Here’s my link to a woman’s blog today

Here’s my link to a woman’s blog today

: How could I have missed Rosie O’Donnell blogging?

Train wreck time.

Here’s her tagline for the endeavor: “*the unedited rantings of a fat 42 year old menopausal ex -talk show host * -married mother of four- read at your own risk – my spelling sux (add * ocd * adhd * lmnop * suv * dvd * y not me)”

Go to the about page (she’s one of the rare bloggers who actually fills it in). Favorite music: “joni mitchell – eminem – kanye west – robert downey jr”. What, no Boy George?

Go to her home-movies section and see her stitching together bathtub video of her 2-year-old daughter with bloody pictures of war wounded, exploiting her kid to make her point. It’s like Kathie Lee: The Dark Side.

And the posts are half-uncapitalized free-form unverse things:

…michael jackson in his pj’s made me cry

why has mario quit american idol?

the shick intuition razor is the best invention

since the tampon multi-pack

i went to sommerville this weekend – a suburb of boston

to raise money for the public elementary school

they need books – in a public school – in america

it does not make the news

stories of teachers buying chalk and paper

out of their un-imaginably small salary

students sharing desks – text books

here in america – democracy

we are force feeding this ideal

to the world via violence

with a cooperating corporate mass media

as nixons crimes pale to white

in comparison

we impeached him

i am waiting for my 20 something

woodward and bernstein

to make their way to the surface

and claim their place in history

in todays world dan rather gets fired

for his attack on g’s character

his mistake – he thought the fax was real

out he goes – traitor

we live in dangerous times

when our childrens childrens

will ask us

“what was it like then – when democracy almost died”

and i will tell them of the heros

who were smart and brave enough

how they worked together

how they saved our country

from itself

What was it like then, when democracy almost died? Have you seen the blue fingers, Rosie? Have you seen Martyr’s Square? Have you caught the news from Palestine? Ukraine, maybe?

And some executive gave her a magazine to run? [via world o’ crap]

  • My jaw would drop in disbelief, but I’m pretty sure that Miss Rosie must read Pravda.

  • Aurora

    Yes Jeff, everyone’s seen all that. But Rosie is talking about democracy in this country, not democracy around the world. You can disagree with her opinion, but not by criticizing an opinion of hers that doesn’t exist.

  • Mike

    If you go to her profile page, there’s a thumbnail with a link under it: “click to view full size.”
    She said it, I didn’t.

  • As we learned in journalism, the average reader/public is supposed to have an eighth grade education equivalence. Who did you expect her to write to?
    And really, Jeff, you surely don’t think that this is a balanced response to the accusation that white males are dominant in blogdom? Go to a laughable female (if also white) blog? How about Fausta, who suggests you didn’t link to her? Windsofchange’s Robin Burk is really solid. There are others. But Rosie?

  • I’m pretty sure he was making a sarcastic ha ha to the Newsweek non-story. Just a hunch.

  • richard mcenroe

    Wow… what was it like when Nixon was impeached?

  • I kind of dig the raw unfiltered Rosie.

  • Thanks, Tony. Ayup.

  • Wow… what was it like when Nixon was impeached?
    Nixon wasn’t impeached.

  • Mike

    Actually Steve, that’s the point. Read Rosie’s post cited in Jeff’s post, then you’ll understand.

  • John

    Wow, Jeff, that last part reads like a cross between bad haiku and Larry King’s USA Today column, if Larry had taken three or four tabs of LSD by mistake instead of his Garlique, Gincoba and Ester-C pills that morning.

  • Aurora, I really want to know; do you believe democracy in America has been under assault? And if so, from which side?

  • Brad

    You are consistent Jeff. With your condescending barb at Rosie, you continue to minimize the American erosion of rights, liberty and democracy under GWB with the 9/11 excuse. You must be so distracted running from TV program to TV program as the token non liberal Democrat that you don’t see what is happening in your own country.
    Election 2000? Florida? Ohio? Paid hacks passing off GWB press releases as news? Rampant disinformation from government, ie: Clean Air Act that isn’t; protection of usurious and fraudulent practices called Bankruptcy Reform Act bought and paid for by big money contributions to your friendly local legislator.
    Sure wish you could muster some healthy skepticism at the some of the Republican pablum you are being fed daily.

  • Rob

    I don’t believe that democracy is under attack – it seems to be working just fine for the neocons. Democracy is alive and kicking, we(the people) have been treading water too long playing this finger pointing-blame game. Democrats-Republicans-younameit all have the scoop. The scoop is this – there’s one born every minute –
    if “We The People” stop voting for these clowns and stop allowing them to divide us into a thousand minority groups and become more aware of what’s going on and on and on then we can start to make a diffence. I truly believe that blogs are an amazing resource and a milestone on the road to accountability.(Not truth – because there’s a million truths out there.)

  • OK, Tony and Jeff, but I hear from entirely too many southern white males to think that the immediate following of Blogging White Male with Rosie held up for ridicule will be taken as anything but justification of denigrating women as a species. More than a hunch.

  • James

    IMHO there’s at least one thing one can say for Rosie: when she had a magazine, she didn’t feel the need to put herself on the cover of every blessed issue, unlike some folks who come to mind (*cough* Oprah *cough*).

  • Aurora

    Do I believe democracy in America is under attack? Not particularly. It’s troubled and imperfect, but not more so today than it’s always been. My gripe with Jeff’s post is that he criticizes Rosie for saying something she didn’t say. The O’Donnell post at hand neither dismisses nor disputes the reality of democratization worldwide.

  • richard mcenroe

    C’mon, Jeff, picking on Rosie O’Donnell is like whaling with birdshot, cylinder choke no less…

  • Call me Jim

    Brad, you forgot about the school systems in N.J. cutting courses and staff because federal funding for “no child left behind” said, (mandated) that the schools provide such and such but forgot to include the cash to carry the extra load. Now we are faced with rejecting over 65% of the school budget in N.J. in April. Why? No money available! Eight grade education is good enough, right George? Journalism courses teach that now.

  • Ruth,
    I have no problem with Rosie and would by no means denigrate them to make myself feel better. My issue with Rosie’s observations are their absurdity. Pointing that out doesn’t mean that I hate her or think she’s beneath me. And if some “southern white male” uses my disagreement with her as an excuse to denigrate her? I can’t control that.
    I’ll offer this and you tell me if I’m knocking her because she’s a woman…
    My girlfriend is a teacher in a wealthy shool district and she still has to buy supplies for her classroom out of her pocket, so I agree with Rosie on that. But that doesn’t give her a free pass on all facts. For example… Nixon’s impeachment? I may have been 1 when he left office, but my history books don’t mention any impeachment. And Dan Rather’s attack on Bush’s character? Rather shouldn’t be called a traitor because that’s nonsense, but he got himself fired because he refused to acknowledge his mistake after the memos were proven to be fake. He’d ruined any claim to objectivity. His job as a journalist was to investigate and report the facts. When proven wrong, he should’ve offered a correction. Even if it’s figuratively “buried on page D26”, as a newspaper might do, he never did that. He lost his credibility.
    That leads me to Brad’s comment. Yes, the Bush administration puts out fake news stories and the press accepts them. Who’s fault is that? Clinton’s administration did it. Was it wrong then? The responsibility is on the journalist to be a journalist. I don’t hate Bush more for putting out those releases; I trust the journalist less. That’s a big difference in the “democracy is dying” argument.
    Are our rights under attack? Yes, absolutely. But there have always been politicians willing to compromise citizens for power or money or whatever. We should focus on that. However, screaming about every single news item, regardless of what the facts reveal, is counter-productive to addressing the real attacks.

  • Tony,
    If you feel I’m blaming you for the typical southern white male condescension to women, I put it wrong. I do expect Jeff to be a little more aware of his effect, since he has an audience he’s heard from for quite some time now. No, I don’t blame him either, for some one else’s reactions. Or my own.
    Rosie is kind of a neocon touchstone, being Hollywood, gay, tawdry in her manners, and now using her pedestal such as it is to do a poor job of promoting a liberal agenda. That’s a pretty poor choice of representative for ‘women’, wouldn’t you agree.
    As to issues you raised:
    Nixon resigned, and therefore was not impeached, since he wasn’t president. Ford pardoned him, which saved him from further prosecution. Rosie simplified, but as I mentioned, she’s playing to an audience that is generally taught to be on 8th grade level.
    Screaming about every single news item isn’t productive, for sure, but letting every faked story produced and distributed by this administation, for the press to present as actual news, (no, Clinton didn’t do this), every falsification of facts (Clinton never gave a known false estimate of the costs of his legislative proposals, threated to fire those who had the facts if they released them, then revealed the facts were logarhythmically larger than he’d claimed), and every misuse of power (Clinton at least tried to bring appropriations to the floor in time for legislators to read them before voting, and I know of no slipped-in amendment to give any legislator the power to appoint anyone he wished to have full access to IRS records of any U.S. citizen) to slip by with a tish, tish.
    You’re right, the press needs to be better at its job. That the NYT and Washpost apologized for having published the administration’s claims about WMD without giving the facts that disputed its claims equal weight is a very positive sign that the press is beginning to wake up to being used, imho.
    Hate isn’t the word I use. And I don’t hate this administration, I am afraid for the country. As much because of the low quality of what it chooses for entertainment, including Rosie, as for its tendency to laziness when it should be diligent in its attention to its elected officials. Of all parties.
    As your girlfriend no doubt realizes, NoChildLeftBehind is a real threat, as it teaches to tests, not real knowledge. In Texas there is a huge scandal where it was first instituted, as innumerable schools in Dallas and Houston have been found to be producing diametrically opposite test results to the ones they had previously shown. Many teachers and administrative personnel have been found to have been changing answers and giving them out during the tests, and many fired. They were trying to keep from losing funds, because they are in underprivileged areas and the kids don’t test well. And of course, these people are being fired, but the system isn’t being fixed.
    Sorry, got off the subject, but really, I don’t think you or Jeff are responsible for some one else’s reactions, but we are all responsible for what we do. And thank you all for championing just causes in the most positive way you can.


    I must be really stupid, folks. I would have thought that teachers paying for their own school supplies would be a problem of priorities, NOT democracy. Whose fault is it when politicians, or school board members, or local mayors, et al, distort our priorities? Ours! Last I checked, we get to vote on every one of those offices and, holy smoke, you can even go to their meetings! If there’s a problem with Democracy, it’s OUR problem, not the neo-cons or the Soc Worker’s Party (ooh, boy, I bet those latter guys and gals would really let us decide over our own best future)!
    And not to pick on the Lefties on this thread, but how do you figure Ohio was a voting problem? The governorship of Washington was far more egregious, but I don’t see anyone on the Left saying that was bad for Democracy! Seems like your definition of Democracy is any government, elected or otherwise, that reflects your views…that’s not what I learned about Democracy in school.

  • Ruth:
    I did feel blamed by association, but I overreacted. Rosie is a touchstone and she’s representing liberal ideas poorly. That’s what bothers me. Yes, she preaches to an 8th grade level, but that doesn’t mean she shouldn’t give appropriate info. She only hurts the overall idea of refuting Bush’s bad policies by making her so easy to discredit. It’s wrong, but if conservatives are going to lump all liberals into one bucket, I want it to be with a better example than Rosie.
    As for the fake news, I considered it different than the misrepresentation of data. I meant pre-written news “stories” that the media could simply reprint. I’m fairly sure Clinton did that, but you’re right on the treating the Congress with more respect.
    But I don’t hate Bush and I didn’t mean to imply that you did. When I said hate, I took a little too much literary license to make the point. I should’ve been clearer.
    And No Child Left Behind is a joke, creating McEducation in America. Teaching to tests is bad education and doesn’t encourage teachers to teach critical thinking skills as much as rote memorization skills. Maybe that’s the goal of NCLB for the Bush administration, thinking that helps America. How, I don’t know, but that’s the effect. Of course, we’ll just ignore that education should be local and state rather than federal, but why argue that with the Federalist Republican party…

  • JPG

    With outlets like Fox News saying they’re delivering fair and balanced news and doing anything but, I think Rosie has a point. True, informed democracy is in danger when the White House purposefully aligns themselves with the media to willfully decieve the public.
    And isn’t it telling that the organization which oversees elections worldwide ( I forget the name, Jimmy Carter heads it up) would certify the second one in Ukraine, but Jimmy Carter himself has said that they couldn’t even certify ours because of the vast irregularities in voting methods? What does that say about our democracy?
    One last thought, but the two party system in itself is so much less democratic than the political climate in the rest of the world. And who’s to blame? One could argue the spin doctors and the “buzz machine”.


    Oh, c’mon, JPG, where is YOUR “fairness and balance”? I suppose you’re one who says there’s no liberal bias in the rest of the media… At least Fox gives us another point of view.
    And I really don’t think you want to point to Jimmy Carter as a paragon of democratic principles. This is the man who thought Hugo Chavez’ election was legitimate.

  • Kat

    FOX is only one network, while the rest of the major networks lean left, so quit complaining.
    {NEW YORK (Reuters) – U.S. media coverage of last year’s election was three times more likely to be negative toward President Bush than Democratic challenger John Kerry, according to a study released Monday.
    The annual report by a press watchdog that is affiliated with Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism said that 36 percent of stories about Bush were negative compared to 12 percent about Kerry, a Massachusetts senator.
    Only 20 percent were positive toward Bush compared to 30 percent of stories about Kerry that were positive, according to the report by the Project for Excellence in Journalism.
    The study looked at 16 newspapers of varying size across the country, four nightly newscasts, three network morning news shows, nine cable programs and nine Web sites through the course of 2004.
    It may be that the expectations of the press have sunk enough that they will not sink much further. People are not dismayed by disappointments in the press. They expect them,” the authors of the report said.
    The study noted a huge rise in audiences for Internet news, particularly for bloggers whose readers jumped by 58 percent in six months to 32 million people.}

  • Assuming the majority of mainstream media is liberal, a point I am NOT agreeing or disagreeing with here for the sake of relevancy, how does a conservative bias by another network, in this case Fox News, make the situation right? Shouldn’t the goal of journalism be to present the facts without bias? Easier said, certainly, but still. We all learned as children that two wrongs don’t make a right. Why is the media different?
    Also, informed democracy is not in danger because the White House is putting out pre-packaged news. Any threat comes from the media not researching the pre-packaged news. Yes, it’s shady for the White House to do it, whoever the president is, but I expect a rational skepticism from the press when they’re given facts. Then I’ll apply my own rational skepticism. Automatically believing CNN or Fox because I prefer their coverage is less important than thinking and trying to learn.


    Tony, the question isn’t one of wrong or right, but of transparency. “Bias” has become such a hot-button word that no journalist will ever admit to it, even though we ALL have it; to suggest that we don’t is plain and simple denial. So admit it! If Dan Rather is asked in an interview, “Do you tend to vote Republican or Democrat?” he should answer one way or the other. How he votes isn’t my business? It surely is, because this is a man that gives me (part of) my news…I want to know where he’s coming from. Then, as a fully informed viewer, I can tune into Brit Hume to get a right-of-center counterpoint. But if Dan feigns that he is “balanced” and “fair” when he clearly is not, he’s being dishonest, because his bias is as clear as the dust during a Texas windstorm. And it you’re dishonest, you lose my respect. I can even respect Rosie for her honesty. Even if I can’t stand her opinion, that’s immaterial. But if Rosie gets tabbed as Dan’s long-term replacement, I might have to tune in Rush Limbaugh for some balance!
    This is why, IMHO, blogs are becoming so popular, simply because you know where the blogger is coming from. I know, for example, because he says so, that Jeff Jarvis is a liberal and that he supports the war. Thus, I should suffer no apoplexy when he takes a particulary liberal position on, say, gay rights or abortion. If I have a problem with his stance, I can go elsewhere. It’s his bandwidth, and he can espouse whatever views he likes. And speaking of bandwidth, Jeff…I’ll quit now!

  • mick

    RE: the Rosie poetry
    Let’s put it to music so we can dance it ’til the end of time… or maybe it’s just rancid ’til the end of time.

  • You know, I was going to say something like “the only real difference I’ve seen between male-written and female-written blogs (beyond the obvious “men write about hot chix women write about pregnancy) is that men tend more towards pomposity than women do…” then I read the comments to this post. Then again, many of the women here who are fulminating against “too many white males blogging” don’t actually seem to… have blogs. What’s that all about? Come on, sisters — get into Blogspot before the menfolk get wise and ban all females from blogging!

  • Tony:
    don’t feel guilty, please. I don’t usually get into arguments, but you obviously have a mind, and reason, and were worth the effort to clarify my reasoning, and thanks for yours.
    Good point. Does that mean i can be pompous? I know, I can be sometimes. It’s a habit you get from writing legal tripe.

  • James Stephenson

    I am a white southern male who has no contempt for women. My mother raised three boys after she kicked my Dad’s ass out the door for running around on her.
    I have so much respect for her, that you could not even imagine. And I treat all women the same, whether they wait tables, write me a ticket, give me a physical or my mother, my wife or my daughter.
    That obviously prejudice statement about us Southern males, just grates on my freaking nerves. Reminds me of when I was in the Army, a Sargeant from Ohio, during the 1st day of a 4 day march walks up to me and says, I hate people from the South. They are all racists. I was so dumbfounded.
    But it is the same prejudice that when people here my slight southern twang they assume I am an idiot.
    Remember Ruth, “Generalized Statements are generally wrong”.
    Just because some Southern males treated you with Disrespect does not mean we all would.

  • Peg C.

    Shoot me now before I ever read another word of Rosie’s.

  • kat

    Rosie is an embarrassment to the female gender.

  • Blawger

    Not sure if blogs have now jumped the shark or if Rosie has.

  • James S.:
    You wrote:
    “That obviously prejudice statement about us Southern males, just grates on my freaking nerves. Reminds me of when I was in the Army, a Sargeant from Ohio, during the 1st day of a 4 day march walks up to me and says, I hate people from the South. They are all racists. I was so dumbfounded.”
    Hey, you have my sympathies, I have a Spanish sounding surname, by marriage, and you have no idea how amazing it is to me when I who was raised as a (forgive me) genteel white female am treated like a servant.
    My observation on which you are judging me prejudiced against southern white males is that I objected to the juxtaposition of (1) a long quote by JJ on Rosie with (2) a critique of him (JJ) for his lack of acknowledgement of female and nonwhite bloggers. Specifically, I was concerned that he would give the southern white male more comfort in his disregard of women by his juxtaposing these two elements.
    Maybe this is a ‘generality’, but it is my observation from experience with western, eastern, northern, southwestern and southern males. I didn’t worry about the others, they have in my experience been more independent of the group psychology.
    I congratulate you on your regard for your mother, please give her a hug today for me. One of my high moments was reading my son’s life journal one day, he remarked that his mom is “awesome”, and I don’t believe I should tell you why he said that, but if you give your mom so much enjoyment today, I thank you sincerely.
    Please prove me wrong about the Southern White Male!
    (*(Im)mobile Dick*, the Great White Male? …. I can’t help it if everything seems like too much fun today, I’m visiting a remodeled dance hall beside a lake where the mists are still rising and there’s frost on the spring flowers.)

  • I had a look at the blog. It is truly bizarre. I thought perhaps that it was some sort of parody. But no, I think it’s real.
    Reminds me of a great line I heard long ago: “That’s life imitating satire.”

  • I’m blown away that a celebrity would write a blog sans the gloss endemic of PR editing. I don’t get everything she’s written but I think it’s great she’s bothered. Very ballsy. Or is that what’s bothering everyone?
    I don’t think she’s claiming to be the ultimate authority, but rather has a bone to pick and wants to express her right to pick it publicly. If we demand a professional level of authority from everyone who blogs, the free thinkers and free associators will be scared off.