More Schiavo

More Schiavo

: See Mark Kleiman on the irony of other cases involving the Texas Futile Care Law signed by Gov. George W. Bush himself.

: Matthew Yglesias sends us to a good post by Rivka on the medical claims in the case; see another on the ethical issues. And Rivka recommends a post by Hilzoy, which includes a picture of a scan of Terri Schiavo’s brain.

: Barbara O’Brien says (relevant to the economic points I made below):

We need a list of politicians and commentators, including bloggers, who have been calling for cuts in Medicaid but who now have joined in the “save Terri Schiavo” cult. These people need to be challenged to take her off Medicaid and pay for her maintenance themselves.

[via Kevin Drum]

: My views today here.

: Below, I said that the connection would not be made between this case and the death penalty. But right now on MSNBC’s Connected, Sister Helen Prejean talks about the Catholic church coming out strongly against the death penalty.