Why, why, oh, why did I not sell that damned Time-Warner stock years ago? I’ve thrown out my knee kicking myself in the ass for that lazy stupidity.

Now Dick Parsons is saying that AOL is Time Warner’s best hope.

That isn’t a compliment to AOL. It’s an indication of just how screwed up AOL remains — as in, surely, it can only go up from here.

But it’s really an indication of just how bad Time Warner’s — and big media’s — prospects really are. It’s hard to see growth in magazines (and certainly not in newspapers). Cable is just biding its time until it loses control of our connectivity. Networks face nothing but new competition. The only good news is that they found a sucker for their music business.

I had some hope for salvation with the rumors that MSN and AOL would merge — except that I own Microsoft stock, too. I can only pray that Google is dumb enough to buy AOL…. or all of Time Warner. But I doubt it.

  • korutenshi

    No chance in Google ever wanting to touch AOL, sorry…they have Googlenet now…

    As for TW, dont feel so bad, I held on to CISCO for over 5 years instead of selling back when it was $60 in 2000.

  • EverKarl

    AOL’s use of the Google engine is worth hundreds of millions of dollars in search-related ad revenue to Google. If MSFT acquires or partners with AOL, those dollars will flow to MSN and away from Google, which certainly makes Google interested. It is not a question of Google being “dumb enough to buy” AOL — it’s a question of how much they are willing to bid against MSFT to keep that revenue stream. Either way, T-W will benefit.

  • brad

    AOL generates 3-4% of Google net revenues and that percent is declining. Not exactly enough to justify a deal.

  • Korutenshi

    Google and Comcast Said to Be in Talks to Buy AOL Stake

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