On MSNBC’s Connected

: Going to be on Connected at 5p ET to talk about Frist/filibuster/faith, McDonald’s and Google video, all below.

: Good ol’ (young) Ian Schwartz has the video. Ron Reagan called me his “blog daddy.” I wanted to protest that I wasn’t that old; couldn’t I be his blog brother? But note the lower-third (as we call it in TVland): I’m now blog daddy.

  • EverKarl

    Yo, Blog Daddy, you should do your segments in rap!

  • EverKarl

    …it would give you another reason to be indecent.

  • “Blog Daddy”, LOL. Just don’t tell GoDaddy…
    Hey Jeff, I nominate this photo for your new “about” photo. Isn’t it time for an update? Plus, I this one seems to suit you better, IMHO.
    If you want, I’ll crop it for you. Oh, and of course you’re not old… :)

  • ihdnag

    The corruption of the mainstream media comes full circle…

  • Cool, Jeff, very cool!

  • I love your blog work. Regarding journalists, as I guy who has worked on both sides of the fence, since the 50’s and as a newspaper brat raised in the business, a senior editor at a major Hearst paper told me 55 years ago his definition of a journalist; ìA newspaperman out of a job.î Larry

  • Ah, I see you took my suggestion to heart. It looks good, Blog Daddy.

  • thanks for the mention!!!

  • sounds like a t-shirt to me, where’s the paypal button?