Take the leash off Mighty Mouse

Why the hell didn’t Apple make a Bluetooth version of its Mighty Mouse?

  • Probably will before xMas :-)

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  • Probably couldn’t fit the batteries in this iteration of the design. I’d expect to see a bluetooth version inside of a year, possibily in time for Xmas.

  • I find that bluetooth devices use a lot of batteries, and are not as reliable in their connections as I’d like. The concept works better than the product, in other words.

  • I’ve been pondering this question as I am addicted to my bluetooth mouse. And I’ve decided (which I’ll credit Tim Morgan, who commented this on my blog) that the answer this: Apple wants to wait a couple of months so it can introduce the “Super Mighty Mouse.”

  • John

    Still a single-button mouse. Still needs extra key maneuvers with your free hand compared to what a dual-button mouse would need to accomplish the same tasks.

    The 360-degree movement option is good, but I’ll wait until Apple’s competitors put the whole package together before I swap out the Logitechs on the G-4s, G-5s and the eMacs down at the office (heck they may even come out with Jeff’s Bluetooth variation…)

  • Marthirial

    Well, without the tail it would stop looking like a sperm.

  • I used it today… works great, although I prefer the curvy form factor of my Logitech 510… right click works great. As far as Bluetooth, come on. You know how this product cycle works. Version one, people buy it. Better version two later, people buy it. Ipods and everything else. It’s how the game works, not just with Apple.

  • DF

    “Still a single-button mouse. Still needs extra key maneuvers with your free hand compared to what a dual-button mouse would need to accomplish the same tasks.”

    Not at all. It looks like a single piece but functions just like a multi-button mouse — no “free hand maneuvers” required ;-)

  • I’ll sound like a Luddite, but here goes: The other thing about having a cord is that you never experience the “where’s the damn remote” thing with your mouse. And don’t think it won’t happen.

  • Calm down, they probably will!

  • John C. Randolph

    My educated guess is that the Mighty Mouse draws too much power to be a bluetooth device. Realise that it’s got rather more processing to do than your average optical mouse.

    I’m sure that Apple will get the power requirements down in the next rev or so, and then offer a cordless version.

  • I personally would like to see the mouse come with wireless functionality (I couldn’t care less if it’s bluetooth or not, as long as it’s reliable and accurate) and have the mouse be rechargeable through the USB cable.

    So, this way, you can use it wired while it charges and unplug it for some wireless action.

    Probably would have to make the current battery charge chips a little smarter, but it’s still an idea.


  • Apple this, Apple that…

    My Apple is a Lemon — How My 23″ Cinema Display Turns White Into Pink

  • Rather a disappointment, if you ask me. The whole “have to lift your index finger in salute before you are able to right click” thing is a turnoff. I use my mouse with a finger firmly placed on each button. I’m not going to relearn how to use a two-button mouse just so I can use Apple’s virginal incarnation. Microsoft, Logitech, et al make wireless multibutton bluetooth mouses. If you really wanted, you could paint them white.

  • Both Apple computers and Bluetooth are over hyped. What is needed is the software that will allow the use of a cell phone to surf the net. This could be done by developing a software that will allow a cellphone to send the commands to a serve owned by a third party like internet service provider and the server will process the commands. You’ll never need a mouse.

  • Looks a little like the mouse I bought awhile back. They will make it bluetooth, this one is: http://www.dvforge.com/themousebt.shtml

  • Brant Sears

    Probably because blue tooth is on its way out. There are two, very much superior technologies vying to replace it. These are: wireless USB and ZigBee. Both use far less power than blue tooth. I believe ZigBee uses about 1/10th the power of BT and Wireless USB is about twice ZigBee (1/5th BT).

    Wireless USB is for bi-direction communication and ZigBee is targetted at unidirectional. Both have less bandwidth than WiFi, but about the same as BT. Both also fix security problems that have plagued BT.

    So, I think the short answer is that if I were Apple, I’d avoid a wireless version of Mighty Mouse for now and come out with one later once I’ve shipped new computers that support Wireless USB – which is the standard that I think will gain dominance. In the meantime, they may have some reasearch that we don’t about the relative marketshare of wired vs. wireless mice.

  • David

    Apple just released a bluetooth mighty mouse.