Blogging behind bars

Blogging behind bars

: Well, this may be a first: An inmate blogger. PrisonPete doesn’t reveal his real name or his crimes but says:

I am currently an inmate in a prison in New York State. I have spent the last eight years of my life living in various federally and state funded gated communities. I was a computer programmer before my career change to living off the taxpayers.

He blogs through someone on the outside who occasionally speaks as his editor and insists he’s real and says it’s up to us whether we want to believe that.

He talks about cooking spaghetti, his prison dorm, his appeals, his “hack” counselor….

The funniest thing about it is the ads Google puts on for the incarcerated demographic: Correctional furnishings and “Find Inmates for Dating.”

: MORE: Well, he certainly isn’t the first. There’s a trend in prison blogging. Thanks to Aaron in the comments, we read “English Shaun” at the once-pseudonymous blog JonsJailJournal. He writes from the infamous Maricopa County prison in Arizona (the one where the warden dresses men in pink underwear and subjects them to cams and more). Here’s a BBC story about him.

: Jeralyn Merritt and TalkLeft just wrote about Meet Vernon, written (via mail) by a death-row inmate.

: Any more?

  • Neat, you actually jogged my memory of another prisoner’s blog I was meaning to read but never bothered to bookmark, and I discovered it before I read everything as feeds: Jon’s Jail Journal. I have blogged it with a little more background here.

  • See Martha Stewart for recommendations on furnishings. Maybe she’ll give him a discount.
    Depends on the je ne sais quoi with regards to his spaghetti recipes.

  • The other day I wrote about the first blog by a death row inmate, Meet Vernon.

  • Anti-Sploid

    Sploid is so awful its BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!!!!

  • JonsJailJournal’s Shaun Attwood was something of a legend in Phoenix rave circles:
    Interesting guy (things obviously got out of hand); another example of why drugs should be legal.

  • I’m a blogger. I spent a month locked up a year ago. When i could get my hands on pen and paper, I made some notes. Half of those were stolen by guards on my way out, and I never finished transcribing the other half – I’ve been busy having a nervous breakdown as a result of the torture. But there’s some stuff at

  • my bad, that’s
    prisonblog is somebody else.

  • Prison Pete is really a prisoner. Having done some typing for him, I know he is. The editor is the facilitator of the blog. EOD.