Matter meets antimatter

Matter meets antimatter

: Blogger uses the words “gravitas” and “Wonkette” in the same sentence.

  • starless


  • keefer sutherland’s favorite word – Inside the Actor’s Studio

  • Dan Herzlich

    Yo, Jeff. If she be the Anne Coulter of the b-sphere, you be da Tina Brown. (Please note the creative use of the subjunctive mood.)

  • Since Gerard worked for Penthouse and wrote about sex online for the first issue of Wired way back in ’93…
    The thing is Ana Marie is clever, but Gerard always likes being a contrarian.

  • kl

    Matter/antimatter would be “Wonkette” and “funny.”

  • I prefer to think that I write under the sign of Sardonicus.

  • YetAnotherRick

    Let me try:
    “Wonkette lacks gravitas.”
    Not so difficult.