One from Column A, one from Column B

One from Column A, one from Column B

: says it has an exclusive before tonight’s People’s Choice awards.They say both Fahrenheit 9/11 and Passion of the Christ will win awards — but it’s no long a scientific sampling of the people’s real choice; it’s an easily rigged internet poll now:

But are these selections REALLY the American people’s choices? CBS ditched Gallup Poll judging for cheap Internet voting that can be manipulated easily by zealous fans. “Tinseltown has been buzzing about organized campaigns on behalf of Moore’s Bush-bashing Fahrenheit 9/11, reports The New York Post.

Although “Fahrenheit 9/11” and “Passion of the Christ” were shut out of next Sunday’s Golden Globe Awards, their Oscar campaigns for Best Picture will get a last-minute boost from victories tonight at the People’s Choice Awards (8 p.m., CBS).

“Fahrenheit” will triumph as Favorite Movie of 2004, while “Passion’s” hopes will be resurrected with a victory as Favorite Movie Drama — 2 of the People’s Choices 5 Best Picture races….

But controversy will certainly erupt after the victories of both films tonight when critics ask: Do the People’s Choice Awards REALLY reflect the views of the American public? Arguably, they did so in the past when winners were determined by a Gallup Poll survey, but voting was switched this year to less expensive — and less scientific — Internet balloting that’s easily manipulated by the zealous political and religious supporters.