: Jerry Brown — the politician I had more fun covering than any other — writes his first blog post. [via Doc]

  • His first post is one championing an Oakland, CA law imposing a curfew for people on probation.
    Why the get-tough-on crime position? Maybe because Brown already has thrown his hat in the ring for the 2006 California Attorney General’s job.
    I do like that his blog is on Typepad and not his campaign site…it makes it seem more personal, like these will be just his thoughts, not a staffer’s.

  • Dishman

    In general, I’d say he’s done a fair job as mayor. I used to work just off San Pablo. It wasn’t pretty. Hearing gunfire at night was not entirely uncommon.
    I think his time as mayor has gone a long way to expand his horizons. He’s not the same person he was in his Gov. Moonbeam days.

  • annette

    i found brown’s tv comments during the campaign refreshing and practical. i look forward to what he has to say, because his boots are on the ground in a tough city and he has served well. i hate to give up the “moonbeam” images, because they have such charm, but i think he’s a good political mind in action. kerry can’t hold a candle to him.