Yahoo’s man at the front

So Yahoo hired Kevin Sites to report on war for them. On the one hand, sure, that’s cool: multimedia man hired by the thoroughly modern media company. But does anyone else think it’s strange to have a site and a reporter who covers just war? Yahoo emphasizes that this doesn’t mean they are “building any kind of news organization.” So that means, instead, that they’re just going for the bloody bits?

  • Seems to me there is a talent war b/w 2.0 portals. Someone gets Vint Cerf. I Get someone from Afghanistan. Maybe Google will find Osama.

  • Jimmy

    I don’t think you give this enought credit. It could actually become an uncensored view of conflict around the globe. Instead concentrating on Iraq, or not as the case may be with too many “news” organizations, we might get some real reporting on places like Darfur, for example. And yes, he will most certainly present the bad side, but one can hope that we will also present the good side (if there is such a thing in war). I for one plan to give it the benefit of the doubt until I see otherwise. Hopefully, this will help cure our news of its myopic focus on the sensational aspects of war. Maybe it will focus more on the human aspect of both the fighters and those caught in the middle.

  • The SpinMD

    So, it’s not exactly mainstream media; it’s not exactly citizen journalism; it’s something in-between…another proof point that the current state of news coverage is damaged. Like the citizen news brigades that are popping up, companies will seek to remove the filters and biases of the established news organizations. Sure sounds a lot like the evolution of the blogosphere, no?

  • Doug Gregory

    Ernie Pyle, he ain’t.

  • So here’s my idea: why don’t a consortium of like-minded bloggers get together and fund their own reporter like Kevin Sites? They’re always complaining about the sorry state of MSM reporting, so what’s to stop the top 50 liberal bloggers, for example, from pooling ad revenue and hiring a credentialed D.C. reporter that they could feed questions and research topics to?

    More on the idea here:

  • Janine

    It may seem strange to have a site and a reporter who covers just war. However–and, call me crazy–but I find it way more sad than strange.

  • A corporation pays a reporter for a purpose–undoubtedly, to up their ratings.

    Why again is that blog-like?

    I predict lots of boom-boom and lots of American “brutality.”

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  • Bloggers and passionate internet users are keen to get news from unbiased
    sources. With Citizen Journalism gaining traction and the user-generated content wave climbing steadily, such individual reportages are going to become common. And the online media is going to alot significant space to this in future.

    It’s too early to debate the pros and cons of such unbridled reporting. For now, it’s good to see the individual in action. Let’s be Positive towards the trend, until proven otherwise.