Hell, apparently

Hell, apparently

: When I blogged about GodBlogCon, I said I’d be unlikely to be attending:

Well, I am a Christian. But I don

  • jon

    they convert you or they kill you. Either way YOU don’t get to choose.

  • Tom

    Sounds like the DU crowd… lol
    I think that the extremes are called that for a reason. Lets just de-link the 1% on either side for a bit and we will sleep better at night.

  • Jeff, I think you ought to be able to go and you should go because it might just be a stereotype-busting experience for everybody involved.

  • Mike

    I read the post and it doesn’t sound like they don’t want you there. I think you should go, it would be nice for someone to stop the echoing that is sure to be going on there.

  • Jeff — I hope you go to GodBlogCon 1, whether you are “welcomed” for your views or not.
    Regardless, I’d like to invite you to join the Godblog conversation at the unofficial GodBlogCon 1/2 (the beta!) happening in April at (gasp!) Jerry Falwell’s Liberty University:
    IMHO, you’re lifestyle and political leanings do not determine your spiritual trajectory.
    Steve K.

  • Agrad

    Umm – they did not say that they ban you or seem to even be hostile.
    Looking at the site I came to a very different conclusion as to the tone and temperment of the folks you are portraying as exclusionary theocratic hard-asses.
    They asked a question about your aparent non-sequitor. It is hard to see how Howard Stern plays a role in your spiritual life. They asked for clarification. What does Howard Stern have to do with your Christian faith? I found no fire and brimstone hatred of the demon rum so I think your wine drinking is ok. Looking around on their site I found this:
    It is a promotion of a liberal democrat christians website. So – I do not think you are disinvited. You are just uncomfortable with them. Did you really look their site over? If you did on what do you justify implying these folks are exclusionary?
    They are obviously religious and evangelical but that is not in and of itself worthy of criticism is it?

  • Did I miss something? Some backchannel? That just sounds like a question to me. Possibly snarkily intended, sure, but I wouldn’t assume that as a matter of course without inquiring further.

  • Guzzle all the cabernet you can hold down, I’m just glad you are a Christian.

  • It is hard to see how Howard Stern plays a role in your spiritual life. They asked for clarification. What does Howard Stern have to do with your Christian faith?
    as a born-agin and an ordained minister i can answer that Howard doesn’t play much of a role in my spiritual life, he is a morning talk show host, and a funny one. he has as much to do with my spiritual life as my breakfast does.
    however should Christians even be in the business of judging others and their choices for morning commute entertainment? i dont think so. especially when the entertainer in question is an excellent interviewer and the target of an unfair witchhunt.

  • Mike

    tony: you’re born-again? a born-again what? And what church are you ordained in?
    And please, can you and Jeff please realize that it’s OK for others to not like Howard Stern and not everyone who doesn’t like him is out to get him!
    Again, go read the post in question, it is far from a denied invitation and a condemnation to hell as Jeff would make it seem.

  • hey Jeff….
    maybe you should try and get an invite to this conference instead (seriously)

  • Skate

    Why is it that people think that if you are Christian you have to hate Howard Stern?
    Jesus preached tolerance and very specially preached that it is our duty to care for the poor yet many Christians don’t have a problem being very, very intolerant and are looking to take away government programs that care for the poor. Oh, and many christians support the war in Iraq. I think these are far more direct contradictions to the teachings of Jesus than for a Christian to think Howard Stern is funny.

  • born-again Christian, mike. are there any other types of born-agains? i was ordained about 13 years ago from a pastor of church that i no longer wish to affiliate myself with. i have no ill will toward him or he to me. a no-fault divorce in a sense.
    i understand that not everyone is going to like Howard Stern. i just don’t trust that they’re always criticizing him for what he actually says and does.
    often times he is referred to as potty-mouthed, when indeed he doesn’t say the f-word, nor has he ever been fined for uttering any of the Seven Deadly Words.
    i also dont trust people when they imply things like, “oh you like Howard Stern? How can you listen and be Christian?”
    Howard was married for 20 years. He’s been tops in his field for 25 years. He’s a loyal employer and employee. And he’s a innovator whose influence has pushed the boundaries of free speech and honest communications into a better place. (Yes, sometimes fart jokes can do that.)

  • MWB

    Your update appears muddled. The first paragraph is Joe Carter, while the last two appear to be from tony in the comments…
    Or is it just something wrong at my end?

  • Agrad

    Maybe I don’t understand Jeff’s point – or his follow up. Was he saying that the “progressive” crowd is more exclusionary than the evangelical crowd? That “progressives” demand more ideological purity than evangelicals? While this may be so – his writing in these two posts is muddled and I would expect would leave most with the impression that both communities are exclusionary apparatchiks/fanatics. As the example he settled on for the christian fanatic side seems ill chosen he is doing his general point a disservice.
    I don’t have the time to always follow a link to check up on different bloggers comments on subjects so when I do and I find that the blogger mischaracterizes it counts strongly on their credibility in my eyes. Given the fact that Jeff says he feels he wouldn’t fit in – ostensibly for his Godless ways (get thee out devil cabernet and Sirius radio) – he paints GodBlog with a brush without any evidence. He says he “feels” he wouldn’t fit in. This creates a false moral equivalence between christians he “feels” will treat him coldly and liberals for which he has provided evidence for being exclusionary in surrounding posts. I am sure there are christians who might behave like this but it isn’t right to slam christians who wouldn’t.

  • von

    Is it just me, or is this the worst (layout, user friendly) blog you’ve seen yet? It’s always that way with “christian” stuff. (see christian music) They try to copy what the “worldy” people are doing, but instead of making it better (which it should be if it is “holier” or “godly”), they end up ruining it. That’s always been a huge problem with me since I was a teenager.

  • Is it just me, or is this the worst (layout, user friendly) blog you’ve seen yet?
    hey von, I don’t like what I see contentwise on the site, but designwise, it is just you, because although it ain’t perfect, it isn’t really that bad either!

  • von

    Ok. I just thought it was way too junky, but I’m probably just in a bad mood or something. Maybe it’s because I was raised in a southern baptist church, school, and family and I’m just bias…sorry. [also insert joke about the paypal donation button here]

  • tim wg

    “especially when the entertainer in question is an excellent interviewer and the target of an unfair witchhunt.”
    This is where I split my comments. He interviews porn stars. He asks about people’s moral depravity. Is this good?
    I agree the “witchhunt” is unfair because the FCC was never clear about standards. It’s time to clear up the role of the FCC.
    Christian should always make their arguments on the side of Biblical doctrine. I’m not sure if Tony has done it.
    You can’t have forgiveness without the rebuke. You can’t have tolerance without morality.
    Sweetness without sweat is an empty promise. It doesn’t free you as Jesus would say.

  • YetAnotherRick

    A real Christian would treat cabernet with more respect than to guzzle it.
    Jeff, I suspect the Godbloggers would treat you with much more respect than the Kossaks, Atriophiles, etc.

  • Jesus said, “love each other the way I have loved you.”
    there werent any strings attatched to it.
    in a lot of ways he was almost throwing his hands up saying, “youre all nuts, disobediant, crazy, and lost — so if you want any direction, just love.”
    therefore it is easy for me to take the morning talk show host with a grain of salt. even when he interviews porn stars, even when he interviews politicians, even when he interviews retards.
    one who pays attention to Howard’s interviews sees that he talks to everyone with the same sort of respect/disdain/curiosity regardless of their walk in life. and that’s one reason i enjoy his show.
    meanwhile, Katie Couric has a much different tone (even agenda, if you will) when she interviews Michael Moore as opposed to Brad Pitt. she brings her prejudices and judgements to her interview. therefore its slanted. therefore its tarnished. therefore i dont pay much attention to her.
    howard is rock solid no matter who he has in his studio and those who will be distracted by the profession of his guests or the sound effects being played in the background miss all the human stories being revealed every day.
    he’s also refreshingly honest and real, which is rare anywhere, especially in mass media. all of those traits, I believe, are what the Lord wishes from all of we who call ourselves Christian.

  • Jim

    If your using AOL to view the site, they say your a spammer and won’t be able to post comments! Interesting that they consider AOL evil. Buy they simply love FireFox.

  • Jeff disinvites himself (But I don

  • richard mcenroe

    I gave up on listening to Howard Stern on the radio once I decided he was someone I would change stools to avoid listening to in a bar. Does that make me a raving fundy?

  • Jeff,
    The Religious Right isn’t monolith. I wrote an analysis of the Religious Right from an insider’s perspective that I think you may find interesting…

  • Lady Copper

    Some people seem to be confused about the meanings of tolerance and closed-mindedness. Tolerance is a GOOD thing. It means being respectful of other people’s views and allowing them the right to choose their opinions and beliefs. It does NOT mean that anything goes.
    You can be tolerant and still believe, and even say (politely) that someone is wrong. Is it intolerant to say that the guy who just threw a rock at your car and caused $50 worth of damage was wrong to do that? Is it intolerant to tell Saddam that he was wrong to kill all those hundreds of thousands of people? Is it intolerant to say that dumping oil in a river is bad?
    It is closed-minded to prejudge a person, to not let someone articulate their opinion, or not to listen when they do.
    Let’s all try to remember not to have double standards about things!

  • Lady Copper

    Also, yes, Jesus did love everyone just as they were, no strings attached. And, since I do happen to be a conservative Christian, I believe he still does. But, have you ever noticed how often he told people they needed to change their habits? :)

  • First off, doesn’t it concern you that just about anyone who comments on your blog always considers themselves to be apart of your club? “Yeah, you tell ’em Jeff! Tell them what WE stand for!” Just a thought…
    Secondly, Joe over at EO made it clear you were welcome regardless of your whacked out, unscriptural beliefs. And for that matter, I’d like to see you there as well.

  • Well, preacher, “whacked out unscriptural beliefs”… what an engraved invitation.

  • Geez Jeff, I never thought you were the “sacrificial lamb” type. My comment was said in jest. In any event, I’m not sure whether you are intentionally ignoring the stated purpose of the GodBlogCon, or you’re just not quite getting the bigger picture. Tends to make Joe’s statements dead on the money.

  • tim wg

    “one who pays attention to Howard’s interviews sees that he talks to everyone with the same sort of respect/disdain/curiosity regardless of their walk in life. and that’s one reason i enjoy his show.”
    He shows more respect to porn stars than to people he perceives as moralists, which he disdains quite regularly.
    Jesus isn’t a tolerance hack. He expects people to listen. He saves when you have the faith and he expects you to lead a proper life afterwards.
    Didn’t Jesus say in Matthew 9:2 “Just then some men brought to Him a paralytic lying on a stretcher. Seeing their faith, Jesus told the paralytic, “Have courage, son, your sins are forgiven.””
    Gal 2:16 yet we know that no one is justified by the works of the law but by faith in Jesus Christ. And we have believed in Christ Jesus, so that we might be justified by faith in Christ and not by the works of the law, because by the works of the law no human being will be justified. 17 But if, while seeking to be justified by Christ, we ourselves are also found to be sinners, is Christ then a promoter of sin? Absolutely not!
    Mark11:25 And whenever you stand praying, if you have anything against anyone, forgive him, so that your Father in heaven may also forgive you your wrongdoing. 26 [But if you don’t forgive, neither will your Father in heaven forgive your wrongdoing.”]
    You have to have faith and forgive. Technically, these are an attached strings.