Who’s doing it right? Recommendations, please…

I’m talking with a bunch of folks from newspaper newsrooms in San Antonio and Houston early next week about blogs and changing newsrooms. One of the things they want, of course, is examples of the best of breed. Please give me a list of who you think is using blogs well to expand news coverage and in newsrooms and who’s using the internet well to change how news is gathered and distributed. My opening bids:
– Business Week’s Blogspotting.net: The guys who get it.
Baristanet.com: Hyperlocal made real.
– Dwight Silverman’s Tech Blog: In the conversation.
– The Guardian’s newsblog: Wisely used for breaking news.
Northwest Voice: Hyperlocal made real.
PaidContent.org and GigaOm: great media reporting.
NashvilleIsTalking.com: Gathering the voices of the community.
– Anything Holovaty touches.
Online News Squared and LostRemote.com: Inside baseball
Make Blog gathers neat ideas.
TechCrunch: tackles a “beat” (new companies) well.
What else, please?

  • CampusJ, of course, which is relaunching for its second semester and first full year of coverage.

  • KRON4, a Bay Area TV station, has a blog for the Bay Area nearly identical to the Nashvilleistalking blog called TheBayAreaistalking. They both have nearly identical visual themes and a blog aggregator running down the side.

  • The Rocky Mountain News’ Yourhub.com, which makes reader blogs part of the news-gathering process online and in a special hard copy edition.

  • [Granted this is a tv news station and not a newpspaper but I thought you would still be interested]

    KRON4, The Bay Area’s News Station has agressively targeted bloggers and blogging. They have had meet-ups for local bloggers, and they run a site themselves that includes one of their staffers blogging as well as links to local blogs. You can see the blog here: http://www.thebayareaistalking.com/

  • The Spokane Washington Spokesman-Review does a beautiful job of using blogs and employing them for transparency. http://www.spokesmanreview.com/blogs/

  • Philly Future at PhillyFuture.org – Hyperlocal Philadelphia.

  • Note we have over 20 participants adding local news and views to the site and over 230 of the best blogs in Philly in our community aggregator.

    Whether the subject is eminent domain (a big local regional topic), the pay raises that recently took place in state legislature, the peace demonstrations that happened last night, great music and food – our site is written by the community – for the community – with a terrific editorial all volunteer team that helps to guide it in a focused regional direction.

  • From the reporter side and a Texas blogger I would suggest Crabwalk(http://www.crabwalk.com/).

  • I think NewWest.net is doing some pretty interesting & innovative things in this area, if I do say so myself. Combining professional and volunteer journalism, and blog-style voice & linking with traditional newsgathering to create a new kind of regional news and community network. http://www.newwest.net

  • Bill

    Froomkin and Kurtz and Achenbach at WaPo?

  • I have to vote for Nashville is Talking. I’m biased, as I’m centered in Nashville. However, it is a great idea, and truly drives traffic among Tennessee, and Nashville blogs. It’s doing wonders for Channel 2’s reputation as well. They are doing some revolutionary hings in the newsroom, this blog just being one of many things.

    Nathan Moore
    Nashville, Tennessee

  • The best blog is Philadelphia is http://www.phillyfuture.org; it’s sort of the “Grand Central Station” of the Philadelphia blogosphere, which is known as the most powerful and potent in the world.

  • NRO Corner?

  • PhillyFuture! In what is arguably the blog capital of the U.S. we have created a community site pulling together the best from the blogs and it has plenty of original writing as well. We’ve had many people start their own blogs directly within PhillyFuture so not only is it a resource for the region, it’s also an implementation tool.

  • I’d second Karl’s recommendation of Philly Future (full disclosure — I’m an editor on the site).

    Karl’s focus has always been on empowering the Philadelphia community, and it has been amazing to see how many people have jumped into the site and started to contribute.

    A case in point is a person who began writing a blog on Philly Future that focuses on the issue of eminent domain in our area. The board of commissioners of Lower Merion, a town on the main line in Philadelphia, had condemned a perfectly nice stretch of businesses because it wanted to put in more high-end stores and parking lots. Many of the businesses had been around for a long time — notably, one stationary store has been open since 1926.

    This person came onto Philly Future and began to promote The Save Ardmore Coalition, a collection of citizens and businesses opposing this use of eminent domain. Empowered by our site, this blogger helped amplify the concerns of Ardmore’s citizens, and got the word out to other bloggers.

    Just today, we learned that because of this bloggers’ work, The Economist has published a story on the issue. As the Economist article reports, the town board has begun to retreat on its proposals because of the grassroots and netroots efforts of The Save Ardmore Coalition.

    This is only one example of a way in which community sites like Philly Future have begun to change the face of journalism and politics. We are providing a space for the citizens of Philadelphia to meet one another and share their concerns. And they have begun to use that space to empower themselves, and bring about changes in their local communities — changes that then get reported in the MSM.

    I could talk about many other cases in which Philly Future has played an important role in Philadelphia affairs, from Latoyia Figueroa to Live 8, but I hope you get my drift. This is journalism from the ground up, and it’s making a difference.

  • Sports is a way of diverting our attention from weightier matters, and I like to think some of the sports blogs aggregated on PhillyFuture.org are pretty darn good — one of which is the featured blog on PhillyFuture.org this month. These blogs cover sports in a much different manner than the traditional media formats.

  • As one of the first local metropolitan news / blog aggregators on the web, PhillyFuture has done a marvelous job in both organization and presentation. Karl Martino has created an interactive community that is truly a great model for “citizen journalism” and local online activism. It’s built from the ground up, and not as a support mechanism for an existing local print or broadcast media organization.

    Philly Future is “Craigs List” on steriods, with flair.

  • I think that the LA.comfidential blog that is hosted on the LA.com site which is part of the larger MediaNews Group Southern California papers network delivers updates on LA trends, celebs, news, on an almost hourly basis. It feels relevant, fresh and encourgages reader involvment.

  • W.T> Socrates

    Good Morning Silicon Valley… http://blogs.siliconvalley.com/gmsv/

  • Greensboro News & Record in North Carolina is on the forefront of integrating blogs into the newspaper business.

    may be the best point of entry. They have a number of blogs (e.g., sports, local, arts, etc.) and take inputs from commenters. Often an article gets posted there first and sees print only after it is “vetted” by blog-readers. Readers also get to drive the topics and stories they want to see covered in the print edition.

  • Wow, I was about to suggest Philly Future here in the greater Philadelphia area, but I guess I’m late to the party.

    Still, it’s a great resource for both reporting local interest items and enabling communication between the most active local bloggers.

  • toufic

    for hyperlocal stuff the metro blogs don’t do too bad and they cover a ton of locations with volunteers: http://www.metblogs.com

    a good, lucid and personalized write might be: http://waiterrant.net/
    or if you want the surprisingly verbose and well written club bouncer who expresses his emotions with a bit of *ahem* “color”: http://standingonthebox.blogspot.com/

    and if you’re going to be in Houston/San Antonio, I have a few restaurants you should definitely try!

  • Heather Green

    Thanks for the kind words. I think that the Roanoke Times is doing interesting things with podcasting, blogs and video

  • I second the nomination of Greensboro News & Record. Well done blogs, and they’ve been around an eternity, at least for newspaper blogs.

  • Matt Marshall and Michael Bazeley’s Siliconbeat — http://www.siliconbeat.com is a must read from a couple of reporters who cover the valley here.

  • Here’s a MSM endorsement of Phillyfuture.org. It is where I go first each morning to find out the buzz.

  • Fresno Famous is citizen’s coverage of arts & entertainment for a town with no alt weekly, one newspaper, and a rep for being boring.

  • Save Ardmore Coaltion

    We literally stumbled upon these kind words today from Matt at Philly Future. Small clarification: the blog is a COLABERATIVE effort…there are many faces and voices that contribute to every effort.

    We nominate PhillyFuture. They give groups like ours a voice and provoke us to be better and do better

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