Los Alamos update

Los Alamos update

: Wizbang links to the debunking of the Los Alamos whistleblower’s contention that he was beaten up because of his whistling…. and files it under dumbasses.

  • You just linked Wizbang. This is when Oliver comes over and comments that you’re a right wing shrill.

  • Just like Wizbang says, “Who would believe anything this guy has to say at this point?” Who indeed! This Hook fellow is an obvious liar, and no one should believe anything he ever said or will say.

  • Jonas Cord

    Perhaps I’m slow, but there seems to be some partisan angle to this story that everyone arbitrarily decided to fight about. What gives?

  • Mike

    Actually, I don’t see how this thing has anything to do with politics. Jeff posted about this guy when his story was that he got beat up because he was a whistleblower. Turns out the guy completely made that story up, and got beat up because he hit somebody with his car leaving the bar.
    And yes, it is unfortunate, but if this guy can conjur up this lie for the police, wouldn’t you raise an eyebrow to whatever else he had to say?
    It doesn’t mean he is lying about Los Alamos, but it says something about his integrity. Like Kevin at Wizband says, the man is a dumbass.

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  • Arv18

    Whistleblowers who speak out against our President deserve to be hanged for treason.

  • John

    If the whistle blower discloses a practice I find objectionable, he’s my hero. If he tattles about something I promote, then hang the bastard. What’s new in human nature?

  • You might want to read the comments at Wizbang’s post; some good questions are asked, that haven’t yet been answered.
    I know rushing to judgement is fun and all, but you risk ending up in the wrong place.