Apple’s enemies

Apple’s enemies

: Ernie Miller asks when and whether Apple will sue CNet for revealing company secrets the way it sued some humble bloggers.

  • yoyo ma

    That link actually goes to a blogger critiquing Jarvis’ previous misleading post about fed ex.

  • link fixed.

  • marthirial

    Why are Apple “secrets” so secret? What we are seeing here is a normal reaction to what’s efficient, Mac is a toy compared to PC’s so they have to make their artistically looking laps and desktops adept to what is used for most of us less concerned about looks.
    As somebody said, there is not “bad publicity” so there is a difference between showcasing a strategy about increasing sales exploiting looks rather than usability – as the blogs did – against commenting on the humbling approach of Mr. Jobs to what’s important in computing circles, which, as a bonus, created a good buzz about the already obvious and expected move.

  • jeez

    “Mac is a toy compared to PC’s”
    That is so wrong, I pity your ignorance.