What’s second prize?

What’s second prize?

: We’re in the hotel from hell in Philly: took hours to get in after check-in time; there’s a strange noise that sounds like every flush in the building comes through our rooms that went on all night (but, oddly, disappears in the); parking costs $31; at at 10p they tell us they ran out of blankets for our son’s unmade bed. Next time: The Four Seasons.

Anyway, blogging will be limted by tourism and sleep deprivation.

  • Matt

    Which hotel is this?

  • thibaud

    Please tell us, Jeff. I’d value your recommendation more than some anonymous posting on a travel site.

  • Seppo

    Jeff, sounds like a bad hotel experience, it can happen even in better lodges.
    Some reasonably-priced alternatives to Four Seasons are Doubletree on Broad; Hilton Gardens at 1100 Arch; Sofitel at 17th and Samson. All have been very positive experiences in the experience of my group during their frequent Philadelphia stays, without breaking into the Four Seasons or Ritz Carlton price levels. Even the Sheraton on Rittenhouse has been recommended to me by reliable colleagues.
    Nobody I know who have stayed at Loews have had good things to report, sadly.

  • MrBuddwing

    Ah yes, the old joke:
    “First prize – a week in Philadelphia!
    Second prize – TWO weeks!”
    (With all due respect to the City of Brotherly Love.)

  • I’m not mentioning the hotel because they have tried hard to fix things: They comped our first night (and I didn’t even turn on the psycho scream machine yet); they sent an engineer to fix the HVAC unit that kept us up all night; they found a blanket for us; they turned up the heat on the freezing pool; they sent an engineer to clean the yucky hair off the surface of the pool; they sent us a low-frills fruit basket; they are very nice. They shouldn’t have to do all that — thus, I’m not ready to endorse them — but they are trying — thus, I’m not ready to give them an official “BrandX Sucks” post.
    Mr.: Uh, well, yeah. That’s why I wrote the headline. It’s one matter when you have to explain your own jokes and another when somebody else feels the need to do it for you… ;-)

  • MrBuddwing

    Sorry. I was trying to score points for my own brand of cleverness. (But it’s nice to get noticed.)

  • Peter

    To paraphrase, a bad review gets half way around the world before a good review gets its shoes on. Please let us know the name of the hole, er, hotel so we do not make the same mistake.

  • Matt

    How about just a hint Jeff? I do some work with the tourism industry and the hotels in Center City. It would be informative to see who and how everything is handled.

  • Max

    He already gave you a hint- not too many center city hotels with pools. Which means it aint the one I worked on.