Media on media

Media on media

: Will be on MSNBC’s Connected at 5 to point to blogs reacting to the historic — we hope — handshakes between Israeli President Moshe Katsav and Syria’s Assad and Iran’s Khatami. Also other blogs. Will post links later….

: See the handshake posts above. I also plan to mention the prison blogs, below, the launch of Sploid, the amusing backpedaling happening over the Schiavo memo (see Kaus on one end, Malkin on the other… since I was late to this story, I won’t even try to summarize it badly), and the Reporters Without Borders freedom awards, below.

: Ian Schwartz has the video. Not my best performance.

: Trey Jackson has video, too.

  • Gregg

    Why announce the launch of Sploid? Are you their spokesperson? Its not a huge event – websites launch all the time. They add nothing unique to the world. I just don’t get the love affair.

  • Thanks for the mention, Jeff! Though of all the words to mispronounce… pundit. Ha!