The person next to you is nuts

The person next to you is nuts

: The NY Times reports today that more than half of us will be “mentally ill” sometime in our lives. Well, if more than half of us will, doesn’t that make it normal? We’re just screwed up, we humans.

: LATER: Arianna Huffington — who’s as crazy as a fox — has her own view of this.

  • Mike

    Well as long as the psychiatrists and psychologists keep coming up with different “diseases” and other abnormalities to explain away our behaviors, it’s a wonder that the story doesn’t mention more of a percentage. And this is exactly what they (those in the mental illness industry) want, more people and more illnesses to diagnose! Why else would they spend $20 million on this “study”. It seems more like an investment.
    Most of these disorders can be explained away be the eroding of personal responsibility in this society. At least there is one pyschiatric voice of reason (from the article):
    While the new survey was carefully done, Dr. McHugh said, “the problem is that the diagnostic manual we are using in psychiatry is like a field guide and it just keeps expanding and expanding.”
    “Pretty soon,” he said, “we’ll have a syndrome for short, fat Irish guys with a Boston accent, and I’ll be mentally ill.”

  • Cal

    Mike I totally agree. But I will say that a lot of good has come out of this. The true sufferers of mental illnesses have access to more complete care. And the stigma of mental illness has decreased significantly. Those are very good things. It also represents at least a portion of the spike in people seeking care.
    But the bad news was related on a recent episode of “Frontline”. America’s prisons are now also America’s asylums. State mental institutions are almost extinct. In turn, without care many of these people become homeless and turn to crime to survive. Then they end up in the system, which is woefully inadequate in treating mental illnesses. Most sickening of all is that there was/is talk of decreasing funding for the VAs. What a way to show “how much we honor and support our troops.”
    Maybe a little of topic, so thanks for obliging…

  • You know the old saying “Genius bordering on insanity”? There was a good article recently about our evolved ability to lie to ourselves. So those of us unfortunate enough to lack the ability to self decieve have probably been slapped pretty hard in the face with the trout that is reality.