Next: A plague of flacks

Next: A plague of flacks

: The Swiftreport wonders whether the reason LA is getting socked with 40 days and 40 nights of rain could be that God is pissed that The Passion didn’t get an Oscar nomination…

  • Wow.. I didn’t know how much God cared about movies.
    Does this mean that George C. Scott is less insecure than the Lord?

  • daudder

    …or perhaps that Farenheit 9-11 didn’t!

  • Or could it be that the LA Times has gone too far in reporting fictionalized news this time?

  • AA
  • richard mcenroe

    The rains will stop as soon as Boxer apologizes to Condi.

  • Al Bullock

    Check Noah’s account in the Bible. Something to do with wickedness and sin!

  • The rains stopped. Get with the program. Which was …..?
    Yes they are supposed to start again tomorrow. Condi, apologize to the country? Those were really bad boots.