Who wants to own content? (Cont.)

More interesting reaction to the who wants to own content post here and here:

Do you see how radical this is? It’s distributive. It’s about a life of intellectual abundance and the death of scarcity. It changes not only how you think, but how you feel. It’s expansive, it grows, it self-corrects. This is the revolution the denizens of the 1960’s only dreamed about.

: See this developing list of examples of “convergence culture.”

: Business 2.0 starts a discussion on how to make money when conversation is the kingdom.

: More here. There’s a discussion going on in French, thanks to Loic, but I can’t join in.

  • Expect big changes in book publishing. As physical transportation becomes more expensive, and print-on-demand technology improves you can expect books to be distributed electronically and printed and bound at the store.

    One bit of cooperative creativity I ran across recently is round-robin GM’n. In which the participants in an RPG session take on the task of moderating the game in turn. Haven’t taken part in one yet, but it sounds interesting.

    I wonder, since RPGs involve cooperative creativity, and have since 1974, have they anything to do with cooperative creativity today?