On Connected

On Connected

: I’ll be on MSNBC’s Connected at noon on the Newsweek mess.

: LaShawn Barber has a fresh batch of Newsweek links.

: Nick Gillespie is steamed.

: Austin Bay says this is the press’ Abu Ghraib.

: Conor Friedersdorf says this is a tipping point for press coverage of the war on terrorism: the tip being that coverage has an impact on the world and on lives.

: Here’s Reuters (my emphases):

Muslims in Afghanistan and Pakistan were skeptical Monday about an apparent retraction by Newsweek magazine of a report that U.S. interrogators desecrated the Koran and said U.S. pressure was behind the climb-down….

Newsweek said Sunday the report might not be true.

That’s why Newsweek’s nonretraction-retraction is going to continue to cause problems and is just as bad as CBS’s nonretraction-retraction in the Rather story, except this one is dangerous. They should have said that they retract the story because they do not have any reason to know that it is true. We are not in the business of reporting what might be true, what could be true if only we know more. We are in the business of reporting what we know is true. Aren’t we?

:Ankle Biting Pundits are asking you to name the scandal.