Dell hell: Deus ex machina

Dell hell: Deus ex machina

: So the wonderful guys at EVDOinfo snuck me a new driver, due out next week, to make my high-speed Verizon card work on the newest Macs (thanks, Mike!). I went back to CompUSA (no, I don’t have that much spare time; I was next door working at a Borders while I wait to pick up my son at computer camp) and installed the driver with great help from the Apple rep in the store (thanks, Bruce), who said if this worked, it would help him sell more Powerbooks. It works! There I was, connected to high-speed cellular from the store.

I swear to God at that very moment, my cell phone rang and it was a customer service person from Dell. She was calling because of the email I sent to her chief marketing officer and vice president of US Dell. She told me she’d read the emails — and blog posts — and get back to me. And that’s fine.

But what a criminal shame that it took sending an email to the head of Dell U.S. (not that he has his email address online; I guessed it: Dell puts an underscore between the first and last names of employees) to get the first and only attempt to solve my problems.

It didn’t come because they noticed I had to send the machine back and get most it replaced and send them scores of emails and wait forever to get any service and still did not have a working machine.

It didn’t come because they monitored what their customers are saying online.

It came because a VP didn’t want to be bothered and so they have this chain of complaint, standard.

I told the nice lady that I was in the store right then getting ready to buy an Apple.

Divine intervention may well get me out of Dell hell. But it wasn’t from Dell. It was from Mike and Bruce.