Military blogging the election?

Military blogging the election?

: If you see any military bloggers in Iraq writing about the election — especially with accounts from the polls — please leave links in the comments.

: Also, if you see particularly good American or non-Iraqi blog comment — from both sides — please also leave links in the comments.


: Here’s one: RedSix, recently awarded the Silver Star for gallantry in battle, blogs this:

This is the first time I have seen the internet in days. This past week, the line platoons only have time to wake-up, be on mission all day without coming back to the FOB, and getting in near midnite to get some sleep.

The soldiers of 2-63 AR BN are out there hardening the election sites and working around the clock to provide security for the Iraqis. I’m pretty excited about being out there for something historical. Not all my soldiers can be out there but I have guys begging to be taken out in sector. Seeing how bad these locals want the elections to happen has been pretty inspiring for us. I will be posting photos of the guys laying wire and dropping barriers when I have more time, probably after elections are over.

: Another from Strawberry Fields:

I have some positive news to report for once. For the last few days, I