: USA Today features the blog segment on CNN’s Inside Politics and that’s good. I’m delighted that CNN has given bloging a regular berth on the air. And let’s also note that Jon Klein, the head of the network, does, indeed, like and respect blogs.

I think they also should have noted the constant blog segments on MSNBC since last year — now aggressively presented on Connected — plus blog-happy TV personalities such as CNBC’s Larry Kudlow.

It’s odd, by the way, that Fox is not a leader in blogs. They were early on — online. Remember that Glenn Reynolds blogged for them until the internal booster left and he switched to You’d think that blogs would be perfect for Fox: independent (and, yes, often conservative) voices and inexpensive programming; a great fit.

: MORE: Andrew Tyndall adds in the comments:

Fox News Channel made news last year in all the publicity around Outfoxed about how disciplined its top-down message-of-the-day operation was at presenting a unified line across all dayparts. Although I personally was not as outraged as others about the instructions for framing stories that those memos contained, they were certainly no evidence of love for “independence” at FNC. A diverse panel of independent bloggers would be anathema to FNC’s renowned message discipline.