Progressive? Not me, I’m liberal and proud!

Progressive? Not me, I’m liberal and proud!

: Who went to the committee meeting that decided that liberals should be called progressive now?

Well, I can guess who went. And so I know why I wasn’t invited. But I would have liked to have gotten the memo… so I could complain about it (and piss off the committee once again).

What wimpery. What balllessness.

It’s as if liberals are ashamed of being liberal. It’s as if we bought the conservative mantra that it’s a bad word. It’s as if we, too, started to believe it was a bad word and so they changed the word. It’s as if the party believes it can win elections if it just changes a word. If that’s the case, why not go all the way: Rename the Democratic Party. Any ideas?

This hit me as I read many of the links associated with my recent dustup with the Progressive Boys Club wanting to drum me out. I kept seeing the word “progressive” everywhere.

That’s the name of an insurance company (or is it an auto-body shop?). It’s the name for a a long-ago movement from a different world. It has the unironic sound of a newspeak chant. I don’t like it.

I’m not afraid to stand up and say I’m liberal (and I’m disappointed in the liberals who are… as well as the liberals who don’t want me to call myself liberal).

So maybe that’s the solution, boys: You be progressive. I’ll be liberal. And proud.

: LATER: See Chris Nolan, liberal.