: Going out to the movies with the kids this afternoon. Back blogging later. Sorry that I’ve been light on blogging the last week. The irony of talking about blogging on TV is that it took up the spare time I devoted to blogging. Still, it has been cool to watch the two media meet like rivers around Cleveland (and so far, the rivers aren’t burning). See you shortly….

: FOLLOWUP: The Pacifier is a truly awful movie. It’s as if a few guys sat at a white board and wrote things up there — he could do this and this and this and this — and then they wrote them all down and made the movie.

Come to think of it, in the old days, I saw whole companies created that way.

  • tim

    cheap shots about burning rivers are so lame.
    by the way, there’s a great new beer out here called “burning river pale ale”, very nice.

  • Some memes never die.

  • DensityDuck

    Christ. Get off the meme thing already; most of the stuff you talk about isn’t memes anyway. A meme is a piece of information that inherently leads the holder to reproduce it. It also needs to be inherently non-factual, or hold only the most tenuous connection to reality. “Rats pee on soda cans, and if you don’t wash off the soda can you get poisoned and die” is a meme. “The society section of the New York Times isn’t particularly influential” is not. “Many rivers were so polluted that the oil slick on top caught on fire” is not, either. You’re correct that the specific incident in Randy Newman’s song was a trash fire and not burning pollutants, but that doesn’t mean that “The Cuyahoga caught on fire” is a _meme_, it just means that the issue has been recast in people’s minds to fit with a more recognizable landmark.
    You’ve gotten to the point where you use “meme” as a catchphrase for “idea that I do not particularly like, and therefore I will call it a ‘meme’, because all right-thinking people are supposed to identify memes as bad things that should not be repeated or discussed or given any credence whatsoever.” You don’t get rid of ideas by ignoring them, you get rid of them by thinking about them until they fall apart.

  • Christ.
    Meme Meme Meme Meme.
    There. Now you can go screaming into the night.