Armstrong Williams — Oops

Armstrong Williams — Oops

: New Education Secretary Margaret Spelling admits hiring Armstrong Williams as a mouthpiece was a serious lapse of judgment. Thereby she throws predecessor Rod Paige to the wolves.

Meanwhile, Congress, the FCC, and the White House says it’s media’s responsibility to label sources. OK. But what if they aren’t told and the government is trying to fool them? Thereby officials try to throw media to the wolves; wolves spit back.

Meanwhile, the White House shields officials from the investigation.

The stink ain’t over.


I’m going on MSNBC at 5p to talk about this, possibly… So what do you think?

: The Left Coaster says:

She all but told the AP that it was all the since-departed Rod Paigeís fault, which is standard operating procedure for this administration. I mean, it was obviously Colin Powell and Tom Ridgeís fault that Bush didnít even know that we were planning to require Americans returning from Mexico and Canada to carry their passports, right?

Since Spellings made these comments before the release of the watered down IGís report later today in the typical late Friday afternoon Bush Administration news dump, one wonders what is in the report.