: Jonathan Weber, former editor of The Industry Standard, has a new site of local blog posts for the Western states.

  • It is focused on the Rocky Mountain states and currently has city sites for Boulder, SLC, and Missoula.
    When I read your description, I thought it would include CA, OR, and WA, but it is probably better to focus on a smaller region (though the name could cover the entire west).
    The New Times owned altweekly in Denver is called Westword. It won an IRE award (among others) for their series Inside the Air Force Academy (which has a poor web presentation).
    It will be interesting to see when some of these new city and regional sites begin winning awards. Not that awards are the only judge of quality, but it will show journalism groups are starting to take these sites seriously.

  • Ed Roman

    shoulda looked closer, Jeffo — the sites are merely adjunct to the print magazine coming out later. The money will come from the magazine; the blogs are merely a seatwarmer.
    And three locations do not blanket the Western States.

  • Well, EddieO, I know that; Jonathan discussed his plans with me more than once. I figured I’d let him announce and explain just what those plans are.
    Man, you must be a barrel of laughs on a plane ride.

  • It’s true we aren’t “blanketing” the region just yet. But hey, give us time! Also we have topic blogs in addition to the local blogs. And while we do plan a print magazine, the online site is definitely not a seatwarmer, rather we expect it to be quite a robust publication in its own right. We’ll have more formal announcements soon. Thanks Jeff for the note.

  • As a Missoulian who has beefed about coverage of Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado and Utah since leaving home for college, I am thrilled with New West and eager to see what the community (existing and expat) does with it.
    I missed your announcement last week when I was vacationing, so I just latently hat-tipped you in my post: