‘Faith-based blogging’

‘Faith-based blogging’

: Hugh Hewitt and Evangelical Outpost take me to task for taking Dr. James Dobson of Focus on Family to task for his intolerance of tolerance in his attack on SpongeBob Squarepants. Got it? Well, read the links above. My stand here is quite simple: I am intolerant of intolerance; I particularly don’t like intolerance allegedly in the name of Jesus. That’s my view. So we disagree. Glad we can.

Hugh also goes after the Harvard conference where I am now and I’m amused because he’s complaining there aren’t enough conservatives while the conference has been attacked for not having enough liberals. Says Hugh:

But the exclusion of faith-based bloggers –by intention or oversight– from a conference on blogging ethics is about as absurd as not inviting the NRA to participate in a conference on the Second Amendment.

“Faith-based bloggers”? Well, Hugh, as you know, I go to church, teach Sunday school, preach occasionally, head up the church board, and sing in the choir (badly, I confess). I blog frequently from my moral perspective. It may not be yours. But aren’t I a faith-based blogger, too?

: By the way, I’m reading Hugh’s book, Blog, and it’s good. Hugh said in his post that he likes me; I said a few days ago that I like him. We just disagree on this. Makes the world go ’round.