F Time Warner. F AOL. F them all.

I see that the $2.4 billion settlement of the stupidest merger in history is for only those who were stupid enough to buy the stock between 1999 and 2002, not the poor shmucks (like me) who owned the stock and didn’t sell it because the jackasses lied about the value of AOHell.

A law firm representing the lead plaintiff group announced separately that the settlement with their group, which amounts to $2.4 billion, will benefit shareholders who bought shares of AOL or Time Warner between Jan. 27, 1999, and Aug. 27, 2002. The accounting firm Ernst & Young has also agreed to pay $100 million.

The settlement deal must still be approved in court. The company also set aside another $600 million to settle other remaining shareholder litigation.

I’m pissed. Can you tell? That damned Time Warner stock was my FU money and it F’ed me.

: LATER: Locaste tells me that it’s the Supreme Court I’m pissed at. OK, why not, everybody else is.