Who wants to own content?

I’m glad to see my post asking who want to own content is getting links and comments and good conversation (including some who wish I’d stop prattling about this… but I’m just trying to get my head around how our new world operates, as I did when I suggested that small is the new big). I’m linking again only in hopes of keeping the conversation going…..

  • Jim Dermitt

    Google Talk’s First “Hack”!
    How to Broadcast MP3’s, Podcasts and other audio over Google Talk

    Pretty interesting stuff from TWIT. It looks like this could be bigger than Napster. I’m listening to free music now, so I guess my CD collection can grow some more once I can just burn music directly from Google. This is like Google Music. This must be driving the recording industry nuts. Keep the music going!

  • Who wants to own content? Chadwyck-Healy is currently making millions of dollars by offering not just content but out-of-copyright content in the form of Early English Books Online and 18th Century Imprints. Modern English scholars simply cannot function competitively without these resources and expend large quantities of a university library’s acquisitions funds in order to procure them.

  • Jersey Exile,

    Chadwyck-Healy is providing a service. Most anybody could do it, if they wanted to take the time and effort to do what Chadwyck-Healy is doing. But we are a lazy species, so when somebody does it for us we’ll pay what they’re asking. So long as it’s not too outrageous, and we want what they’re providing.

    CH is filling a need and I see nothing wrong with that.

  • Alan,

    There’s absolutely nothing wrong with what CH is doing, I agree. But it’s far more than simply a service — these texts have been scanned, lemmatized, and transcribed via OCR in most cases. Value has been added to the whole, such that it’s a new form of content.

  • JE,

    In that you are right. But if people didn’t want it, if they didn’t trust CH it wouldn’t work. Not in the long run. Word would get out and CH would lose the traffic and the income they now enjoy.

    And speaking of trust and conversation; Jeff, I’ve posted on the subject”>. You (and anyone else) are welcome to come comment on it.

  • Bleck, I did it again. The post in question is here