Open the gates

Open the gates

: Mark Cuban and I give big media the same advice: open the gates, keepers.

: Commenters are pissed at his tone; I was at first, too. He compares us to tabloid lense-snappers. From Cuban, that’s like Bozo the Clown critiquing opera. But the rest of the post is actually OK: It’s about the people watching the powerful anywhere, everywhere.

  • Kat

    I think Fox and Corkum agree:).

  • and he’s got stackhouse coming off the bench.

  • tex

    Paparazzi, now? That’s really great. Bloggers as pariahs.
    You know, I think there was once a chance that blogging could be at least compatible with or complementary to journalism, but that was before the blogstormtrooper lynchings. Now, bloggers are like a leper colony and they will be shunned.
    You’re asking them to open the gates, when smart people will be putting up brick walls for protection instead.

  • Has anyone been watching Judy Woodruff’s Inside Politics? They are doing a 3-4 minute take on blogs all this week. They have a couple of cute 20 yearolds that do it like a weather/traffic report on the latest buzz and go into details on the top topic or two.
    Poor Judy about had a heart attack though when the “blog reporter” mentioned all the jokes being made about a nuclear attack submarine being named the “Jimmy Carter.”
    Actually I am impressed and found myself setting the VCR to tape the show. Lets see if they keep it up.

  • tex

    Aw, cute little bloggers as gossip columnists? How sweet.

  • Mork

    It’s about the people watching the powerful anywhere, everywhere.

    Isn’t it a little hard to sustain that characterization when all of the major scalps collected by the blogmire have been individuals who were, for one reason or another, associated with opposition to the government, and were targeted for precisely that reason!
    Where’s an example of the blogmire effectively challenging the institutions of real power? For that matter, where is an example of the blogmire pursuing anything for any principle other than partisan gain?
    When it boils down to it, the noisiest part of the blogmire is a voluntary propaganda arm of the government. It’s aim is to protect the powerful, not to expose them.

  • I will tell you exactly what will happen next. The blogs you invite in will still try to trip you up, but they will quickly morph and act like traditional media. When you screw up , they will tell you when it happens and give you a chance to comment and respond. They will like being on the inside and adjust to try to stay there.
    The bloggers left on the outside will continue to try to trip you up, but will spend more time and energy trying to tear down the bloggers who got inside the gates. Jealousy is a bitch.
    That’s insightful. Bloggers are as threatening to entrenched power as a strong breeze. Displace them, co-opt them, or buy them outright; hell, they’ll work for free if you just pat them on the head and tell them they’re important.
    Jarvis is just panting to be one of the bloggers invited inside. It would be a pretty big coup for the non-journalist who started a magazine about Hollywood hype and has no actual, substantive expertise. News is a conversation – so long as Jarvis gets a seat at the table.

  • It is not a matter of which bloggers are invited inside but of how many inside are in fact bloggers whether they are invited as a blogger or not.
    To be without a blog is to be mute. Since the traditional media have a necessary time lag and editorial restrictions those with blogs will get all the scoops and the rest will die on the vine or be confined to retrospection.
    The number of scalps collected is less important than how these scalps hanging from the blogger’s belts affect the behavior of those not yet scalped.

  • Ed Roman

    An executive with Conde Nast and the man responsible for Websites bringing news to millions of people is lecturing the media on being more open.
    That is roo rich, Jeffo.
    Instead of lecturing the rest of us and embarking on this quest for a new gig, try working on your own properties to make them better. Ever use that sticking pile of c__p known as OregonLive? Ouch. Meanwhile, Portland Communique ( is an EXCELLENT example of citizen journalism. Yet does Jeffo link to it? Naw, because they go about their business and aren’t part of the bloggers’ circle jerk. The guys who run it aren’t shameless media whores like Jeffo, Dave Whiner and Ed Conehead. But Portland Communique — which SHAMES OregonLive with its local Web coverage — gets no attention or love from Jeffo, even though it’s the perfect example of citizen journalism. Why no love for Portland Communique, Jeffo? I did a search, and you have NEVER mentioned it. NEVER.
    Why? I can only assume the corporate goals of Conde Nast and its OregonLive site do not intersect with you touting one of the shining examples of citizen journalism. And you’re more interested in a MSM gig explaining blogs than you are in actually promoting the more exciting aspects of community journalism.

  • /pd

    I think Cuban’s posting was excellent. I,in fact blogged what I thought was the essense of his rant.