Hell non

Hell non

: Yesterday, the NY Post gave Lance Armstrong hell for siding with Paris to get the Olympics. Then last night, John Gibson on FoxNews turned to Armstrong for his ending commentary and I thought he’d follow the same company line. But, no: He said Armstrong’s right. I agree. Let the French have the steroid festival. Let the French deal with the disruption and expense of security for the terrorists. New York doesn’t need the Olympics. New York doesn’t need the publicity. New York doesn’t need a stadium, either. So right on, Lance. Right on, John.

  • dries

    i’m in absolute agreement. games are last thing we really need.

  • Tony Alva

    You’re right alot, but this time you miss. NY needs the Jets back in NY. Olympics? From a 12 year Atlanta resident (was here in 96 for our summer games) who’s from NY the only comment I have to offer is: “what else in on?”

  • Amen. The country doesn’t need the drama.

  • Lou G.

    I think you can make a case that Armstrong’s still a jerk for doing this.
    If he believes that the Olympics is a good thing, and he’s vouching for Paris, then he’s rooting for France to get the benefits instead of America.
    Of course we all know better, but if Lance believes they’re good and he’s siding with Paris, he’s still a douche.

  • I understand where you are coming from, but I wouldn’t mind the Olympics coming to NYC – I might actually be able to go to an Olympic event in my lifetime then.
    Anyway, besides that, I don’t care where it goes.

  • You know, if the Olympics don’t come to New York, you are robbing us of some great potential for entertainment.(Click on the link) Shame on you!

  • mel

    Oh my god, Jarvis, are you still French bashing? That’s so 2003. Wake up and smell the pinot, dude.

  • Max

    Benefits? What benefits? The Olympics in NYC would make the GOP Convention look like Mayberry with the Police and Army presence required. And who gets to pay for that? New Yorkers. Let Sociallist countries have the Olympics, they do a better job and spread out the costs.

  • Surely a New York Olympiad would be a great opportunity to do some long-overdue Spring cleaning in the Big Apple, including renovation/modernization of the transit system, the addition of 21st Century sports facilities, and the continued reclamation and beautification of formerly unsavory areas (e.g. 42nd Street or Bryant Park). Barcelona profitted hugely from an Olympic facelift – Athens is likely to do the same, and Beijing is already in a state of full-swing urban renewal.
    People who count only the cost and the security hassles are not looking at the big picture: while little or mid-sized cities tend not to benefit all that much from an Olympic “boom” – Salt Lake comes to mind – big cities can use preparations for the Games as a mandate for large-scale change that would otherwise never even make it to a vote in day-to-day City politics.
    Don’t be such an Eeyore, Jeff!

  • You saying we’re dirty, Jersey Exile? We are the greater New York Metropolitan Area. We are the center of the universe, damnit. Yagoddaproblemwiddat?

  • richard mcenroe

    So the Olympics is a good excuse to close down a lot of tax-paying businessesthrough eminent domain to offer tax-breaks to another business that won’t make up the lost revenue anyway?
    That’s the dodge the LA Times pulled with the Staples Center. Don’t get fooled again.

  • Ed Poinsett

    If you think there is such a great benefit to NY in hosting the Olympics, think how much greater impact it would have if they held off another 8 – 12 years.
    I’m no lover of the French, but I’m rooting for them to get the Olympics they want. Here in Atlanta, Ted Turner got a nice ball park with his name on it, downtown got a nice park in the city and the people have been saddled with so much debt they can’t afford to fix the sewers, so millions of gallons of raw sewage are pumped into the Chattahoochee River everyday. Some benefit!