: I’m scheduled to do two blogcasts from Buzzmachine World Headquarters on MSNBC’s Connected between 5 and 6p ET — one on winds of change in the Middle East as soon through blogs there, the other a blog round-up, including the Oscars.

Here are the links I talked about (since some didn’t show up on the screen and I blew a few). My notes for the segments:

Egypt: Links here.


This is moving fast and we’re seeing comment and coverage from Lebanon. This is being called the “Cedar Revolution” (after the velvet and orange revolutions).

Across the Bay says:

“The popular pressure has managed to topple a cabinet without a single act of violence or bloodshed. It’s a proud moment for the Lebanese people.”

Cave Man in Beirut says:

“The government has fallen. And now the fun begins.”

bahrain1.jpgBahrain: Links here.

(Note the new pictures up at Chan’ad Bahraini; these are brave souls.)

Hillary Clinton:

Daniel Owen at Oval Office 2008 says:

Joe Biden… says of Hillary, “she is … the elephant in the living room. She’s the big deal.” “I don’t know how you beat her for the Democratic nomination,” added former Nebraska Senator Bob Kerrey, “she’s a rock star.”

Oscars left and right:

Even the reviews of the show are turning into a red-state-v.-blue-state shtick.

Jeralyn Meritt at complaints that Robin Williams efforts to sing a song making fun of censorship was censored so much that he had to kill it.

But over at the conservative blogs….

LaShawn Barber at complains:

“What happened to class and civility? Chris Rock said,