Who’s news

Who’s news

: PrivateRadio started tracking the news sources on GoogleNews because they’re not transparent about it; the tracking started when I started complaining, with others, about a neonazi “news” site soome Googler let in. Well, PrivateRadio has done amazing things to the tracking, now analyzing top stories and top sources by topic. Go take a look.

  • Not sure I understand their methodology but assuming it’s reliable, it’s not very encouraging to see a source like Voice of America showing up so often in Google news results. Not exactly what I’d call a “news” source.

  • Speaking of “Who’s News”, what about Bill O’Reilly doctoring video footage of Joe Biden’s Gitmo comments?

  • Mike Z

    I love Google, and I have come to rely on their news page, but after looking at their list of top news sources, I’m ready to switch to another news page. Jeff, why don’t you let us less-knowledgeable types in on some of our alternatives!

  • yoyo ma

    loretta, you’ll never see a post like that here.