The exploding book

Below, I linked to Tom Evslin’s plans to open-source-edit and self-publish his novel via blog.

Now see Seth Godin with his plans to market his “last” traditional publishing effort: He’s going to give away galleys to people who will distribute them to people who are likely to buy lots of copies of the book to give away and when he makes lots of money doing that he’ll give that away. The gift economy, indeed.

See, also, this book-length post about books.

Newspapers, magazines, TV, and radio are all being revolutionized by the internet. Now that authors can publish with or without a press, it’s books’ turn.

  • Jeff: Seth is actually selling the galleys (at a nominal cost) and is asking that people NOT buy them unless they are in a position to distribute them to people who are likely to buy at least 10 copies of the book when it is published.

  • On a related note, a number of on-line cartoonists have had their work published in print form thanks to the popularity of the strip on-line. While Phil Foglio of Studio Foglio is now making his comic book, Girl Genius available for free on-line as well as selling copies in print.

    Meanwhile a number of small RPG publishers have gone the ransom route. They solicit donations for projects. The ransom gets raised the project is done and made available for free. Thus the ransom meme. (Yes, I do use ‘meme’ properly, as in a thought or idea that catches on and is propagated throughout the culture.)

    One person using this method of getting his projects paid for is Dennis Detwiller. Check in Insylum entries on his blog.

  • Argh!

    Try Detwiller Design instead.

  • Lulu is an interesting enterprise pointed in this direction.

    Proclaiming self publishing…

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