A Saudi blog… aka مدونة

A Saudi blog

: The country that may need blogging more than any other — Saudi Arabia — has a new blogger working in both English and Arabic. See SaudiJeans (Arabic blog here). He says that forums are still big in the Arab world but he bets that blogs will explode. We came across each other in links because he found Spirit of America’s Arabic-language blogging tool. And he points to a story in the local paper about blogs. He says:

I think blogs could make a real difference, especially in the Arab World, where the lack of freedom of expression is a main barrier to progress and development. And to encourage more Arab users to start blogging, I’m glad to announce that I’m ready to give away the design of my Arabic blog…

About another reporter’s story on blogs he reports:

She also said the word “blog” is not translated to Arabic yet, which is wrong because the word “مدونة” (Modawanna) is a perfect translation, coined and approved by Arab bloggers.