: I’m glad Wonkette watchs CNN, not MSNBC, for she makes fun of reports from the blogosphere on TV.

  • tim

    that segment on CNN is almost unwatchable, it is so bad.
    jeff, have you ever seen the morning papers segments on British TV? your segment is a bit like it. i did it a couple times on Sky. the point of it is to get a bit snarky, throw in some opinion, and make it funny.
    you should try it. not sure if the people over there want you to throw in some opinion, but it would spice it up a bit.
    p.s….interesting exchange on the feingold blog at my site.

  • AF

    Hey Jeff,
    Before seeing the CNN blog coverage, I had no idea how good your reporting has been, online and on camera.
    Maybe you should pray CNN keeps things as is :)