM and only because they leased their machings. They had to provide support.

    PC manufactures have never provided real support and never will. You’re not paying for support. You’re paying for a cheap machine. The old saying applies: You get what you pay for.

    If not Dell then where are you going to buy a good machine at very low prices?

    Get a life folks. If you can’t or will not read the manuals then why should anyone else care about your problem.

  • Jeremy S

    Here’s an idea. I order a Dell computer, and it goes to the post office. It doesn’t cost me anything for the shipping, so I just let it sit down there, collecting dust, and after 10 days the post office ships it back to Dell, possibly on Dell’s sime as well. How many times would this have to happen before Dell decided that home delivery wasn’t such a bad gig after all.

  • Arthur

    John Krill: My problems with Dell had nothing to do with reading a manual. It had to do with a defective mother board.

  • Avatar

    I still don’t understand why people expect top-flight service from a bottom-price source. You don’t buy a Kia and expect it to run flawlessly for years. You don’t go to Taco Bell and complain about the quality of the cuts of meat. About all you can expect out of Wal-Mart is to be pointed to the correct aisle. But Dell, in an industry with tremendous customer service issues on a whole, is some sort of demon because their customer service sucks?

    Hell, I’ll keep running with the auto analogy, since Dell seems to like it. All of the major car manufacturers have one or more luxury lines in addition to their main business. These lines are generally run out of separate dealerships, have nicer cars for significantly higher prices, and generally run better and have better service. Does this mean that those companies, who obviously -know- how to give good service and make high-quality, durable cars, are intentionally screwing everybody at the lower price points? Well, sure! They recognize that a certain number of people will pay top dollar for excellent product and service, and a lot more people can’t or won’t pay top dollar but will pay a low price for a product and not mind too much that it isn’t top-quality.

    It’s the same business model as Dell, with a bit less forced obsolescence (computers do that just fine with the rapid advance of the state of the art, heh.) But do we have people posting “Ford sucks!” because of it? Nah, not really.

  • Bret

    You get what you pay for. If someone was to set on my front porch the best Dell you can have, I would still put it on the street and laugh at the fool who thought they were getting a great deal. Actually this pretty much is my response for any “Boxed’ computer.

    As for purchasing a new computer, you would be amazed at how cheaply you can have a machine built just for you. I would suggest looking in your yellow pages or even in the classified ads in your newspaper and find yourself a computer geek or geekette. If they can repair them they can generally build them.

  • Roger

    It is not just about service on the computer. Attempt to talk to the service center in India about an error in your Dell Preferred Account (credit). It is hopeless. I talked to reps that could see there were no errors or delinquencies, but ‘please just sent us more money so I can clear it anyway’ the hapless drone implored me. Unbelievable. It took twenty calls, three months, and finally a link to a US representative who immediately fixed THEIR problem.

  • I hate to be one of those guys who says, “Well, Apple isn’t like this!” But they’re (generally) not. My wife just went through a very irritating procedure with AppleCare to get her already-once-repaired iBook that’s 2 1/2 years old fixed. Now it was irritating and took too long on the phone (30 minutes) and too long to get fixed (a week), but…I mean, 30 minutes on the phone and a week turnaround with free shipping…seems pretty good when I’m reading about Dell support.

    Apple has enormous gross margins, and that’s how they pay for repairs and quality. I regularly pay them $250 to $350 for an extended warranty for two reasons: 1. Every computer I’ve owned saved one from Apple has required a repair that would have cost more than that within three years; 2. Apple honors the warranty.

  • CallMeChaz

    I have to agree with Avatar. People who buy the cheap, bottom of the line Dell’s are price-shopping. They are probably not even thinking ahead to customer service issues, they just want a cheap machine. But what a poor way to solve the money issue.

    I did what Bret suggested–had a machine built for me. built a mid-to-high end machine to my exact specs, for about 60% of what companies like Dell and Gateway wanted. The big difference is that mine has quality components from the motherboard up (because I chose them), and I get great customer service to boot. I had the option of purchasing various service plans. The three year plan was so inexpensive, I could not pass it up even though I service most problems myself. I was delighfully surprised that the company that supports it is a great resource when I need to talk to them!

    You don’t necessarily just “get what you pay for” if you do your homework like I did before I built, and before I bought. I, literally, could not have built the system myself for less. The price difference was so large, I can’t comprehend how the the big names stay in business, whether it is and IBM or a Dell. I guess they survive on the hype and advertising, and no one wants to take the time to check out the silent competition in the custom built market. Amazing.

    ” An optimist is never pleasantly surprised! “

  • Bill B

    I hate Dell and I am glad there is a site that is starting to expose the truth about their problem machines and the terrible customer service. I know first hand as I purchased a Dell that Dell would never repair or give me an Idea what was wrong. Letters would just start going across my screen without me touching the keyboard. It did not matter what program I was using or what web site I was on. I had no virus. I did not have to be connected to the internet. I just had to come to the conclusion that the computer was just possessed. The call center person….mine was located in India of the several I talked to none of them had a clue. They did not appear to even understand English. Dell needs to get control of their quality and bring the call and tech support back home. At work we had several CPUs fry on several of the Dells we have. Dell knew about this problem but never issued a recall. They just wait for some poor customer to go down and if you complain loud enough and are a big customer they would send a new mother board. Does quality and good service mean anything anymore? People in other countries pay for quality and they tend to pay more for high quality products made in their own country. Wow! I would just like to be able to have that choice.

  • John B

    I used to be a staunch Dell fan, partly because of the price and partly because of the service. However, I’ve realized their service is a sham.

    One of my clients has about 18 Dell PCs between two offices and his home. When he got the most recent three new ones, he called me to hook them up to the network for him. Since his main application is still DOS-based (DOS isn’t quite dead yet) we needed to capture some printer ports. Brand-new, out-of-the box Dells, and the computers would hang every time we tried to send a print job to the captured LPT port.

    Customer paid for GOLD support from Dell so, we only had to wait on the phone for a few minutes to hear that our problem was outside the scope of their “free” support. We were offered the opportunity to buy paid support and given their number.

    We called. Guess what? They couldn’t help us either!!! At least they told us that before they took the credit card number!

    With hope (and support from Dell) gone, we decided to dig some more. As it turns out, the factory-installed Symantec internet security suite was screwing with the ports (only for DOS mind you). Once we uninstalled Symantec, we were able to print with no delay.

    I will probably still continue to buy and probably recommend Dell, but I’ll be looking for other options and NOT recommending their useless gold and/or silver service.

    PS. I LOVE the idea of picking up my PC at the PO for free shipping. Since I’m never at home when the UPS guy comes anyway, I end up going to the UPS office to pick it up anyway.

  • Barney Lerten

    Well, all the Dell Hell talk helped convince me to go another direction, company discount or no. I had just read PC Mag’s new review of “content-creation” PCs, went to Costco and lo and behold, there was the very same HP Media Center model (actually a bit bigger HD for Costco folk;-)

    Brought it home today (had bought a Maxtor 100G external HD to make the move from old PC easier) and … sakes alive, knock on silicon, the thing just WORKED. Out of the box. (19-inch LCD, so easy on the eyes – quite the package for $1500.) Took more time to wrestle the old cords from behind the desk than to get this thing up and running – including getting the old files and setting moved over – bookmarks, Outlook, everything. (Dvorak just wrote of the pains of upgrading, and I’ve been there, for sure. But not this time!)

    Color me impressed.

  • Kevin B.

    In no defense of Dell but something has to give when a new desktop sells for not much more then what M$ wants for their stand alone OS…

  • Sam Da Jedi

    When dealing with Dell and any other customer service department where they have chosen to ship these jobs overseas, you have the right to be a bigot. Face this fact to start with, DONT TALK TO INDIA! You will get farther, much faster, if you deal exclusively with an American in an American city. You have every right to be a racist and a bigot when looking for quality customer service. First ask, Where am I calling? Where are you located? Can I speak with a US Based representative? How or when do I call to reach someone in the US? The time spent doing this will pay off 100 fold when you do get someone in the US. Your chances of getting the right answer, more quickly, increases by a factor of 10.

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  • I have just tried to order a printer part from Dell for a A920 Model Dell Printer. Dell doesn’t have a part for this printer. It has a Dell name on it and I believe they are required BY LAW to stock replacement parts for the repair of their own products. The on-line “chat” printer support team is WORTHLESS if they have NO SOLUTIONS to a broken part that Dell does not have and will never have.

  • MediaBlues

    Look at what Cair’s been up to please tell everyone not to let this go on – Now Tyson employees are fight to get 5 prayer breaks a day –
    To think the Muslims can get this and the media never mentions it . The stories they cover matter to little and the stories that matter they cover to little.

  • Dennis H.

    I hate DELL! Just bought a new Inspiron 6000. Right away the computer started freezing up, wouldn’t shut down, incredibly slow to execute anything. I spent 4 hours in Dell hell trying to get some help, but I kept getting pushed from person to person because I had not bought software support (but I bought the darn computer!). Finally, an operator advised me to send it back. So, I called to send it back and Dell said sure once it is “approved”. It has been days and there is no approval with no idea when an approval will be granted (probably after 21 days so I can’t return it). I have 2 other DELL systems and will never buy another one and I will tell my friends and workmates to never buy a Dell. I hate DELL!

  • Janice D

    I hate Dell more than anyone. My one year old laptop was so heavy it broke the LCD screen and Dell wants $800 to send it back and have it fixed. It took 2 hours, 4 idiots (one of whom didn’t know what an LCD screen was, to insult me into charging my card $800 for a laptop I paid $1500 for a year ago. I don’t need support from India, and this is insulting. Never, never buy a Dell.

  • There is room for new companies and solutions:
    Why don’t make: “iPod dance” – A nonstop music solution with a perpetual battery…
    Ore changes the way big companies work with their consumers, why don’t work as ONE?

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  • Andrew Schulman

    I started to look for Micheal Dell’s email and found this. It’s amazing that again I am not alone.
    i fantizied about giving this big story of how i did this or that, in the hope that maybe someone from Dell might read this, but decided thats not me. I have been instrumental in a company buying 75 dell pc’s and for the most part they are satisfied.
    I myslef, have a daughter in college, bought my daughter, who is totally incompetent with electronics the soap to nutz support you can buy for a laptop. the three year plan, in home support.
    Well, I have to say, the past three weeks, have been as you so boldly call it Dell Hell. I have my daughter telling me her computer crashed, called dell support, and took three weeks to get a restore disk. The disk arrives 10 days later, and Dell says the hard drive is shot. I fly to New York for a wedding and all I do in a hotel during the weekend is talk with Dell in India, Phillepene’s etc, and get totally frustrated. Finally i install the hard drive, and call Dell the disk doesnot load, and support tells me you need a new mother board. I make an appointment to have support come to my daughters dorm, and was told that they would call my daughter in the morning to confirm the time. Support tells me that my daughter will get a call between 8-9 am, to confirm an appointment for 10 am.
    Today come’s. my daughter calls me and no call by 9.30Am, so i call Dell Support, freaking, and after 3 support teck’s, i got information to call some tech compnay called Banctec with a authorization number. I was told that i needed to call them to set the appointment and i told them i have an email from Dell saying differently. I replied to the email and still have not gotten a reply. The inhome repair department is again some company in India handling the inhome repairs. I went totally off the wall.
    I wasted 5 hours today, tring to get Dell USA on the phone, and to now avail all i got is off-shore, I am sorry, and We understaand. I called Dell on the way home, spoke again to India told them to call mt daughter to schedule an appointment, walked through my door at home and am a total bear. I screamed at my wife, and swore that i will never again buy a Dell Product. I picked up my apple laptop that i have been experimenting with and looked up Micheal Dell email and it led me to this response.
    I dont know if Dell( Banctec ) got through to her, because she goes to school from 8am-6pm and works from 7pm-11pm, but once this laptop is fixed, it goes on sale on ebay.
    I started my own company a year ago and have 20 employees’ and need to make a decision on how to make everything unified. I called Apple, spoke to their business relations and told them my issue with my daughter. A new apple Ibook is shipping overnight, on trial, and my daughter doesnt even know it yet. She learned Apple at school, but she got the initial computer she wanted. I gave Apple a conditional order for 20 Apples laptops, a new server support and full training. I am going to pay for all employess to be retrained from PC to Apple and refused Virtual PC. I am going to change and swore off any company that out sources their customer service off-shore.
    Dell, your company has changed, and i am not pleased. My first opportunity to really need your company you failed, and I am a salesman and a businessman, and you are only as good as your last sale. I sold 50,000 shares of Dell today, and traded it all in for Apple.
    He you are not the only upsetting issue, I am totally upset with the Blue Screen and the virus’s, but you are the straw that broke the camels back.
    I still await Dells support call for an appointment, but am confident that my daughter will be happy tomorrow. I am fed up with Dell, will never buy another product from them and have learned, you get what you pay for. I dont want cheap, i want a product and support at a fair price. I have already rethought my companies expansion and learned somthing from this issue.
    My cell phone will always be on, i discontinued automated attendent on my phone system, and changed my extension to the first person you can ask for for any and all issues.
    Thank you Dell for teaching me a hard lesson, that customer satisfaction and speaking with a person whos paycheck is dependent on their satisfaction, is more important then trying to sell an extended warrenty, or giving free shippment.
    i hope this reply is read, by those with the same issues. I am sorry that i went through this route, I did try to reach Dell Directly in the United States, try to find Micheal Dells email, but maybe this is the better.
    You taught me a better lesson, and thank you for all that i have learned today. I believe my company will be better for all that i have learned from the lousy Dell Support.

  • Mockerfab4

    Just learned about your web blog from a PR seminar I attended about blogging. I’ve been looking for any web venue that speaks the truth about Dell and their TERRIBLE customer service. It never used to be like that either, until they got so huge and started getting so cheap! Which is why I’ll never buy another Dell again! Anyway, thanks for the blog, and I’ll definately read up on all your Dell related rants. I get so much pleasure out of spreading the word to NOT BUY A DELL! Thanks. =)

  • Hi, Jeff.

    Look what happened for Dell here in China

    The fight continued here

    I begin to write something about it in my blog as well.

    You are great!!

  • David H

    Just to respond to a few of the posts above…We all know that we are buying a product that is less expensive than other computers, but that doesn’t mean that Dell has to have customer service that sucks. Unfortunately Dell is still portrayed in the media as having great customer service. This is no where near the truth, and this blog is helping others learn the truth.

  • Scott Jungling

    Oh, the trials of learning through the school of hard knocks. I bought one of those top-end XPS machines and had it stop dead just over 5 weeks from getting it. Called in a warranty repair on 30 September 2005, and am still waiting to this day. Each time I call, I get the run around and no one can answer the simple question – “For a company that builds computers, how can the part I need (power supply) be on back order? No customer service should be Dell’s slogan. Pay extra and get a computer that is backed by the company, maybe an Apple, and not just pushed out the door. I will never buy a Dell product again and will do everything to steer people away from Dell.

  • Mandy Candler

    I have been waiting over three weeks to get in home, next day service to my Dell laptop. Well, after countless hours on hold, in queue, and hearing excuse after excuse and prmise after promise, I have given up on Dell ever living up to their warrantee for service. I have notified the Texas and Washington Attorney Generals and the BBBs, and have now been in correspondence with my Visa comapny to get a full refund for this computer. If Dell will not fix it, I will hopefully be able to buy a new one. DO NOT EVER BUYT A DELL and let us US consumers put them outr of business forever!

  • Al Alverson

    I ordered a Dell Plasma TV and wall mount 2 weeks ago with 3-5 day shipping. In about 5 days I recieved a package that contained a GPS device. The packing slip indicated it was a wall mount for the TV. I called Customer service which is by design almost impossible to reach.
    They claimed they would send the correct mount and a packing slip to return the GPS and send it as overnight. Now, one week later I have nothing. The Plasma TV has been delayed and no one knows when we will recieve it.
    The customer service calls to me are from India and they have no clue how to track the order and only say they will call me back and they don’t.
    By far, this collection of clowns is the worst customer service ever from a company. I will never buy anything from Dell again.

  • Maria

    Yesterday I spent a total of five hours of my life on the phone with both Dell Customer Care and Dell Financial I too bought a laptop that didn’t work, and after hours on the phone with tech support they sent one of their own to fix it. They couldn’t fix it either. We foolishly decided to exchange the laptop for a “new” one. I am kicking myself hard for not just taking my refund and run away. At the time we settled on the exchange it was agreed upon during a three way call with Dell Customer Care and Dell Financial that it would be an even exchange. Guess who is still getting a bill for some bogus finance charge? Guess who doesn’t have any record of the customer service department agreeing to void the charge? However, here’s the fun part, Dell Financial DOES have a record of Dell Customer Service agreeing to this. Where does that get me? That gets me to a 5 hour long conversation with Dell Customer Care. Dell Financial was even trying to help me with the issue, stating to their mananger that a Policy Exemption Form was filled out by one of their manangers, Dell Customer Care’s response “we don’t have record of this”! It doesn’t matter that Dell Financial does, oh and by the way the two companies do not run the same software. It’s clear that the left hand does not know what the right hand is doing. I’m so surprised with the disorganized bookkeeping in a professional company. Has anyone ever had a problem with Dell’s charges before? Can anyone help me?

  • Kacy

    Hi, I’m only 13 years old and I already know that Dell has some problems. I came home yesterday after school to find my mom shaken and upset. And she was on the phone with Dell. With my clever mind, I quickly concluded that her “helpful customer service” was doing everything but helping her. I wanted to tell her about my extremely BAD day at school I always talk to my mom after a bad day because I know she will make it better. BUT she had been talking to Dell for the past 4 hours. She was like a hostage on a phone. My mom tells my siblings and I to be truthful to are feeling. Also to respectivly state them. Here are my feelings. What if my mom were to call michael dell’s mom, so when HE came back from his extremely BAD day at work, she wouldn’t be able to make HIM feel better!!!!! So this moral of my upseting comment is: DON”T MESS WITH MY MAMA!!”
    the still upset bad school day daughter. Kacy

  • Hospice Tech

    Dell has migrated to a completely insulated business model where responsibility is securely inaccessible to purchasers of their now [email protected] products. Some points:

    1) Dell almost dumping products on the cheap. Are parts and build integrity of these machines of good quality? Hmmm, ask any intro. economics professor if there is such a thing as a “free lunch”?

    2) Dell support has migrated to a NO-CALL structure, wherein virtually all service is channeled to India via “Talisma” online chat system.

    3) Dell India supports indentured servants, errrrr technicians, are programmed to spit out the same dead-end “solutions” over and over, avoiding swapping out failed parts– e.g. I recently had a hard drive that failed integrity diagnostics (Dell diags!) and I was told TWICE to run “PC Restore” Dell would not swap the hard drive

    4) After implementing this fully insulated sales/support model in which there is NOT a real person to hold accountable, Dell can stave off justified repair issues and outright swaps indefinitely! It’s a model from HELL and they have the screws tightened down.

    5) SUMMARY: Buy from the “little guy” a local shop that builds and supports PC’s by an owner who you can see and interact with! It’s time to tell these huge machine companies that we’re not going to take it anymore and claim our sanity back!

  • Eric Schultz

    I’ve had serveral exchanges with DELL just like the one’s above.

    But let me tell you this story… How does Micheal Dell make his Billions

    I bought a new laptop from DELL in a little over a year ago. It was an Inspiron 8600, pretty nice machine right? In checking all the bells and whisltes I tested the DVD player. Even after ajusting the brightness via the key board all the DVD’s were too dark. I knew (i’ve been working on computers for 27 years) that there is an internal brightness somewhere that more than likely was a slide switch.

    Brand new computer and of course #1 world class support… what a joke… I thought I’d call Dell Tech Support, this has to be an easy request… That’s when the fun started. First of all I could only understand every third word. I asked the guy (in India) where to find the interal brighness switch. He processed to tell me I had to reload drivers. I asked him. “Don’t you think there would be other things wrong besides brightness if this was a driver issue?” He insisted on reloading drivers…. OK i’m game (knowing this wouldn’t fix a thing) Well to make a long story a little shorter after about 30 minutes of trying to reload drivers the tech support guy decieded I needed a new laptop.

    So what shows up at my door step? A second, brand new Inspiron 8600. Now I have two. I suspected they would want my original PC back and rightly so. After 6 months and only 2 computer generated letters asking about the return I decieded to send the computer back. I’m convinced Dell had no idea this replacement had been sent.

    Being the honest guy I am I sent the laptop back. I thought I was done. Wrong!! Two months later I got a check in the mail from Dell for $969.58 for the computer I had sent back… I couldn’t believe it.

    I called Dell (India again) to try to explain that a mistake had been made. The only response I got was, My account showed a credit and when that happens we cut a check and send it out”.

    I didn’t let it rest there. I tried for over three weeks to give this money back to dell. Of course it’s impossiable to contact Dell Corporte, I mean impossible! Even to give them their money back.

    After three weeks I got a hold of some guy in Dell Finiacial, explained the issue, he said he’d e-mail the right people. At that point I gave up and have had no further contact with them. Todate no one has ever called me to get $969.58 back. That’s how Michael Dell makes his billions!

    I have the check in my possission today.

    I swear this is all a true story!!!

    Some of you are going to think i’m nuts for not cashing the check. All I can say to you, is I can sleep fine at night knowing i’m not the crook Michael Dell is.

    Eric Schultz
    Santee, CA

  • Catherine Savage

    Does anyone know if there’s a Class Action in the works? Good lord, if Dell’s inept-to-the-point-of-fraud customer service (and don’t even get me STARTED on Dell Financial Services…) doesn’t qualify, I don’t know what does.

    I have so many complaints about my experience with Dell, I wouldn’t even know where to start:

    1. (Disappearing) Phone Sales Guy who ordered me up a brand new $3000 system – a month after I’d already received the refurb that I actually ordered – of his own accord (can anyone say ‘sales quota’?) and charged it to my Dell Financial account – twice – putting it over the credit limit and marring my otherwise spotless credit. Not just poor service…actually CRIMINAL conduct.

    2. Three month struggle to get the thing returned, credited back to my account – during which Dell sent the wrong call tags, which resulted in the boxes being shipped to the wrong location, then claimed they’d never received them. Another month of my life spent straightening that mess out.

    3. Crediting back the wrong amount. In the end, actually ending up $42 in my favor, which God knows I wasn’t going to return after countless hours and hours of undeserved misery.

    4. After multiple complaints and a fraud investigation, they couldn’t manage to send an affidavit form that in any way applied to my situation so they could pursue the case (“Sign here to testify that you never were in possession of the electronic equipment fraudulently ordered on your card.” Well, no…). I finally just gave up and let it all go. My blood pressure couldn’t take the pursuit.

    Yadda yadda yadda… All this while their stock was climbing and they were winning awards for customer service. I’m glad to see that I’m not alone in this alternate universe where Dell bites it big time.

    Catherine Savage
    Lake Zurich, IL

  • Barbara Bogart

    I purchased a Dell Inspiron 300m laptop 18 months ago, including 3 years of in-home service and breakage insurance. The machine worked very well for the first year until I needed a new mother board. The Banctec technician who tried to replace this part had no knowledge of the computer, and was unable to install the part. After days of complaints to both Dell and Banctec, another technician came and made the repair. Since that initial repair, the laptop has had a number of hardware problems. Every time one is repaired, another problem related to the repair occurs. I’ve had screws rattling around inside my machine, wires left unconnected, broken hinges, and most recently the battery cannot lock into place. A couple of weeks ago, Dell offered to replace my laptop with a refurbished machine. I specifically asked if I would get the identical model and I was assured that I would. A week later a replacement of an Inspiron 600 arrived. The 300m is no longer available. While the numbers are similar, the placement machine is a very difference class from the machine that I purchased. The 300m is an ultra-thin, lightweight laptop weighting only about 2 pounds. The replacement laptop weighs about 6 pounds and lacks many of the features that I required when I made my original purchase. After 2 days of calls to Dell, they have refused to send me a replacement machine that is similar to the machine that I purchased. My invoice for the laptop and service was just under $2300. The Inspiron 600m is currently offered for $759. The current laptop most similar to my original machine is the Latitude X1, currently offered for $1548. Both supervisors that I spoke to insisted that the 600m was an upgrade to the machine that I purchased. I explained that I have a back injury and I’m unable to carry a heavy machine. I further explained that the replacement machine lacked features like an external CD/DVD drive and a SD slot, which were important features in my purchase decision. I was told that they are only able to offer me the 600m. I have contacted Dell Executive Customer Service, and I’m waiting for a call back.

    My service contract and breakage insurance contract are worthless. If I had not taken these extended service contracts, my American Express Buyer’s Protection Plan would have covered my laptop for 1 year after the original warrantee expired.

    I will post the Dell Executive Customer Service response to this site. Please post any suggestions concerning a remedy to my situation. Thank you.

  • Robert Nolan

    It sounds like Dell is losing customers “one at a time”.

  • Michael Denial


    It’s not just DELL Customer Services that is delinquent in its corporate policy, turned audacious arrogant working practice, it’s an unethical corporate attitude that would otherwise see a kid getting a clip around the ear for displaying exactly the same thing.

    1st call: ring-ring, ring-ring, ring-ring… ‘Thank you for calling Dell, you are in a queue, please hold.’

    “Good afternoon, Dell?”

    “Good afternoon, can you put me through to department X please?”

    “Do you have a name of a person in that department?”

    “No, I don’t, but I corresponded with your department X a week ago, and stated I would follow up; they will be awaiting my call”

    “I’m sorry; I can’t put you through unless you have a name of a Dell representative. You will have to go to our web site to make contact”

    “But I don’t have Internet connection”

    “Then you will have to write in”

    “I have already written in, as I have explained, and in those writings I stated I would make contact in one week’s time should I not have heard anything; could you make enquiries for me to confirm my correspondence has been received?”

    “No, I cannot go through to a department if I do not have a contact name”

    “All I am trying to do, is confirm that my identity and personal details that I have provided in those correspondence to Dell are in its possession, and wish to establish what will happen to them”

    “If they have them and find them of any use, they will write to you”

    “Indeed, I first need to establish that they do have them in their possession, and where they do, what they will do with them should they not find them ‘useful'”

    “Then you must contact them”

    “That is what I am endeavouring to do now, but you won’t let me without a name”

    “This is a busy switchboard and I can’t help you”

    “But it is imperative I at least be allowed to confirm my details are safe and secure”

    ————————- Deliberately disconnected by a Dell switchboard operator with very low self-esteem, vulnerability issues, and a trigger happy finger.

    2nd call:

    “Dell, good afternoon?”

    “Good afternoon. I was just now, deliberately disconnected by one of your colleagues”

    “I’m sorry but I wasn’t involved with that call, how can I help you”

    “I think it is disgraceful that an operator of any company should disconnect a caller deliberately, so I wish to complain. Can you please put me through to the switchboard manager?”

    “Yes, one moment”

    “Dell, good afternoon, how can I help you” [Indian accent omitted to protect the innocent]

    “Hello. Can you tell me where you are located, please?”

    “Yes sir, we are located in India”

    “Thank you for your help, goodbye”

    3rd call:

    “Dell, good afternoon”

    “Good afternoon. A few moments ago, I asked to speak to the switchboard manager to complain about one of your colleagues having deliberately disconnected me five minutes before. Because I didn’t have a name of a Dell representative the first operator remained disagreeable and obstructive. The second operator was agreeable to putting me through to the switchboard manager so I could complain, but instead she put me through to a switchboard in India, which is outrageous”

    “You will need to write in to complain”

    “I must insist you put me through to someone in authority”
    ——————————– Deliberately disconnected for a second time, but only deliberately misdirected once… one out of three ain’t bad.

    That brief escapade was, funny, disgraceful, but nonetheless funny. Funny, because it just goes to show how a corporation’s reputation can be directed down the proverbial plughole by the ineptitude of those, ill-equipped, yet encouraged to exercise their initiative.

    I’m curious to know who has the job of removing the bone from each employees head that would otherwise permit them to think.

    Clearly there is no authority to be found in DELL, not without a ‘name’, anyway. Not least, the discipline in that particular school that is DELL which is manifesting itself into an anarchic swill of moronic imbeciles bereft of something once called manners. Well, the bigger they are, the harder they fall! The smaller they are, the further they go. Let the former be a warning.

    What is more important to corporations today, PR rhetoric and obfuscation, or corporate reputation?

    I can’t wait for the day when the very first corporation to go bust is found to have been officially blogged to death.

  • Yes it is true, I mean I still think Liberals are assholes and I would like them all to be burned not in the name of “Progressivism” but in the name of stupidity, but someone is really puttin there dick in the wrong hole—and that someone is the MAN!! I fucken hate DELL!! DELL can suck my dick!! I mean 4 real…I got a DELL Inspiron 6000 and had it customized I paid $1800 bucks for that shit. I loved it. I would watch movies in the privacy of my room, I would rent comedy movies that I couldnt watch in front my parents. I did my school work with no one bothering me and every morning at 8 o’clock i would pop in a yoga DVD and calm my self. I had 400 songs in my computer that i was saving for my ipod nano. I fucken loved my notebook!! Now one day without warning poof!! Some bullshit w/ the hard drive and now I cant fuckin use it and now I probuly going to loose all my school work (including a paper I had to revise as well as all my goddamn songs) Whats the fuckin point of buying a damn ipod nano now?? Those stupidass muthafuckerzz at DELL dont give a shit about us anyway. And by us I mean minority and middle-class America. Where just a bunch of stupid farmers who dont know and shit and prolly thought our DELL notebook was a microwave with glowing pictures. “Look Beth-Ann I could make my here toast crispy and watch naked women from Japan.” But why should they give a shit, the sale has already been made!! I was chatting on with “Thatcher” and he told me to take out the battery and put it bak in….ok? then to do the same thing w/ the hard drive……..What the mutha fukaa is white-ass Thatch bitchin about?? What a jackass!! HE HAD NO CLUE WHAT THE HELL HE WAS TALKING ABOUT!! I told him that and he cut the connection off. Go head u dum fucker, he prolly shitted in pants when I said that!! Now its day three and my laptop doesnt work and wont turn on for shit. Go to and buy the HELL t-shirt for $17.00. I’m buying it!! DELL is nothing but bunch of smelly Indians from Bombay who sit and answers phones and offer help on shit they know nuttin about!! I dont want someone who isnt allowed to eat with there left hand because they believe the left hand “unclean” in India—and as a south paw (left-handed) I’m offended, and lets cows roam free in the cities and NEVER DROVE–NAY–SEEN A CAR IN THERE DARK SKIN,TOWEL HEAD, SMELLY ASS, HAIR ON EARS, ORANGE HAIR, MY GRANDMOTHER IS NOW A GRASSHOPPER MUTHA FUQUEN LIVES!! I propose a bill to the U.S. Congress to kill Micheal DELL (yes there is a actual DELL guy and it’s not that “Dude you’re gettin’ a DELL” faggot) and also flatten India!! I say this all to say—-I hate dell, go to to buy your own HELL t-shirt and GO AND BUY AN APPLE NOTEBOOK!! I wish i would of done the same thing!! But now I have to deal. Dont let Micheal DELL and his Ghandi slaves ruin your life like they did mine!!

  • so anybody talking Dell about what..????

  • Michael Denial

    -“dell notebook review Says:
    October 23rd, 2005 at 8:55 am”-

    “so anybody talking Dell about what..????”


    Kewl! The way you express yourself, sounds awfully familiar. You wouldn’t be part of the new wave of DELL Customer Service recruits, would you?

  • Mike

    I’m fortunate enough that I saw Dell’s downturn coming before it got this bad, and blacklisted them. Having previously had an excellent Dell desktop (which I had to recase due the original being structurally unsound), in 2001 I purchased an Inspiron 8000 laptop (looks identical to an 8100). It was big, it was heavy, but it worked and had excellent battery life. Unfortunately, I never was really satisfied with the machine.

    The chassis was made of multiple parts, and when you picked it up the entire thing creaked under the weight. It sounded like it was going to break right then and there. It never did (more on this later), but it just seemed so cheaply made.

    On top of this, the machine was dog slow. I ordered it originally with 128 memory. Dell wanted over $150 to upgrade the memory to 256, something I did myself for $30 shortly after purchasing it. Even after the upgrade, and running Windows 2000, the machine was still slow. My previous machine was a Pentium 2 450, and by all rights my Pentium 3 900 mhz laptop should blow it out of the water, right? Wrong. This thing performed consistently slower than the older machine.

    Finally, a couple years later one of the batteries died. After purchasing the wrong replacement battery thanks to Dell’s idiotic website, I finally decided I needed a new machine. I’d seen Dell’s successors to the 8000, the 8100 and 8200, and all of them retained the same cheap chassis design that creaked every time you moved it. After my experiences with that poor-performing laptop and my friends’ issues with its successors, I realized Dell was going downhill and just said “Never again.”

    So, it was that in mid-2003 I picked out a very nice Sony GRT-100, and customized it to my needs. This 1.8 ghz Celeron machine has never let me down, and I use it still to this day. It’s surprisingly quick, and feels solid. I got it cheaply, for under $1200, and it had all the features I wanted. It has all standard hardware, with no “secret vendors”. No regrets whatsoever, and I’ll probably keep it until it dies.

    I wish this is where the story ended, but that is sadly not the case. About 18 months ago, a friend asked me to check out his Dell laptop. It was an Inspiron 8100, with the exact same chassis as mine, so I was very familiar with it. This was not the machine’s first problem; the onboard NIC was DOA right out of the factory and he had to use an addin card. The machine had failed during his previous semester of college. Well, after some basic checks, it appeared his hard drive had died. It was a little new for that to happen, although not entirely out of the ordinary for a frequently-moved laptop.

    Further checks showed that to be correct, and an identical IBM drive was ordered from an online vendor. The new drive arrived, and it was dead on arrival. You wonder why IBM got out of the hard drive business? That’s why. At any rate, it’s now another long wait for the replacement for the replacement.

    New hard drive #2 arrives. I install it, it powers up and reads fine. So far, so good. I go to install Windows, and the machine abruptly hangs. I get Windows installed after a few tries, am using it, blue screen of death, and now it refuses to start. What could be wrong with it? Do you remember that creaking sound I mentioned earlier? Yep, you guessed it.

    Some time in between new drive #1 and #2 (during which it had not been used), the machine had suffered structural failure. There is a tiny plastic strut that runs in between the battery bay and the floppy bay on those models. This is required to properly support the weight of the heavy batteries. This strut failed, and when it failed, the weight of the batteries were sufficient to actually bend the motherboard, causing an intermittent failure.

    After repairing the structural fault with glue to see whether that would restore it, the machine continued to have intermittent problems. I therefore declared the machine dead, and technologically unsound. Given that the machine was now more than a couple years old, it was obviously useless to even try to deal with Dell support. As a result, I walked them through the purchase of a brand new Sony laptop, and all’s well that ends well. Or maybe I should say, “All’s well that ends DELL”, for anything that puts an end to Dell can only be a good thing. He’s very happy with his new computer, and is using it to this day.

    By the way, my school has new model Dell computers. Dell, like most other vendors, puts front USB ports on their machines. These are tower computers. The front USB ports are at the base of the tower, angled down, and the computers are on the floor. This means that any time we want to put our thumbdrives in the machine, we have to get down on the floor in order to put them in. The sarcastic phrase “Bow down to the almighty Dell” is frequently uttered, a testament to their idiotic design.

    I mean, sure, it works all right if the machine is on a desk, but when about half of your customers place their computers on the floor and Dell could just as easily have mounted them horizontally, I’m sorry, but that’s plain dumb. How they came up with that case design remains a mystery.

    The machines themselves are nothing spectacular either. Like my laptop, they perform surprisingly slow for their speed and RAM. They’re better than the old Compaqs they replaced (except for the USB ports. The Compaqs had proper ones), but generally they show a lack of quality and have introduced all measure of headaches because they look identical to other machines in the school, yet they have different hardware configurations.

    Ultimately, I will not be buying another Dell computer, and I have told my family and friends to avoid them, as well. There are only a couple of brands out there right now that I’d trust, and Dell isn’t one of them. Sony, Toshiba, and HP are the companies you should go for now, and leave Dell to wonder why it’s losing business.

  • I’ve written some of my own thoughts on this issue at my blog:

    Atlas-Tuesday – Dell Laptops Suck

    If you’re going to sell junk at least make it easy to return! Sitting on the phone with technical support and having to convince them of a bad LCD shouldn’t take a half hour.

  • Michael Denial

    Dustin Says:
    October 27th, 2005 at 11:09 am

    If you’re going to sell junk at least make it easy to return! Sitting on the phone with technical support and having to convince them of a bad LCD shouldn’t take a half hour.”


    No, it damn well shouldn’t take half an hour! Those char wallah’s of mine are paid to clear the line “jildy – jildy”… do you have any names of the slow ones, like Steve, Babs or James by any chance?

    Oh, and steady on with the “junk” joke, that’s defamatory. It’s a new form factor of biodegradable components we’re trying out.

  • Margaret Ridgeway

    I’m not going to write about my experiences – they’ve been covered over and over in earlier responses. Forget lawsuits. My suggestion – every irate customer should buy one share of Dell stock (currently only about $30-$35) and all of us show up at the next stockholders meeting – en masse. Unfortunately, there isn’t a facility large enough to hold that many people so we would be standing outside, but it would make great press for Dell!! We could call it the Million Irate Customer March. You think they would listen then?

  • John

    Poor Dell service, live!
    Yesterday I was at a very popular large mall in Columbus, Ohio, where Dell has a kiosk with several of their products. My son and I were playing around with one of the Media Center desktops, which was my first exposure to MC. After about 15 minutes of playing with it, the manager of the kiosk came over and asked me if I had any questions. I said “No, we’re just playing with it”. His repsonse was something like “We are trying to sell here, so if you don’t have any questions, I’m going to have to ask you to leave”. I was shocked and then livid. There were only two or three others at the the kiosk, and no one behind us waiting to use the PC we were on, so we were not impeding anyone else.
    Looks like Dell is just as clueless about how to treat their customers in person as well as on the phone and on the web.

  • Mick

    I’d wish I’d found this site before I went through the misery of trying to order a Laptop through Dell last Saturday. Just to put things into perspective, I cancelled the order this afternoon. But here is a summary of the problems I encountered. By the way I am from the UK.

    I ordered a Laptop through Dell last week and I have never known such a company to be so incompetent when looking after first time customers. For your information – not that I think anyone at DELL could care. I have cancelled my order due to:-

    1) Incorrect Financial option documents given to me.

    2) Telephone numbers on documents don’t exist.

    3) The complaint form on is a waste of
    space as complaints are not followed through.

    4) When I asked Dell to send me the documents
    via post, they said they would, 3 days later I get
    them again via e-mail. Meaning yet more delay in
    getting my order to be delivered.

    5) I asked for a supervisor to call me back – I am
    still waiting….

    6) Such poor service and lack of any care means
    I do not want to provide Dell with my hard earned
    cash and I certainly do not want to receive any more
    e-mails telling me what deals they have – I unsunscribed
    to their latest deal information and even that takes up to
    40 days to be done.

    Just helping to spread the word how crap Dell customer care

    I’m glad I found this site to share my experiences.

    Best Regards,




    This is my story about how the DELL Computer Corporation treats their customers. I have been over 2 months without resolution and they still have my money!

    DELL-I ordered a laptop on 10/5/05 directly from you. It is 12/5/05 today, still no laptop and no refund. When I received my laptop it was not functional. I was sent 3 different hard drives by Dell. One of which was refurbished and one that sent after the laptop was returned, not much use in that one. In any event Dell has over $2,500 dollars of mine & the laptop, my eBay business is shot because I have no home computer, and Dell no longer responds to my emails even though most all of the Reps are taking this account into their own hands and promise resolution. When you call customer service they make promises they do not keep. They have offered NO compensation and continually remind me of the 21 day return policy, even though I was sent faulty equipment. Has anyone else experienced this problem with Dell? If so, what has happened in the end. An attorney friend has offered to represent me in court, but I was hoping Dell would live up to their end of the bargain of offering the “best” customer service, the best products in the market, and a refund with compensation. I wanted to post all of the emails to this site for your reading pleasure, however, they were to lengthy for this site. If you want a copy please let me know, I will send the string to you.

    The emails are only a part of the time and effort spent on this by me, I have also spent numerous hours on hold, and hours on the phone with various reps, not to mention the time I spent trying to fix the computer while on the phone with Reps and time spent switching non-working hard drives in a faulty computer.


    Below are some of the emails that have gone between me and their customer support….

    A little garbled but you can get the drift. I didn’t want to mess with the emails I wanted to leave the exact original wording.


    From: US_CTS_Mobile_Support
    To: Linda Harris
    Subject: RE: Re: FW: RE: RE: *SPP* Re: Customer Resolution Form Submission WRONG ITEM #AutoReply# #AutoReply# (KMM23590329I21063L0KM)
    Date: Thu, 1 Dec 2005 14:18:48 -0600 (CST)
    >Dear Valued Customer,
    >Thank you for choosing Dell E-Mail Hardware Warranty Support. We have received your message and look forward to serving you. This message is being sent to let you know we received your request for assistance. We value you as our customer and your satisfaction is important to us. We are working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to answer customer inquiries.
    >Our e-mail agents normally respond to email inquiries within one business day (6 -12 Hours).
    >For immediate assistance please visit http://www.Support.Dell.Com where you will find many of the same resources and troubleshooting tools our Dell Agents use to answer your common questions.
    >*Windows XP Users*
    >You may also have additional customized support right on your desktop. If you have a Dimension or Inspiron running Windows XP, just go directly to the Dell Solution Center icon on your desktop or in the Start menu and click “Support”.
    >Please note that hardware warranty support chat and email is only available for hardware covered under Dell’s limited warranty. Software questions, virus removal, spyware removal, and how-to questions are not covered under warranty, and the chat agents will not be able to assist with these topics. For common non-hardware related issues, please call our fee-based HelpDesk at 1-888-242-0957.
    >Dell Product Support
    >———–Original Message Follows:—————
    >Hi, what about the refund for the returned computer and the 3rd hard drive?  Also, you did not answer the questions below.
    >I would appreciate it if you would please forwad this to the Manager “Josh” using reference number 065029661.
    >Linda Harris
    >Who is Dell’s Corporate Agent for Maryland and  are familiar with the Uniform Commercial Code?


    >From:  US_CTS_Mobile_Support <[email protected]>To:  Linda Harris <[email protected]>Subject:  Re: FW: RE: RE: *SPP* Re: Customer Resolution Form Submission WRONG ITEM #AutoReply# (KMM23538143I21063L0KM)Date:  Wed, 30 Nov 2005 19:58:28 -0600 (CST)>Dear Ms. Harris,>>Thank you for contacting Dell Online Customer Care.>>As I understand, you would like to know the status of the credit.  I will be happy to assist you.>>Ms. Harris, I personally checked the account details and it indicates that two credits have been applied under your customer number.  $213.95 and $272.95 have been credited back to the original mode of payment as of November 25, 2005 and November 14, 2005 respectively.>>You may
    >inquire about the same from your financial institution.>>Please revert to me in case you have any further concern regarding the issue and I will be happy to assist you accordingly.>>It is a pleasure assisting a valued customer like you.  We are committed to ensuring you receive the highest quality support possible.  We assure you our best support all the time.>>Thank you for giving me the opportunity to assist you.  Your case number for this interaction is 118209771.   Please keep this number for your records.  It will help us keep track of this issue so we can better assist you, if you have any further questions or concerns.>>If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact us at:>>>>When responding to me, please use
    >the Reply function of your e-mail program.  This will keep the same subject line of our e-mail.  Otherwise your message may be delayed or lost.>>Thank you for contacting Dell.>>Respectfully,>>Kunal Juneja>ID: 110763>11:00 AM to 08:00 PM CST Monday – Friday>Dell Online Customer Care>* * * * * * * * * *>>Visit the NEW Customer Care Website!>>* * * * * * * * * *>>Visit the Dell Community Forum!>>* * * * * * * * * *>>Visit Dells Technical Support Center!>>>>>>>>>>>>Original Message
    >Follows:>————————><html><div style=’background-color:’><DIV class=RTE>><P>This email is to confirm that I spoke with one of your customer service reps yesterday 11/28/2005 at 1:00 pm.&nbsp; I have her name and number at home.&nbsp; In any event, she assured me that I was not being charged for the 3 hard drives that dell sent and that I have returned.&nbsp; Dell even sent one HD&nbsp;after my faulty computer was returned, and I refused delivery since I don’t even have a computer.&nbsp; This has been dragging on since October 5, 2005, and I still have&nbsp;NO computer or compensation.&nbsp; I have still NOT been refunded the money you owe me.&nbsp; I have been without a computer 8 weeks now with no resolutution.&nbsp; When and how is this going to be resolved and compensated
    >for?&nbsp;&nbsp;My attorney wants me to find out who your <EM>Corporate Agent for Maryland </EM>is and if you are familiar with the <EM>Uniform Commercial Code (UCC).</EM><BR><BR></P></DIV>><DIV></DIV>><BLOCKQUOTE style=”PADDING-LEFT: 5px; MARGIN-LEFT: 5px; BORDER-LEFT: #a0c6e5 2px solid; MARGIN-RIGHT: 0px”><FONT style=”FONT-SIZE: 11px; FONT-FAMILY: tahoma,sans-serif”>><HR color=#a0c6e5 SIZE=1>>><DIV></DIV>From:&nbsp;&nbsp;<I>US_CTS_Mobile_Support &lt;[email protected]&gt;</I><BR>To:&nbsp;&nbsp;<I>Linda Harris &lt;[email protected]&gt;</I><BR>Subject:&nbsp;&nbsp;<I>RE: RE: *SPP* Re: Customer Resolution Form Submission WRONG ITEM #AutoReply#
    >(KMM22718490I21063L0KM)</I><BR>Date:&nbsp;&nbsp;<I>Wed, 9 Nov 2005 13:58:00 -0600 (CST)</I><BR>&gt;&nbsp;&nbsp;***THIS IS AN AUTOMATICALLY GENERATED ACKNOWLEDGEMENT — DO NOT REPLY***<BR>&gt;<BR>&gt;Dear Valued Customer,<BR>&gt;<BR>&gt;Thank you for choosing Dell E-Mail Hardware Warranty Support.&nbsp;&nbsp;We have received your message and look forward to serving you.&nbsp;&nbsp;This message is being sent to let you know we received your request for assistance. We value you as our customer and your satisfaction is important to us.&nbsp;&nbsp;We are working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to answer customer>inquiries.<BR>&gt;<BR>&gt;Our e-mail agents normally respond to email inquiries within one business day (6 -12
    >Hours).<BR>&gt;<BR>&gt;For immediate assistance please visit http://www.Support.Dell.Com where you will find many of the same resources and troubleshooting tools our Dell Agents use to answer your common questions.<BR>&gt;<BR>&gt;*Windows XP Users*<BR>&gt;You may also have additional customized support right on your desktop.&nbsp;&nbsp;If you have a Dimension or Inspiron running Windows XP, just go directly to the Dell Solution Center icon on your desktop or in the Start menu and click “Support”.<BR>&gt;<BR>&gt;Please note that hardware warranty support chat and email is only available for hardware covered under Dell’s limited warranty. Software questions, virus removal, spyware removal, and how-to questions are not covered under warranty, and the chat agents will not be able to assist>with these topics. For
    >common non-hardware related issues, please call our fee-based HelpDesk at 1-888-242-0957.<BR>&gt;<BR>&gt;Sincerely,<BR>&gt;<BR>&gt;Dell Product Support<BR>&gt;<BR>&gt;<BR>&gt;———–Original Message Follows:—————<BR>&gt;Body: &lt;html&gt;&lt;div style=’background-color:’&gt;&lt;DIV class=RTE&gt;<BR>&gt;&lt;P&gt;Case Number 114336007&lt;/P&gt;<BR>&gt;&lt;P&gt;Dear Khyyati,&lt;/P&gt;<BR>&gt;&lt;P&gt;I am at witts end.&amp;nbsp; I still have no computer.&amp;nbsp; The “new” hard drive did not fix the problem and Customer Service will not respond to my emails.&amp;nbsp; I have sent&amp;nbsp; 3 since November 7.&amp;nbsp; This morning I shipped the computer and the hard drives
    >back.&amp;nbsp; Is there a number I can call that I don’t need to stay on hold for an hour on.&amp;nbsp; I have spent too much time on hold with no resolutions.&amp;nbsp; My eBay>business is nearly at an end because I can’t check my sales or put products in my store for sale, I’ve paid DSL for a month without using it, and now Dell Customer Service is ignoring me.&amp;nbsp; This is awful.&amp;nbsp; &lt;BR&gt;&lt;/P&gt;<BR>&gt;&lt;P&gt;Please help, what can I do?&lt;/P&gt;<BR>&gt;&lt;P&gt;Thank you, &lt;/P&gt;<BR>&gt;&lt;P&gt;Linda Harris 301-748-6138&lt;BR&gt;&lt;/P&gt;&lt;/DIV&gt;<BR>&gt;&lt;DIV&gt;&lt;/DIV&gt;<BR>&gt;&lt;BLOCKQUOTE style=”PADDING-LEFT: 5px; MARGIN-LEFT: 5px; BORDER-LEFT: #a0c6e5 2px solid;
    >MARGIN-RIGHT: 0px”&gt;&lt;FONT style=”FONT-SIZE: 11px; FONT-FAMILY: tahoma,sans-serif”&gt;<BR>&gt;&lt;HR color=#a0c6e5 SIZE=1&gt;<BR>&gt;<BR>&gt;&lt;DIV&gt;&lt;/DIV&gt;From:&amp;nbsp;&amp;nbsp;&lt;I&gt;US_CTS_Mobile_Support &amp;lt;[email protected]&amp;gt;&lt;/I&gt;&lt;BR&gt;To:&amp;nbsp;&amp;nbsp;&lt;I&gt;Linda Harris>&amp;lt;[email protected]&amp;gt;&lt;/I&gt;&lt;BR&gt;Subject:&amp;nbsp;&amp;nbsp;&lt;I&gt;RE: *SPP* Re: Customer Resolution Form Submission WRONG ITEM (KMM22213702I21063L0KM)&lt;/I&gt;&lt;BR&gt;Date:&amp;nbsp;&amp;nbsp;&lt;I&gt;Thu, 27 Oct 2005 12:04:00 -0500
    >(CDT)&lt;/I&gt;&lt;BR&gt;&amp;gt;************************************************************************&lt;BR&gt;&amp;gt;Please do not modify the subject line of the e-mail when responding.&lt;BR&gt;&amp;gt;Valuable information in the subject line is used to properly route your e-mail response.&lt;BR&gt;&amp;gt;Modifying the subject line may result in a delay in a response.&lt;BR&gt;&amp;gt;************************************************************************&lt;BR&gt;&amp;gt;Dear&amp;nbsp;&amp;nbsp;Ms. Harris,&lt;BR&gt;&amp;gt;&lt;BR&gt;&amp;gt;Thank you for contacting Dell Hardware Warranty>Support.&lt;BR&gt;&amp;gt;&lt;BR&gt;&amp;gt;I understand from your email<BR>&gt;that you have not received the replacement hard drive from
    >Dell yet however, you have received an invoice.&lt;BR&gt;&amp;gt;&lt;BR&gt;&amp;gt;Being a computer user myself, I can understand how frustrating it can be if your system does not operate to your maximum satisfaction. I can certainly understand your exasperation and the situation you had to endure. Had I been in your position I would have had felt the same. Please accept my apologies for the difficulties you encountered. I assure you that your situation is not indicative of the quality service Dell is capable of providing. Your experience with us was unusual. Dell’s intention is to provide customers with a computer and customer experience that is both satisfying and enjoyable&lt;BR&gt;&amp;gt;&lt;BR&gt;&amp;gt;I have checked the details associated>with your Service Tag and noted that you must have received the invoice for replacement
    >old hard drive that had been<BR>&gt;shipped to you. You can get this amount refunded, after you return the hard drive back to Dell, by contacting our Customer Care Department.&lt;BR&gt;&amp;gt;&lt;BR&gt;&amp;gt;I also understand your concern about returning the faulty computer, again in this case, as your system within 21 days of purchase, you can contact our Customer Care Department and return the system under Dell’s 21-day Total Satisfaction Policy.&lt;BR&gt;&amp;gt;&lt;BR&gt;&amp;gt;Our Customer Care department can be contacted at 1-800-624-9897 or you can email them by going to the
    >following>link:&lt;BR&gt;&amp;gt;&lt;BR&gt;&amp;gt;&amp;nbsp;&amp;nbsp;;amp;cs=19&amp;amp;l=en&amp;amp;s=dhs&amp;amp;~ck=mn&lt;BR&gt;&amp;gt;&lt;BR&gt;&amp;gt;However, as far this issue is concerned; it should get resolved by hard drive replacement. I have checked the status of Dispatch # 063704923 and noted that because of logistical issues at our warehouse, they were not<BR>&gt;able to process the request of shipping a preconfigured new hard drive. They have asked me to recreate the dispatch hence, I have resubmitted a fresh request to ship you a new preconfigured new hard drive&lt;BR&gt;&amp;gt;&lt;BR&gt;&amp;gt;Please note the Service Call #
    >064330188.&lt;BR&gt;&amp;gt;&lt;BR&gt;&amp;gt;You should receive it&amp;nbsp;&amp;nbsp;within next few business days.&lt;BR&gt;&amp;gt;&lt;BR&gt;&amp;gt;You can view the updated status of>this dispatch by following the steps listed below:-&lt;BR&gt;&amp;gt;&lt;BR&gt;&amp;gt;1) Go to the webpage accessible by clicking on the following link:-&lt;BR&gt;&amp;gt;&lt;BR&gt;&amp;gt;;BR&gt;&amp;gt;&lt;BR&gt;&amp;gt;2) Select Service Call Status&lt;BR&gt;&amp;gt;3) Enter Your Service Tag:&amp;nbsp;&amp;nbsp;6WHXL81&lt;BR&gt;&amp;gt;3) Click Submit&lt;BR&gt;&amp;gt;4) A list of dispatch numbers will be listed&lt;BR&gt;&amp;gt;5) Click
    >on dispatch number: 064330188&lt;BR&gt;&amp;gt;Details of the order will be listed&lt;BR&gt;&amp;gt;(Please allow<BR>&gt;48 hours for the shipment details to get updated on the website)&lt;BR&gt;&amp;gt;&lt;BR&gt;&amp;gt;After receiving the drive, kindly refer to the following web document in order to know the steps to replace it.&lt;BR&gt;&amp;gt;&lt;BR&gt;&amp;gt;Removing>the Hard Drive: Dell Inspiron 9300&lt;BR&gt;&amp;gt;&lt;BR&gt;&amp;gt;;BR&gt;&amp;gt;&lt;BR&gt;&amp;gt;I apologize for inconvenience.&lt;BR&gt;&amp;gt;&lt;BR&gt;&amp;gt;Please feel free to write back to us if you face any difficulties related to this issue or any other Dell
    >computer related issue.&lt;BR&gt;&amp;gt;&lt;BR&gt;&amp;gt;The case number for this interaction is&amp;nbsp;&amp;nbsp;114336007.&lt;BR&gt;&amp;gt;&lt;BR&gt;&amp;gt;The case has been documented and the contents of this case are available to all Dell support representatives. If you need additional assistance with this issue and you utilize our phone or chat support channels, please provide them with this case number. For additional<BR>&gt;assistance via e-mail, simply reply to this e-mail.&lt;BR&gt;&amp;gt;&lt;BR&gt;&amp;gt;Thank you for>choosing Dell.&lt;BR&gt;&amp;gt;&lt;BR&gt;&amp;gt;Respectfully,&lt;BR&gt;&amp;gt;Khyati&lt;BR&gt;&amp;gt;Dell Rep ID 0123081&lt;BR&gt;&amp;gt;Dell Hardware Warranty
    >Support&lt;BR&gt;&amp;gt;&lt;BR&gt;&amp;gt;Dell E-mail Support operates 24/7, and if your reply is received while I am not in, to ensure a speedy resolution of your problem, your issue would be handled by one of my colleagues.&lt;BR&gt;&amp;gt;&lt;BR&gt;&amp;gt;* * * * * * * * * * *&lt;BR&gt;&amp;gt;&lt;BR&gt;&amp;gt;Not sure when your system warranty expires? Interested in looking up your system warranty expiration dates go to;amp;cs=19&amp;amp;l=en&amp;amp;s=dhs&lt;BR&gt;&amp;gt;&lt;BR&gt;&amp;gt;Don't let your system’s warranty lapse and risk costly repairs and downtime.&lt;BR&gt;&amp;gt;Call 1-800-999-3355 Press 1 to enter an>extension
    >and&lt;BR&gt;&amp;gt;Dial extension 7244331&lt;BR&gt;&amp;gt;To extend or upgrade<BR>&gt;your original warranty and service contract terms today!&lt;BR&gt;&amp;gt;&lt;BR&gt;&amp;gt;* * * * * * * * * * *&lt;BR&gt;&amp;gt;&lt;BR&gt;&amp;gt;Visit the Dell Community Forum where you can find answers to questions and exchange information with other Dell users:&lt;BR&gt;&amp;gt;;BR&gt;&amp;gt;&lt;BR&gt;&amp;gt;==========&lt;BR&gt;&amp;gt;DISCLAIMER&lt;BR&gt;&amp;gt;==========&lt;BR&gt;&amp;gt;The information in this document has been reviewed and is believed to be accurate.&amp;nbsp;&amp;nbsp;However, neither Dell nor its affiliates assume any responsibility for inaccuracies, errors, or omissions that may be
    >contained herein.&amp;nbsp;&amp;nbsp;In no event will Dell or its affiliates be liable for direct, indirect, special, incidental, or consequential>damages resulting from any defect or omission in this document, even if advised of the possibility of such damages.&lt;BR&gt;&amp;gt;&lt;BR&gt;&amp;gt;Dell reserves the right to make improvements or changes to this document and the products<BR>&gt;and services described at any time, without notice or obligation.&amp;nbsp;&amp;nbsp;This information applies to the continental United States and Canada only, unless specifically stated otherwise.&lt;BR&gt;&amp;gt;&lt;BR&gt;&amp;gt;Original Message Follows:&lt;BR&gt;&amp;gt;————————&lt;BR&gt;&amp;gt;&amp;lt;html&amp;gt;&amp;lt;div
    >style=’background-color:’&amp;gt;&amp;lt;P&amp;gt;Dear Khyati&amp;lt;BR&amp;gt;&amp;lt;BR&amp;gt;&amp;lt;/P&amp;gt;&lt;BR&gt;&amp;gt;&amp;lt;DIV&amp;gt;&lt;BR&gt;&amp;gt;&amp;lt;DIV class=RTE&amp;gt;&lt;BR&gt;&amp;gt;&amp;lt;P&amp;gt;I have still not received the hard drive, however I did receive a>bill!&amp;amp;nbsp; In any event, please either send me a refund or a new computer and I will of course return either the faulty computer or everything upon receipt.&amp;amp;nbsp; Thank you, please respond as soon as possible, so I will know what is going to be sent.&amp;amp;nbsp; It has been nearly 1 month since my order was placed and&amp;amp;nbsp;I think this is unacceptable behavior on Dell’s part.&amp;amp;nbsp;<BR>&gt;I have a small home business and it is
    >suffering.&amp;amp;nbsp; &amp;lt;/P&amp;gt;&lt;BR&gt;&amp;gt;&amp;lt;P&amp;gt;I hope you can understand my position.&amp;amp;nbsp; Linda Harris&amp;lt;BR&amp;gt;&amp;lt;BR&amp;gt;&amp;lt;/P&amp;gt;&amp;lt;/DIV&amp;gt;&lt;BR&gt;&amp;gt;&amp;lt;DIV&amp;gt;&amp;lt;/DIV&amp;gt;&lt;BR&gt;&amp;gt;&amp;lt;BLOCKQUOTE style=”PADDING-LEFT: 5px; MARGIN-LEFT: 5px; BORDER-LEFT: #a0c6e5 2px solid; MARGIN-RIGHT: 0px”&amp;gt;&amp;lt;FONT>style=”FONT-SIZE: 11px; FONT-FAMILY: tahoma,sans-serif”&amp;gt;&lt;BR&gt;&amp;gt;&amp;lt;HR color=#a0c6e5 SIZE=1&amp;gt;&lt;BR&gt;&amp;gt;&lt;BR&gt;&amp;gt;&amp;lt;DIV&amp;gt;&amp;lt;/DIV&amp;gt;From:&amp;amp;nbsp;&amp;amp;nbsp;&amp;lt;I&amp;gt;US_CTS_Mobile_Support
    >&amp;amp;lt;[email protected]&amp;amp;gt;&amp;lt;/I&amp;gt;&amp;lt;BR&amp;gt;To:&amp;amp;nbsp;&amp;amp;nbsp;&amp;lt;I&amp;gt;Linda Harris &amp;amp;lt;[email protected]&amp;amp;gt;&amp;lt;/I&amp;gt;&amp;lt;BR&amp;gt;Subject:&amp;amp;nbsp;&amp;amp;nbsp;&amp;lt;I&amp;gt;*SPP* Re: Customer Resolution Form Submission WRONG ITEM (KMM21768496I21063L0KM)&amp;lt;/I&amp;gt;&amp;lt;BR&amp;gt;Date:&amp;amp;nbsp;&amp;amp;nbsp;&amp;lt;I&amp;gt;Mon, 17 Oct 2005<BR>&gt;14:47:09 -0500>(CDT)&amp;lt;/I&amp;gt;&amp;lt;BR&amp;gt;&amp;amp;gt;************************************************************************&amp;lt;BR&amp;gt;&amp;amp;gt;Please do not modify the subject line of the e-mail when
    >responding.&amp;lt;BR&amp;gt;&amp;amp;gt;Valuable information in the subject line is used to properly route your e-mail response.&amp;lt;BR&amp;gt;&amp;amp;gt;Modifying the subject line may result in a delay in a response.&amp;lt;BR&amp;gt;&amp;amp;gt;************************************************************************&amp;lt;BR&amp;gt;&amp;amp;gt;Dear Mr. Harris,&amp;lt;BR&amp;gt;&amp;amp;gt;&amp;lt;BR&amp;gt;&amp;amp;gt;Thank you for contacting Dell Hardware Warranty Support.&amp;lt;BR&amp;gt;&amp;amp;gt;&amp;lt;BR&amp;gt;&amp;amp;gt;I understand from your email that you have been&lt;BR&gt;&amp;gt;shipped with a refurbished replacement hard drive for your recently purchased>Dell
    >system.&amp;lt;BR&amp;gt;&amp;amp;gt;&amp;lt;BR&amp;gt;&amp;amp;gt;I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this issue may have caused to<BR>&gt;you. I have taken ownership of this issue and I assure you that I will resolve it to your satisfaction.&amp;lt;BR&amp;gt;&amp;amp;gt;&amp;lt;BR&amp;gt;&amp;amp;gt;I have checked the invoice details of your Dell system and noted that it was shipped on October 8, 2005. As the hard drive needs replacement within first 21-days of purchase, we shall certainly ship you a new preconfigured hard drive.&amp;lt;BR&amp;gt;&amp;amp;gt;&amp;lt;BR&amp;gt;&amp;amp;gt;I have submitted a request to ship the replacement hard drive to you at the address:&amp;lt;BR&amp;gt;&amp;amp;gt;&amp;lt;BR&amp;gt;&amp;amp;gt;6834 Michaels Mill
    >RD,&amp;lt;BR&amp;gt;&amp;amp;gt;Buckeystown, MD 21717&amp;lt;BR&amp;gt;&amp;amp;gt;&amp;lt;BR&amp;gt;&amp;amp;gt;Please note>the dispatch # 063902978.&amp;lt;BR&amp;gt;&amp;amp;gt;&amp;lt;BR&amp;gt;&amp;amp;gt;You shall receive the replacement drive within next 2-3 business days.&amp;lt;BR&amp;gt;&amp;amp;gt;&amp;lt;BR&amp;gt;&amp;amp;gt;[A] Return Instructions&amp;lt;BR&amp;gt;&amp;amp;gt;&amp;lt;BR&amp;gt;&amp;amp;gt;In&lt;BR&gt;&amp;gt;order to return the<BR>&gt;defective drive back to Dell, you will be shipped a return air&amp;lt;BR&amp;gt;&amp;amp;gt;bill in the shipping box.&amp;amp;nbsp;&amp;amp;nbsp;As you are responsible for the returned drive Please complete the following steps:
    >-&amp;lt;BR&amp;gt;&amp;amp;gt;&amp;lt;BR&amp;gt;&amp;amp;gt;1.) Affix the air bill to the box in which the replacement drive shipped.&amp;lt;BR&amp;gt;&amp;amp;gt;2.) Ensure Dell’s warranty reference # is listed in the billing reference section.&amp;lt;BR&amp;gt;&amp;amp;gt;3.) Call 1-800-247-2676 to have the box shipped>back to Dell Inc.&amp;lt;BR&amp;gt;&amp;amp;gt;4.) Retain a copy of the air bill for your records.&amp;lt;BR&amp;gt;&amp;amp;gt;5.) Return old component within five business days of receipt.&amp;lt;BR&amp;gt;&amp;amp;gt;&amp;lt;BR&amp;gt;&amp;amp;gt;You will receive an invoice, this invoice does not become payable unless you do not return the product. Note that it will take approximate 10 business days to receive the old components back in
    >Dell’s<BR>&gt;systems.&amp;lt;BR&amp;gt;&amp;amp;gt;&amp;lt;BR&amp;gt;&amp;amp;gt;[B] Dispatch Status&amp;lt;BR&amp;gt;&amp;amp;gt;&amp;lt;BR&amp;gt;&amp;amp;gt;You can view the updated status&lt;BR&gt;&amp;gt;of this dispatch by following the steps listed below:-&amp;lt;BR&amp;gt;&amp;amp;gt;&amp;lt;BR&amp;gt;&amp;amp;gt;1) Go to the webpage accessible by clicking on the following>link:-&amp;lt;BR&amp;gt;&amp;amp;gt;&amp;lt;BR&amp;gt;&amp;amp;gt;;lt;BR&amp;gt;&amp;amp;gt;&amp;lt;BR&amp;gt;&amp;amp;gt;2) Select Service Call Status&amp;lt;BR&amp;gt;&amp;amp;gt;3) Enter Your Service
    >Tag:&amp;amp;nbsp;&amp;amp;nbsp;6WHXL81&amp;lt;BR&amp;gt;&amp;amp;gt;3) Click Submit&amp;lt;BR&amp;gt;&amp;amp;gt;4) A list of dispatch numbers will be listed&amp;lt;BR&amp;gt;&amp;amp;gt;5) Click on dispatch number: 063902978&amp;lt;BR&amp;gt;&amp;amp;gt;Details of the order will be listed&amp;lt;BR&amp;gt;&amp;amp;gt;(Please allow 24 hours for the shipment details to get updated on the website)&amp;lt;BR&amp;gt;&amp;amp;gt;&amp;lt;BR&amp;gt;&amp;amp;gt;I will be personally<BR>&gt;tracking this dispatch and ensure that it reaches you soon.&amp;lt;BR&amp;gt;&amp;amp;gt;&amp;lt;BR&amp;gt;&amp;amp;gt;After>receiving the drive, kindly refer to the following web document in order to know the steps to replace
    >it.&amp;lt;BR&amp;gt;&amp;amp;gt;&amp;lt;BR&amp;gt;&amp;amp;gt;Removing the Hard Drive: Dell? Inspiron?&lt;BR&gt;&amp;gt;9300&amp;lt;BR&amp;gt;&amp;amp;gt;&amp;lt;BR&amp;gt;&amp;amp;gt;;lt;BR&amp;gt;&amp;amp;gt;&amp;lt;BR&amp;gt;&amp;amp;gt;I am sure that this replacement drive will resolve your issue. Please feel free to write back to us if you face any difficulties related to this issue or any other Dell computer related issue.&amp;lt;BR&amp;gt;&amp;amp;gt;&amp;lt;BR&amp;gt;&amp;amp;gt;The case number for this interaction is 114336007 .&amp;lt;BR&amp;gt;&amp;amp;gt;&amp;lt;BR&amp;gt;&amp;amp;gt;The case has been documented and the contents of this case are available to all
    >Dell support representatives.>If you need additional<BR>&gt;assistance with this issue and you utilize our phone or chat support channels, please provide them with this case number. For additional assistance via e-mail, simply reply to this e-mail.&amp;lt;BR&amp;gt;&amp;amp;gt;&amp;lt;BR&amp;gt;&amp;amp;gt;Thank you for choosing Dell.&amp;lt;BR&amp;gt;&amp;amp;gt;&amp;lt;BR&amp;gt;&amp;amp;gt;Respectfully,&amp;lt;BR&amp;gt;&amp;amp;gt;Khyati&amp;lt;BR&amp;gt;&amp;amp;gt;Dell Rep ID 0123081&amp;lt;BR&amp;gt;&amp;amp;gt;Dell Hardware Warranty Support&amp;lt;BR&amp;gt;&amp;amp;gt;&amp;lt;BR&amp;gt;&amp;amp;gt;Dell E-mail Support&lt;BR&gt;&amp;gt;operates 24/7, and if your reply is received while I am not in, to ensure a speedy resolution of your problem,
    >your issue would be handled by one of my colleagues.&amp;lt;BR&amp;gt;&amp;amp;gt;&amp;lt;BR&amp;gt;&amp;amp;gt;* * * * * * * * * *>*&amp;lt;BR&amp;gt;&amp;amp;gt;&amp;lt;BR&amp;gt;&amp;amp;gt;Not sure when your system warranty expires? Interested in looking up your system warranty expiration dates go to<BR>&gt;;amp;amp;cs=19&amp;amp;amp;l=en&amp;amp;amp;s=dhs&amp;lt;BR&amp;gt;&amp;amp;gt;&amp;lt;BR&amp;gt;&amp;amp;gt;Don't let your system’s warranty lapse and risk costly repairs and downtime.&amp;lt;BR&amp;gt;&amp;amp;gt;Call 1-800-999-3355 Press 1 to enter an extension and&amp;lt;BR&amp;gt;&amp;amp;gt;Dial extension 7244331&amp;lt;BR&amp;gt;&amp;amp;gt;To
    >extend or upgrade your original warranty and service contract terms today!&amp;lt;BR&amp;gt;&amp;amp;gt;&amp;lt;BR&amp;gt;&amp;amp;gt;* * * * * * * * * * *&amp;lt;BR&amp;gt;&amp;amp;gt;&amp;lt;BR&amp;gt;&amp;amp;gt;Visit the Dell Community Forum where you can find answers>to questions and exchange information with other Dell&lt;BR&gt;&amp;gt;users:&amp;lt;BR&amp;gt;&amp;amp;gt;;lt;BR&amp;gt;&amp;amp;gt;&amp;lt;BR&amp;gt;&amp;amp;gt;==========&amp;lt;BR&amp;gt;&amp;amp;gt;DISCLAIMER&amp;lt;BR&amp;gt;&amp;amp;gt;==========&amp;lt;BR&amp;gt;&amp;amp;gt;The information in this document has been reviewed and is believed to<BR>&gt;be accurate.&amp;amp;nbsp;&amp;amp;nbsp;However, neither Dell nor its affiliates
    >assume any responsibility for inaccuracies, errors, or omissions that may be contained herein.&amp;amp;nbsp;&amp;amp;nbsp;In no event will Dell or its affiliates be liable for direct, indirect, special, incidental, or consequential damages resulting from any defect or omission in this document, even if advised of the possibility of such damages.&amp;lt;BR&amp;gt;&amp;amp;gt;&amp;lt;BR&amp;gt;&amp;amp;gt;Dell reserves the right>to make improvements or changes to this document and the products and services described at any time, without notice or obligation.&amp;amp;nbsp;&amp;amp;nbsp;This information applies to the continental United States and Canada only, unless specifically stated otherwise.&amp;lt;BR&amp;gt;&amp;amp;gt;&amp;lt;BR&amp;gt;&amp;amp;gt;Original&lt;BR&gt;&amp;gt;Message
    >Follows:&amp;lt;BR&amp;gt;&amp;amp;gt;————————&amp;lt;BR&amp;gt;&amp;amp;gt;”* * * PLEASE DO NOT CHANGE THE<BR>&gt;SUBJECT WHEN REPLYING * * *&amp;lt;BR&amp;gt;&amp;amp;gt;”* * * This is a feedback Message from the Dell Online Communications Center. * * *&amp;lt;BR&amp;gt;&amp;amp;gt;”***********************************************&amp;lt;BR&amp;gt;&amp;amp;gt;First Name: Linda&amp;lt;BR&amp;gt;&amp;amp;gt;Middle Initial:&amp;lt;BR&amp;gt;&amp;amp;gt;Last Name: Harris&amp;lt;BR&amp;gt;&amp;amp;gt;Email Address:>[email protected]&amp;lt;BR&amp;gt;&amp;amp;gt;Phone Number: (301)748-6138Extension:&amp;lt;BR&amp;gt;&amp;amp;gt;Ship To Address1:&amp;lt;BR&amp;gt;&amp;amp;gt;Order Number:
    >624447845&amp;lt;BR&amp;gt;&amp;amp;gt;Problem: WRONG&amp;lt;BR&amp;gt;&amp;amp;gt;Questions: Would you like to chat? = no&amp;lt;BR&amp;gt;&amp;amp;gt;Please tell us the specific part of your order that is wrong. = otheritem&amp;lt;BR&amp;gt;&amp;amp;gt;Has your order shipped from Dell? = yes&amp;lt;BR&amp;gt;&amp;amp;gt;&amp;lt;BR&amp;gt;&amp;amp;gt;Comments: My computer is brand new, I have never been able to use it because Dell shipped it with a “bad” hard drive.&amp;amp;nbsp;&amp;amp;nbsp;I<BR>&gt;received another HD this morning.&amp;amp;nbsp;&amp;amp;nbsp;It is a refurbished&lt;BR&gt;&amp;gt;HD.&amp;amp;nbsp;&amp;amp;nbsp;I think since DELL shipped me a”NEW” expensive computer I should receive a “New”>HD.&amp;amp;nbsp;&amp;amp;nbsp;Thank you, please
    >get back to me as soon as possible.&amp;amp;nbsp;&amp;amp;nbsp;I have been switched around to various persons and on hold for nearly an hour with your support line.&amp;amp;nbsp;&amp;amp;nbsp;I would like to use my computer soon.&amp;amp;nbsp;&amp;amp;nbsp;Thank you, Linda Harris&amp;amp;nbsp;&amp;amp;nbsp;email: [email protected]&amp;lt;BR&amp;gt;&amp;amp;gt;Wrong Comments:&amp;lt;BR&amp;gt;&amp;amp;gt;Referring URL:;lt;BR&amp;gt;&amp;amp;gt;Date Submitted: 10/17/2005 11:33:23 AM&amp;lt;BR&amp;gt;&amp;amp;gt;”* * * END Feedback * *


  • Three or 4 days after I posted this blog I received a refund. Yes, I too believe it helped me to BLOG here. They shorted me $34.90 which of course I demanded a refund immediately, we will see. Also, no compensation for my eBay store going to hell, 9 weeks without a computer can certainly give you a bad rap on eBay! Also, I paid for DSL for 9 weeks without a computer. However I did ask for the Corporate Agent and they gave me the address for the Coporate Office. Which is posted in the email below, I will be writing them. Of course, knowing Dell, I will receive no response, I’ll keep you posted…

    Sent : Saturday, December 10, 2005 1:43 AM
    To : Linda Harris
    Subject : Re: FW: RE: RE: *SPP* Re: Customer Resolution Form Submission WRONG ITEM #AutoReply# (KMM23990559I21063L0KM)

    | | | Inbox

    Dear Ms. Harris,

    Thank you for your response.

    As I understand, you would like to receive the credit on the account. I will be
    happy to assist you and apologize for the delay caused in this regards.

    Ms. Harris, I checked the account details and they indicate that the credit for
    $34.90 has already been initiated. This credit would be applied to your
    original mode of payment within next 10-15 business days. I have forwarded a
    high priority request to the concerned department to expedite the credit
    process. I assure you that I am following up on this case and would keep you
    updated as well.

    Also, the 3rd hard drive order was cancelled and you were not charged for it.
    This order number is 631397371. Further, I was unable to find any information
    regarding the Dell’s Corporate Agent for Maryland and the Uniform Commercial
    Code. So I would request to you to kindly contact our Corporate Address for the
    same. The address is:

    Dell, Inc.
    Attn: Executive Support Team
    One Dell Way
    MS 8210
    Round Rock, TX 78682

    Fax No# 512-283-6161

    I apologize for not being able to resolve this concern.

    It has been a pleasure assisting a Dell valued customer. Thank you for giving me
    this opportunity. Your case number for this interaction is 118209771. Please
    keep this number for your records; it will help us keep track of this issue so
    we can better assist you, if you have any further questions or concerns about
    this issue.

    If there is anything additional you need to know, please do not hesitate in
    replying to me, or else you can contact our Online Customer Care Department at:

    Alternatively, you may call us on our toll free number 1-800-624-9897 between
    07:00 AM to 08:00 PM CST, Monday through Friday.

    Thank you for contacting Dell Online Customer Care.


    Kunal Juneja
    ID 110763
    11.00 A.M. to 08.00 P.M. CST Monday – Friday
    Dell Online Customer Care

    Original Message Follows:


    I received a refund in the amount of $2,479.00; however, the cost of the laptop was $2,514.15. Please refund the additional $34.90 immediately. Linda Harris

    Hi, what about the refund for the returned computer and the 3rd hard drive? Also, you did not answer the questions below.

    I would appreciate it if you would please forwad this to the Manager “Josh” using reference number 065029661.

    Linda Harris


    Who is Dell’s Corporate Agent for Maryland and are familiar with the Uniform Commercial Code?

  • ashley

    well first of all i should probably tell you guys that i do work for dell. i was sitting at home reading all the hateful messages that you guys wrote and i think it struck me when “jeremy” was in the middle of his tenth misspelled word or could have been the 100th cussword, anyway some things that have been said are true but could anyone tell me do you know any major company that doesn’t outsource? oh jeremy that means that companies send jobs overseas for cheaper labor? hmmm…. i can’t think of any! Yes i work in the call center so that means i sell the computers to you i am on the other side of what you guys are talking about. do you know how many calls i get a day when someone wants to cuss me out?but you know what at the end of that call if i haven’t helped that person i give them my email and ask that they send me an email when they get the issue resolved or if they haven’t to see what else i can do. what have i done to any of you? so stop cussing out the sales people. Dell promotes customer experience so much its not even funny. Let me ask all of you, have you ever had a bad day? guess what everyone does, granted they shouldn’t take it out on anyone, but it’s life. you can sit here and complain but dell wouldn’t be the #1 computer company in the world if they weren’t doing something right. Another thing before you want to complain about giving you name, address and phone number before someone will help you it’s policy. it’s a safety thing not just to piss you off. i back dell’s products. i hav e2 computers from them. and nothings ever happened to them thankfully. now as far as tech support, yeah some people might not know what they are talking about but don’t blame the whole company, and when you get your computer they give you a specific number to call for EVERYTHING trust me i know. If you call and just want to talk to a REAL person guess what you will end up in a sells queue. they will try to sell you something or get you to the right dept. Oh another thing most people you talk to are not paid on commision like me, i do not make anything off what people buy from me. As for returning systems it’s not rocket science all you do is go to the dell website and go under order status it’s right there oh if you can’t figure that out you will be charged a 15% restocking fee and shipping. and that jeremy kid has some anger issues kill michael dell? dude you need some anger management or something you’re just pissed off cuz you can’t watch your pornos in your room anymore. oh and for the cheap consumers that we have… you cannot get a top of the line machine for 299. believe me you donot get anything for 299 you gotta spend just a little to get your money’s worth, like someone else said you don’t expect a kia to last forever, hell a mercedes even has problems after a while. it’s all how you treat your machine. oh and some of you were talking about picking you computer up at the post office, sorry someone lied to you dell doesn’t do that, as well as shipping to a po box, we ship it to your door, and someone does have to sign for it. well i don’t know what else to say except stop bitching you probably didn’t do it right the first time now youre paying the price and to the people that have spoke to people in india i apologize because i do know how frustrating that is, a particular cell phone company also outsources their business. but ya’ll have fun bitching about dell

  • Nag

    Pls avoid Dell. I ordered Inspirion 6000 3 weeks back, with 1 day shipping!! Beleive me, with this you wont get your order next day!
    Well, my order is still in pre-production stage and Today I got a message at 6AM in the morning(wakeup call) from dell to say that they can ship only by 06Jan!! Dell is not for anyone who are in hurry!!

  • Joe

    Pls completely avoid Dell, I also ordered an Inspiron 6000 and have had nothing but headaches trying to deal with Dell ever since I received it. They were quite responsible about seeing that I received it and then came a complete reversal in customer service. They’re virtually impossible to contact by phone to correct problems. This is intolerable and I will never consider Dell as a vendor again. The greatest tool in producing change in their service/support policies is to stop purchasing from them. When sales drop significantly, change will occur. We advocate their policies when we remain apathetic. Had I been aware of the difficulties in dealing with them I would have gone elsewhere for I certainly haven’t saved any money for my system.

  • Greg Burton

    I have purchased 5 Dell computers over the last two years for my small consulting company. Two of these are Inspiron 8500 laptops which worked fine up until now. One died a few days ago and the other is beginning to act up. I suspected a wonky touchpad or possible a de-seated component cable inside the case and went searching on the internet for a possible solution. Here is where I ended up
    and after reading all about adapters with incorrect power output being shipped with the laptops from the factory and lame tech support whose only suggestion was that everyone’s $700 motherboard was fried and responsible for all problems, I began to fear the worst.
    I live in Canada and called the toll-free tech support line. A husky voiced female answered and identified herself as “Ruth”. Her first question was “How did you arrive at this number; Were you transferred?” I replied ‘No, I have been on hold for 72 minutes and you are the first person who answered.” “Oh” was her reply. Then she asked how she could help me. I explained that the my Inspiron 8500 was dead and won’t power up. She walked me through resetting the CMOS (hold power button down for 15 secs. with battery and AC power cable removed). Then replaced the power cable and tride to power up; still nothing. Then we went throught the same process again with the memory removed; still nothing.. .dead. She then proclamied that the motherboard was fried and that for $99 I could ship it (my expense aslo) a service tech would look at it and diagnose the problem; but stated in her opinion the motherboard was the most likely culprit. I asked how much these were. She stated that she wouldn’t even care to guess what that could be. The computer was out of warranty for 1 year and I was going to have to pay to fix. I explained that fried motherboards and power problems seemed to be commonplace with the Inspiron 8500/8600 laptop series and that these systems seem to only have a lifespan of two years as per the bloggers statements and expereriences from blog sites around the web. She stated that there was no recall or gratis fixes that Dell offered for the Insprion 8500/8600 and that I should have purchased the extended warranty. She even suggested that I still purchase the extended warranty for the laptop after it was fixed and purchase the extended warranty for the other 8500 I own for “when it goes down” I asked here if she thought it was resaonable for a laptop worth $4,000CDN to suffer from a motherboard failure after only two years. She responed that “Dell is not responsible for internal computer components as other vendors make these and Dell merely assembles the computers”. I was completely floored by this statement and as someone who is and has been involved in product design and technology engineering and consulting for over 20 years, informed her that a company cannot ever excuse themselves from a product’s inferior engineering, build quaility or poor performance and reliablilty because of a vendor’s crummy sub-component or assembly. (Don’t we all remember the Ford Explorer/Firestone Tire fiasco). The conversation ended at this point after I informed her that I would be selling the laptops to never buy Dell products again. She said that was fine and that there was nothing they could do.

    When companies begin to finger point at their suppliers and refuse to stand behind their obviously inferior products, something is terribly wrong. I feel completely let down by Dell and their products. Our company will no longer make future purchases of Dell products and I will make it my personal mission in 2006 to relate our company’s personal experiences with Dell products to all of our 100+ corporate client’s with whom we deal directly with CEO’s on matters of technology and purchasing decisions.

  • HarHar

    LMAO this is the most hilarious postings i have ever read. First of all I have had my experience with dell, but according to these insane people it doesn’t require all the fiasco’s that they say. Most of the time its a software issue due to PEBKAC error, problem exsists between keyboard and chair, yes that means you. Most of the time its from viewing some website or another that grandma would not like to see :). Anyways back to my issue i had one system that had a over heating issue, I contacted tech support explained issue, Issue was not resolved, was being taken a look at, waited one week had call back ever 2 days with updates. After 1 week i went to http://WWW.BBB.ORG and filed a complaint, next business day at 9am had a contact from the executive response team, in 3 days i had a replacement system. Issue resolved and im still using the system they sent me which was a Inspiron 6000. So most of all the new users issues anyways are because they have no clue how to use their systems, or because they think kazaa or imesh, or winmx is okay to use when it is bundled with some unwanted 3rd party software. Have a great day thanks for reading your postings most of the users that posted them suffered from ID10T error or pebkac so have fun making a ass of yourself especially Jeremy, uh well if your computer information was that important you should have backed it up, just to let you know if you move your system around a lot especially if it is on and it is just dropped with a bit of force you damage the hdd idiot, and for those that don’t buy a warranty longer than 1 year uh what do you expect it is a laptop, the components heat up and they get damaged most manufactorers mention that parts fail after 1 year. Just a side note calling tech support and yelling at somebody isn’t going to get you nothing also making fun of another country over tech support, i have no issue talking to them, maybe its cause they don’t dumb down their language when doing tech support. It is unfortunate when somebody calls tech support and calls a tower a modem or their monitor the tv, or even when they are asked if they are on their desktop and they say no its on the floor, most people refer to the desktop as the picture with icons, nice use of intellect, just on a side note doesn’t take a idiot to know micheal dell’s email is [email protected]

  • James Carnes

    Thank God for Jeff Jarvis and this site. My Dell laptop started having problems with the keyboard. Technical Support told me I had to pay another 149-dollars to have the keyboard replaced. I mailed the laptop to them and got it back only three days later…. and they hadn’t done one single thing to it. It has the exact problems it had before, even though the letter that accompanied the computer said it had been “diagnosed and extensively tested by certified technicians to ensure the problem was corrected.” Huh? The problem is, in fact, WORSE than when I paid my money and sent it off.
    To make matters even WORSE, I’ve searched and searched for a phone number or e-mail address of someone IN THE UNITED STATES to listen to my complaint. Nowhere on the Dell web site is there a place for complaints. Customer Service is in India… what the devil are THEY going to do. My e-mail to Michael George bounced back undeliverable. I guess I’ll try Michael Dell.

  • James Carnes

    Well, so much for e-mailing Michael Dell. The e-mail address listed for him above bounces back undeliverable. Anyone else have an accurate e-mail or phone number where you can get to someone who will actually respond to a complaint?

  • HarHar

    You can always contact this way
    Dell Corporate Headquarters:
    Dell Inc.
    One Dell Way
    Round Rock, Texas 78682
    United States

    the correct email address is [email protected]

  • James Carnes

    Thanks. I tried the e-mail [email protected], and it bounced back undeliverable, just like all the others. Our reliable postal service may be my only resort.

  • Anonymous Guy

    I have a Dimension 8400 and I’m starting to regret buying it because now I want to upgrade it and its quite difficult. This PC is good but not the gaming rig I want, and I doubt it will ever be with the limitations of the Dell case and motherboard. Also I’ve only found one company that makes Dell compatible PSU upgrades. Theres very limited Dell compatibility to be found… Next time I’ll just build my own PC from scratch. It’ll be even cheaper and I’ll be able to fully tailor it to my needs.

    Learn from my mistake.

  • Muhammad

    I ordered an Inspiron 9300 with some seriously maxed out perks and got excellent service…havent had any problems as yet (6mnths down the road) and it works just fine.
    Though i am shocked at waht other ppl have to say about dells customer service etc ai must make a point to say that i received both my lapotp and my desktop in less than the time they said it would take to ship from USA mainladn (tenesse…i think) all the way to Barbados (tiny island in the caribbean). It was shippped right to my door with suffficient startup and setup guides to have me up and running in 45 mins with my laptop and 90 mins with my desktop (including dismantling my old pc and settin g up all th enew componentes (monitor, speakers etc))

  • I just wanted to say that I worked for DELL before, Dell El Salvador. Is not easy to lead with rude people. Costumers call Dell with an attitude … whatever happened to you, is not the employees faulght! Please, be mad at the company – not the employers! I`ve had a great training at DELL. All DHS Managers were great:
    Chris Guyett, Amanda Summer, Charles Lyons and Mario Silva. Amoung others. You have know right at yelling at any of us – How come only Dell gets the bad part??? What about IBM and APPLE – where do these companies stand at??? DELL doesn`t suck!!! Apple does BIG TIME!


  • Kim

    I work for Dell currently. And yes people complain about the customer servcie like Dell is the only company to out source. Things only stay American for so long…ex. General Motors.
    You need to call early in the morning…at 10am the phone lines are maxed and calls are transfered over seas. Anyway for all those who paid Dell to fix their systems: YOU ARE IDIOTS! That is what an extended warranty and accidental damage is for! Get the warranty or shutup about the problems you have. Anyway that is all I have to say about that.

  • Frank tortorici

    There is small comfort in knowing that Dell lies to everybody. Then sell customers on the idea that if they need service you can BUY an IN-Home policy which any “reasonable man” would take it to mean that if you need service, AND YOU WILL, a technitician will be sent to your house. In stead what you get is a conversation with someone in a foreign country reading from a script trying to talk a customer who most likely is not technically astute to repair a very complex and technically complicated piece of equipment.

    In my case we bought a 42″ Plazma TV and they are about to send my my 4th set because the refuse to refund my money. If there is an attorney reading this would this not qualify for a Class Action case against Dell for misrepresentation of an in-home service policy and it is a farce.

    With this many people with similar problems surely we must be just the very tip of the iceberg. I want them to be put out of business, but that’s me!

  • Smell Dell Hell

    >Kim sez: I work for Dell currently…Anyway for all those who paid Dell >to fix their systems: YOU ARE IDIOTS! That is what an extended >warranty and accidental damage is for! Get the warranty or shutup >about the problems you have. Anyway that is all I have to say about >that.

    Well, isn’t Kim’s post endemic of Dell’s current corporate culture? Why in the living hell should I pony up for an extended warranty, thus padding Dell’s pockets further, when all that does is effectively reward Dell for shoddy design? In effect, I should pay Dell extra money just to ensure that their product works as advertised? How duplicitous is that?

    I have a better idea. Just stay away from Dell, PERIOD. That’s what I’m doing. Four years ago I purchased Dell workstations exclusively for our company. I’m now in the formative process of planning replacements for these machines. I’m not even considering Dell as a possible source for our new machines. I can thank Dell employees such as Kim for validating and reaffirming my decision.

    Dell used to be a great company, but the bean counters are running things now and they’ve lost sight of the big picture. Dell is trying to maximize short term profit but at the cost of long term customer loyalty. It’s ultimately a ruinous policy which will lead to the terminal failure of the company.

    The bigwigs who are leading this charge to the bottom of the trash can don’t really care, however. They’ll make their money and get out. People like Kim will suddenly have to look for a new employer that is willing to absorb her decidedly customer-unfriendly attitude. Unfortunately, many companies of that ilk abound. It would sure be nice if Kim would warn us when this happens and the with whom she (?) gains employment. Then I’d know to avoid that company as well.

  • Hello, I have been trying for over 3 months now to get an issue straightened out with Dell. I had identity theft occur on my Dell account in Aug. 06. I contacted Dell immediately and gave them all the correct info. for my account as at this time someone had tried to change my email address with them. After receiving the new bill 2 days later I contacted them again as there was a purchases on there that I did not purchase. They blocked my account. That same day they sent $729.00 (approx.) worth of Dell products to the identity theft address. I called and told them through online research I had found out who lived at that address, I had called the police and filed an identity theft report. They said they would send me an affidavit to have notarized and to send it back with the police report. It took almost 4 weeks to get the affidavit as they kept sending it to the identity theft people’s address. I continued to call and explain to them that that was the wrong address and to give them the correct one once again. After 4 weeks I finally received the affidavit and immediately had it notarized and sent it back with the police report.

    I then again contacted Dell to be told that they had now received the affidavit and had 30 days to clear my account of the fraudulent charges. That was Sept. 22, 2006. It is now Nov. 25, 2006 and I am still calling Dell trying to get this mess straightened out. I have spoke to Steve Holloway on a few occasions who is the head of the fraud unit, he has been NO help. I have spoken to approx. 37 Dell employees (over the course of the last 3 months) who have sent emails to the fraud unit to contact me and I have received 1 phone call from the fraud unit at the end of Sept. 06. and they still have not straightened out my account. I received a NEW bill and account number that still has approx. $200.00 worth of stolen items on it. When I once again called Dell to complain, I was told they were still investigating it. They now want a payment and have not even resolved the issue from Aug. I am refusing to send them any payments until this is straightened out.

    I have tried to call Steve Holloway again on a couple of occasions, but he does not take my calls. I have left messages and he does not return my calls either. I am at my wits end. I was unable to order the camcorder I wanted to tape my son’s first day of school, and now I cannot order Christmas either. I will NEVER order from Dell again if this is how they intend to treat their customers. They do not return phone calls, they do not listen to their customers, they are rude, and unprofessional at every turn even the management does not help or listen. Below is the list of names and dates of whom I have spoken to at Dell on all of these occasions. There are about 5 missing as in the course of all this I must have gotten slightly upset (pissed) and not wrote down a few names. ooppss!

    1.) Sunni 7/27
    2.) Francisco 7/31
    3.) Mary 8/30
    4.) Manjot 8/30
    5.) Reny 8/30
    6.) Chris 9/4
    7.) Lynn 9/4
    8.) Nick 9/4
    9.) Duane 9/4
    10.) Lynn 9/4
    11.) Baday 9/4
    12.) Chris 9/6
    13.) RJ 9/6
    14.) Jessie 9/14
    15.) Joann 9/15
    16.) Ericka 9/15
    17.) Charles 9/15
    18.) Sparky 9/22
    19.) Chris 9/22
    20.) Ryan 9/25
    21.) Dell chat with Srinivas X Kunar 9/27
    22.) Jim 9/27
    23.) left a mess for Inv. Jason Marble 10/1
    24.) Steve Holloway 10/3
    Then I waited patiently after speaking to Mr. Holloway and being told they had until Oct. 22, 2006.
    25.) Richard 10/23
    26.) Melanie 11/8
    27.) Erika 11/8
    28.) Alona 11/8
    29.) Mandy 11/13
    30.) Steve Holloway 11/14
    31.) Dan 11/20
    32.) Rocky 11/20
    33.) Abshawn 11/22
    34.) A rude employee who didn’t want to give his name 11/24
    35.) Melinda 11/25
    36.) Steve Holloway

    Here is my list of names. You can verify each one of them with Dell. The last message I left Mr. Holloway explained that not all of the charges had been removed and that I was not making any payments. I hope my going through this Dell Hell can save someone else from having to go through it. No one should be treated this way especially a paying customer who had no control over there account being manipulated.
    If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

    Thank you in advance,

    Barbara A Sellers

  • I have worked with a number of brands over the years including DELL. Not only do I think they make one of the better machines around I have always had decent service from them. I wont be nasty about this but if you feel you are going to need extra TLC during your computer setup etc, then go for the paid installation and service programs…it will be wiell worth it. If you feel comfortable doing your own work then go for it alone. I do not believe you are seeing anything any different with Dell than any other company around.

  • Dr. K. Rameash

    DELL India throws bull**** on customers


    I have ordered Dell Inspiron 1520 Notebook on 6.11.2007 and paid Rs. 42,650 through credit card. I was informed that the notebook will be delivered before 27.11.2007

    I used to check the order status online. But the order status has not been updated since 8.11.2007. I enquired the concerened Sales Account Manager via email regarding my order status on 9th, 11th and 19th of this month. She has not responded to mail. I had called her over telephone four times. She has not given proper answer. Then, I have sent an email to DELL Sales Manager and he has also not responded.

    On 26.11.07, I called the Customer care and enquired about my order. They informed that due to some money transaction problem the invoice is not ready and they are not sure about the delivery date.

    I have sent a Fax to Mr. Ashish Kumar, Sales Manager, Dell India regarding the issue. I think he had thrown my fax in the dust bin. I tried by email, phone and FAX. Nobody cared. After getting money from customer, they are thinking he is rubbish. Really I feel frustrated; My experience with DELL India is very much frustrating. I am regretting for my order with DELL.

  • For Whom The DELL Tolls

    Simply put, under no circumstances will I ever purchase another DELL anything!

    Ignorantly I purchased the Inspiron 1200 CRAPtop in 2005 on their Dell credit card with 0% Interest for 1-year. I say “ignorantly” firstly because I bought a DELL, and secondly because I didn’t put the purchase on my AMEX card to double the manufacturer’s warranty.

    Of course, the CRAPtop dies 8-months after purchase, and then starts the heated dispute with these fools over the original terms of their warranty. They state it is 6-months, and I contend it is 1-year. I tell them to provide me with an address to ship the machine back to its rightful owner because I am no longer paying off the balance. Only DELL can sell merchandise whose warranty doesn’t even outlive its payoff period!

    Needless to say, after untold e-mails, calls, and letters the saga continues…

    The DELL does NOT toll for me; does it toll for thee?

  • ellison

    I purchased a dell inspirion 530 from here…
    It clearly states shipping and vat is included in the price.However after proceeding to buy online i noticed a £60 charge.I contacted the online chat customer service and was assured that the online web calcualtor would show this, however it would be discounted on the actual invoice when i purchased.I trusted and and have now been stung for a £60 delivery charge.They are at best con artists and worst downright liars.I would never buy anything from DELL again or recommend anyone to do so either.I am currently contacting trading standards ,for advice on using the small claims court ,to get back the £60.Prospective buyers….you have been warned.

  • barbie

    I am confused about the “You get what you pay for” argument because I spent over 2500 dollars NOT including an extended warranty for a new XPS system with an AWESOME screen, LOTs of memory, and all types of media options. My harddrive konked out on me in about six months, and the service crew did not attribute the symptoms of my probs to the hard drive until days after my warranty ended. So, I bought a new 3-year warranty, and my computer finally required a new drive. My warranty is supposed to replace such parts, but instead Dell refuses to send me anything but a refurbished hard drive in exchange for my now unusable, 1.5 year old drive. Dell keeps telling me that though the package says “refurbished” that it is really brand new. I don’t know why I am supposed to believe the man on the phone over my own senses! I agree with ellison and am also contacting the appropriate law offices. I think we as consumers need to stand up for our rights to both know EXACTLY what we are purchasing and then TO GET IT when it is our due…especially when they are VERY expensive.

  • Haha
    I had Dell about 6 years ago.
    Last for 2 month only!!

    Since then I don’t touch any Dell products!
    Not even a keyboard button.

  • Thank you so much for your work on this.

  • Interesting how this single incident really fired up another industry, online reputation management.
    People and subsequently companies will always make mistakes, that is inevitable. The question of win or lose comes down to how you deal with those mistakes. Today’s consumers expect responsibility and transparency, anything less results in a spiraling PR nightmare.

  • yikes

    So here it is 2011…Steve Holloway still works at DELL…. and things haven’t changed.

    I fear I am beginning a very long and horrible trip into the chambers of DELL HELL….. I shall keep you all posted.