How news spreads… now

How news spreads… now

: Doc has neat stats on how the news of Yahoo’s purchase of Flickr spread on the internet vs. MSM:

Technorati finds 1853 yahoo flickr results, mostly about Yahoo buying Flickr. Google Web finds 350,000 results, starting with old reports, mostly on blogs, of rumors that Yahoo might buy Flickr. Google News finds 22 results, of which only this blogcritics item has current news on the matter. That’s at 5pm, Mountain time, today. [Sunday]

  • Using the number of hits on Google News as a measure of the “spread” of news via MSM is quite flawed. For starters, such a measurment relies on the speed, efficiency and thoroughness of Google News’ bots.

  • I’ve found Google’s newsbots to be quite speedy. The point is not statistical but directional: It is about the speed of news. The web of readers is faster than traditional news; traditional news thinks it still controls the biorhythms of news but they don’t.

  • Google’s result counts are not a good indicator, as the numbers a bit iffy. I wrote about this a while back.

  • But all this reveals, then, is speed to get things “published” – which I don’t think any MSM person would disagree that blogs are faster. Speaks nothing, however, to the actual reach of distribution (ie, number of readers).

  • Miyong

    I agree with Jeff Jarvis at the lack of statistic data in the speedy news. But traditional news is still working with collecting objective materials.
    Fast ones might produce useless defects of information.