Isn’t this a wonderful world?


Isn’t this a wonderful world?

: While tending the inspiring new Global Voices harvest of blogs around the world, Rebecca MacKinnon comes across something remarkable that seems to be legit: An all-girl Afghan band called the Burka Band. Listen to their single, Burka Blue.

: LATER: Jeff Hess was, like me, dubious at first but then saw all the press the Burka Band has gotten in Europe and so he says:

It wasnít the Peacemaker nor the Trident that brought down the Soviet Union, it was Coca Cola and Leviís. Will Rock ëní Roll topple the mullahs? Could be.

Better yet, a girl band.

  • Anonymous

    Ok, it’s great that it’s happening and all…
    But that is one of the worst songs i’ve ever heard.

  • Epitome

    These chicks bring the rock!!

  • von

    This has got to be a joke. You can’t play guitar like this:

  • Epitome

    I believe that shot in particular is just for the music video.
    It’s obviously a record company’s gimmick, but it is real, whatever that means.

  • denis

    Great. Islamic Spice. I think my head is going to explode.

  • Jack Tanner

    they need to get some new costumes with a lot less amterial and some new songs with a lot more material.

  • Eileen

    LOL, Jack. Okay, how about a remake of Mullah Mash or Shari(ah) Baby (please accept my profuse apologies for both suggestions!) performed in a freshly mown field of poppies?
    And then here’s actual proof of the *utility* of those burkas in capturing al-Libbi:
    “Witnesses said armed Pakistani agents – some disguised in burqas, the all-encompassing garment worn by women in conservative Islamic families – ambushed the two men as they rode a motorbike across a dusty graveyard on the outskirts of Mardan amid an exchange of gunfire.” o
    What a perfectly poetic strategy to use those mysterious burkas right back at ’em..
    JJ, there’s something I’ve been meaning to complement you on: you give Really Good Title! And thanks for keeping us ‘abreast’ on so many fronts.

  • Eileen

    Er, make that compliment.

  • You would believe this.
    Ask yourself where the drummer practices. Just try to imagine.
    Just more patronizing mockery.

  • Tom

    Listen to the lyrics…her dad wears a burka?