The rich get richer. Corollary: The famous get more famous.

The rich get richer. Corollary: The famous get more famous.

: Jeopardy all-time champ Ken Jennings has a Cingular commercial.

  • Hunter McDaniel

    I see the opposite happening. As the popular culture becomes more and more fragmented, there are fewer and fewer celebrities who are universally known.
    Ken Jennings may be the exception which proves the rule. And although I know who he is (the Jeopardy guy), I wouldn’t have been able to dredge up his name without your reminder.

  • AK

    I agree with Hunter. Popular culture and the speed of communication make it easy to become an over-night celebrity… and just as fast can make you disappear into the night. After a while it’s like watching the “flavor of the month”.
    I notice the “rich getting richer” and the “famous getting famous” when the person changes. Today it’s CelebrityB… and where did CelebrityA “what’s his/her name” go?

  • Jennings also has a new trivia board game.

  • CitizenBloggerH8R

    Wow how interesting…now this is the kind of reporting by our citizen’s media that the journalists should be scared of.
    Funny how the blog guru ignores the real scandals involving fake bloggers who were used by the GOP in the Daschle race…even funnier how our resident media critic keeps ignoring the Gannon/Talon News/GOPUSA story…instead we get a blog report about a commercial he sees on the tv so he can be the first one to talk about an ad that has been playing for days now.
    Good god I hope we are about to see jarvis morph into fonzy and a shark not too far in the distant.

  • The poorer may soon have an opportunity to get richer. Private social security accounts will allow the working poor and lower middle class to acquire some wealth as well as the rich folks. In a generation or two the middle class will be much larger and the lower class much smaller.

  • Jim S

    Thanks, Ol’ BC. That was the funniest thing I’ve read today.

  • John

    I would have thought Jennings would have best fit into a commercial about the IRS taking part of his Jeopardy winnings and having him tell the viewers, “I should have known about H&R Block.”

  • It’s actually a pretty funny commercial.