Lotta water under that bridge

Instapundit and Powerline look at the calendar and find it has been a year since Rathergate. Look at how much as changed since then… and how much is yet to change…

  • just because insty and powerline want to change the subject away from KatrinaGate, you want to too?


    what about theres still a reporter in jail because of RoveGate

    what about the fact we’re still in a war based on wmdsGate

    what about the fact that FEMA dropped the ball and thousands of people diedGate

    of course the Righties want to go back to the one thing that got them noticed last year in the wake of their boy bungling another american tragedy. but do you have to follow their lead?

    just cuz they have thrown the stick, do you have to run after it with your tail wagging too?

    heres what has changed since Rathergate: we still dont know the truth about the President’s time in the Nat’l Guard. and as big of a deal that was for me a year ago, and many other americans, what went down in New Orleans last week is a much bigger deal.

  • Skate

    I’d like to add to Tony’s response: There is no “Rathergate.” There was a disputed document which said things that still appear to be true about President Bush’s military service. The real scandal should be the allegations that Bush operatives conspired with the Texas Air National Guard to shred Bush’s military records while he was in Texas politics.

    Bush has been allowed to walk on serious charges that he should not have been honorably discharged based on what appears to be the fact that he did not fulfill those obligations and has dodged and lied about it since then.

    Between the incredible bungling in Iraq and and in the wake of Katrina, can there be any more shallow political device than to try and put more blame on CBS and Dan Rather?

    Bush is the least accountable president ever, completely and wholly unwilling to take true responsibility for any of his actions. As “Comic Book Guy” might say, “Worst President ever…”

  • Greg T.

    Troll, trolls, trolls!

    No sense of political perspective. Humorless, too.

    What a great combination!


  • Skate

    Greg T, you are clearly ‘projecting.’

  • Pfft! Tony, you really think anybody would believe they could “change the subject” from a disaster of this magnitude by simply mentioning — in passing — the anniversary of Rathergate? Don’t stick to the preset template so close, it makes you look screwy.

    You can be partisan, but don’t be screwy.

  • In that year, CBS and Newsweek both issued mea culpas for their single-source errors.

    The Bush administration, on the other hand…

  • Shalom Y’all,

    I’m with Tony and Skate.

    While I wouldn’t be so harsh on Jeff, I’m not interested in allowing the wrong wing to change the subject. The talking points are falling flat so the next best thing is to try and talk about something else.

    I don’t buy it.

    And I won’t link to it because I don’t see any benefit in encouraging anyone else to be distracted.


    Jeff Hess

  • did a guy who writes a blog called elflife.com just try to give advice on how not to be screwy?

    ah, republicans, always good for a chuckle.

  • Rod Dreher writes about finally discovering that Bush administration is basically corrupt: “This is a scandal, a real scandal. How is it possible that four years after 9/11, the president treats a federal agency vital to homeland security as a patronage prize? The main reason I’ve been a Bush supporter all along is I trusted him (note past tense) on national security — which, in the age of mass terrorism, means homeland security too.”

    Thank God all that noise about Rathergate and the Swift boaties and the like helped elect Bush!

    Without Rathergate and the rest, blogs might have had to discuss important issues like the DHS, border “security”, homeland “security”, and the like. Thank God all those blogs concentrated on things that happened decades ago rather than discussing Bush’s record.

  • You ignorant fux. Rathergate helps to explain why Bush was elected.

    Instead of criticizing Bush for more meaty problems, more important problems, Rather/CBS producers took the easy way, the lazy way, by taking faked documents from political operatives.

    It’s like the F911’ing of the MSM; we can’t convince people the old way, with intelligent debate; instead, we’ll criticize through editing, spin, innuendo, fakery.

    And what will be the subject of most of this fakery? “Bush lied.” It’s easy see why the American public didn’t buy it: they saw it for what it was, politics as usual. Fakery about fakery, lies about lies on top of lies until we can’t remember who lied and about what.

    Could CBS have pointed out in 2003 that the administration was making stupid political patronage appointments of morons to critical relief agencies? Well yeah. So why didn’t they? I guess it wasn’t as sexy as “finding” “old” memos that proved that “Bush lied”.

    But OH since CBS is on “our side” you better just shut up about the whole thing, because it doesn’t play well for bloggers who think their shit doesn’t stink and who think they can tell everyone else in the world what to write and what to think.

    Yeah I’m talking to you Mr Pierce. Get OVER yourself already. Who assigned you the job of blog police? What makes you think you have a monopoly on truth? Why don’t you STFU and get back to writing about the topic that MADE you… pretty young hot chicks. That was what was important to you last year when we were busy electing the leaders who would make these appointments.

  • Ed Poinsett

    I happen to believe that President Bush is an upright and moral man, and I’m proud he is our leader in these perilous times. Apparently 52% of the voters agree with me. I’ve never seen any evidence that the President has lied. I’ve never seen any credible evidence that he shirked his TANG duties. I’m glad he supports and defends the Patriot Act. I’m happy he supports the Second Amendment.

    The reporter is in jail due to her own choices. She’ll be released soon when the Plame fraud is finally dismissed. Iraq is brimming with good news. The insurgency, while not dead, is mortally wounded. FEMA has not dropped any significant balls that I can discern, Director Brown has been sacrificed for failing to meet the standard of perfection which has been invoked by the seething moonbats on the left and the Jesse Jackson’s and Al Sharpton’s.

    All in all, me and my redstate compatriots are pretty happy with the President. Ya’ll should chill out for a while, He’s only going to be around for three more years.

  • Gunther

    Ed Poinsett:

    “FEMA has not dropped any significant balls that I can discern, Director Brown has been sacrificed for failing to meet the standard of perfection which has been invoked by the seething moonbats on the left and the Jesse Jackson’s and Al Sharpton’s.”

    If you were more of an idiot you might actually be eligible for a job in this administration.

  • Ed Poinsett

    Guenther, I respect your right to disagree with me, but I think the idiot thing is over the top. Specifically what balls did he drop, and why weren’t the same balls dropped in Mississippi, Alabama, and South Florida. All under his supervision.

    After Mayor “Look at me” failed to deliver any buses to evacuate the Superdome, who did he call on to get 1100 buses for the job? Well Director Brown. And who got the job done? Director Brown.

  • gunther that was the funniest thing ive ever read

  • almost as funny as a guy with a turtle on a skateboard telling me how to run my blog.

    will the hillarity never cease?

  • “Look at how much as changed since then…”

    I’m sure Rather’s golf game has improved!

    Hey Jeff, don’t mention what you had for lunch, because that would be “changing the subject.”

  • Tone I freely admit it, you’re cooler than me by at least double.

    That matters in LA. Doesn’t count for shit in the rest of the world though.

  • nathan zuckeerman

    Leave it to the conservatives to make a national holiday of some minor event! I hope they recall anniversaries and birthdays at home as systematically.

  • kl

    Leave it to the conservatives to make a national holiday of some minor event!

    Yeah, it really only affected three people: Rather, Kerry, and Bush.

  • You’ll note that the CBS Public Eye debuted today… transparency up the wahzoo. (Video of the main news meeting is online, for example).

    From Dick Meyer:

    Before the history, allow me to put the bottom line on top: No one at CBS expects to make a bundle on Public Eye. No one thinks it will boost ratings or become the next “CSI” or Google. No one thinks it’s a great publicity stunt. We think, we hope, it is the right thing to do for CBS News, for journalism and for our readers and viewers.