Thinking ahead for me

Damn, I love the internet and the brains it brings together. Get a load of this simple tool that makes a search blank smarter: You start typing in a term and it shows you related terms or synonyms (whatever the site programs in). Imagine how this could help with things like or Flickr search, where you could program in related tag clusters.

: Credit where credit is due: Forgot that this links comes via Library Clips, a blog I’ve just discovered and like.

: UPDATE: Media Code points out that Google does this (in beta, of course) and does it better. Very nice. Now I wish that Flickr,, and most search sites would think about the kind of suggestions and data about them you’d like to have when you invest the effort in a search.

  • It costs money. It’s harder to scroll through the list of choices than to just finish typing whatever you want.
    Dropdown lists are a terrible GUI. They force you to take your hands off the keys and switch to the mouse. Or at a minimum, use the arrow keys, which still gets typists off the home position.
    Perhaps you type by hunt and peck?

    Now if you could only find a product that made the search engines return more relevant material, that would be a breakthrough.

  • Who determines what’s related? Do you have control or influence over it? Overwise it sounds like it’s the opposite of tags more of a top-down rating

  • It’s not just a type-ahead.
    It’s that this could give you related words so you can pick the right word.
    Imagine if you go searching for blogs about “hurricane’ but can see that there are many more posts under the related word “katrina”. That’s what’s appealing.
    The data can come from most any source, they say.

  • von

    In order to be listed, do you have to add a code snippet to your site? All of these “breakthrough” sites like technorati, truth laid bear, this one, etc. are awesome, but the guy that is able to do it without you having to add code to your site is going to make millions.

  • David

    Wow that is pretty neat….

    I typed in “Jarvis” and out popped…


    Very odd. I wonder how the hell that happened. Are they using google blogsearch to get the results?

  • It just looks like a low budget google suggest

    simple javascript. nice but not new

  • Andy Freeman
  • It’s a great feature, if you’re fully sighted and have full mobility of your hands… but if you’re sight-impaired and use a screen reader, or you have some other mobility issue which prevents you from moving around from keyboard to mouse, then the allure of this functionality wears off a bit. Question: How does it sound in a page reader — not a small issue, since there are millions of disabled (for lack of a better, more inclusive, sensitive word) people around the world, and a whole bunch of ’em use the Web to do their thing. We folks who can do everything — and very quickly — need to pause every once in a while, and consider those who can’t.