Missing the missing: a proposal for a tag

Staci and Rex are right: We need a better, unified way to use this wonderful internet to connect people who lose each other in catastrophes such as Katrina. Lots of good people are setting up separate forums, blocks, and such to facilitate this. But there’s no one place to bring it all together. The missing will still be missing. The old-world solution to this might be for someone to start one big center; this morning on TV, the head of Homeland Security said they were starting to work on that (starting!).

The new-world way to do this is to tag all the distributed efforts with one tag so that they can be found via search engines (Technorati, IceRocket, Google). This is a job for a microformat.

I propose a missing tag. It won’t be perfect. But it will at least let someone comb through all these efforts and put them together.

Technorati tag: missing