: Patterico — who has been biting the butt of the LA Times for sometime — interviews Times opinion editor Bob Sipchen and blogs it. I don’t know whether Patterico will agree — I’ll bet he won’t — but I consider his history with the LA Times to be a success story in teaching big media to listen and not just lecture. When he pushed them on a big story against one Supreme Court justice of one stripe, they listened and published a story against another of the other stripe. A few weeks ago, they invited him to publish a piece in the Times about correcting the Times. And now he’s interviewing an editor. He’s still critical of the paper and that’s fine. But they’re talking. And that’s good.

  • Thanks for the link. I don’t know that I’d term it a “success story” quite yet, but I agree with you that there have been some positive steps.

  • Lee

    At least spell the guy’s name right!

  • Lee: Oops. I’m sneaking posts on vacation. Caught me. Fixed. At least I spelled it right once, proving it wasn’t ignorance but typographical clumsiness.