Citizens’ media finds a home

Citizens’ media finds a home

: This is a big deal: has launched as a home for citizens’ media. This matters mostly because distributing audio and video you create can cost you a fortune in bandwidth. Now here’s a place to put it. I don’t think this is about being a portal to citizens’ media; the entire point of this new world is that it’s distributed. But it allows more people to serve more stuff. I’ve watched some videos; some are good and, of course, some are crap: nature of the beast. What will make this work, of course, will be the links to individual pieces from weblogs and news sites.

Congratulations to J.D. Lassica, Marc Canter, et al for making this happen. It is a very good thing.

: LATER: Mostly Muppet says:

ìOur mediaî should be fully distributed using a leader and innovator in P2P software – BitTorrent. Hosting large multimedia files on a web server is so Web 1.0.

  • Blog Torrent is another great way to distribute large, multimedia files. Easy to host yourself and BitTorrent worked for Fiona Apple. ;-)

  • PJ

    The citizens media needs to find a new web host, their servers have been down much of the day.