Sprint sucks. Palm sucks

Sprint sucks. Palm sucks

: The TreoCentral store is selling the new Treo 650 for $319 with a two-year contract but only to new customers. Meanwhile, Palm is selling it to existing customers for $599. What the hell is the difference whether I’m new if I sign a friggin’ two-year contract? In fact, you should be giving me the break because I’m already a customer and you didn’t have to pay hundreds in marketing dollars to acquire me as a customer. But pull this crap and you lose me to a competitor real fast.

Stupid Sprint sucks. Stupid Palm sucks.

: UPDATE: I just emailed the head of national media PR for Sprint suggesting that they read the comments and bile that welled up as soon as I posted this. Let’s see whether they listen to their customers….

In fact, why don’t you all email Mr. Nicholas Sweers yourselves. Let Sprint know what its customers think of it.

  • Don McCoy

    Sprint and the other cell phone companies simply hate their customers. The corporate culture of these companies is abysmal. I have been with Sprint for about 6 years. I recently purchased two phones to replace an old phone. If I were new to Sprint, I would have received an instant $150 rebate. As a 6 year customer, I had to pay full price and apply for the rebate. Sprint then denied the rebate until I raised havoc with their customer disservice group. I should have switched to another cell phone company when Sprint wouldn’t give me the instant rebate. These companies are geared towards signing new customers but do nothing to retain old customers relying instead upon inertia and the lousy customer service of its competitors.

  • Jen

    I had this fight recently with T-Mobile. They give existing customers the same deal as new customers every twelve months if you have a plan for $39.99 a month or more. I didn’t, but I’d been a customer for 5 years and pay for extra services. It only took a few months of bickering with their customer service people to give me the deal on the phone I wanted. These policies don’t make much sense to me at all. There’s so much turnover in the cell phone industry. You would think they’d want to keep us.

  • Rex

    I’m ticked off about this too. When another mobile company adds the Treo, I plan to drop Sprint and then grab the reduced-price one for signing up with that company (which, honestly, probably sucks the same amount as Sprint). Then I’ll call up Sprint and tell them they’re suckers for losing my $1000/year of business.

  • Bill

    Funny, just the other day I had that same discussion with T-Mobile, and couldn’t for the life of me understand how any of it made sense. I was also a customer for 5 years and had to ask the question “do you realize that I can just sign up with a new company and get a phone that is 10 times better than what I have now for free?” to a few different people, to which I kept getting the answer “well, yes.” Eventually someone gave me a deal for a new phone because I was “a valued long time customer.” I wanted to yell “No! It’s because I wouldn’t stop bothering you people…”

  • praktike

    Sprint is the worst company known to man. Still, the i500 is a better phone than the Treo.

  • Your always treated better when you are not a customer — in fact, when your contract is up with your cellular carrier — Don

  • Wow. This is so strange. I was reading the comments and there was one from Rex that said exactly what I was going to say. But it was from the other Rex. Anyway, what he (and Jeff and everyone else) said. I’m trying to purchase a Treo 650 for an employee — to add it to my existing Sprint plan — and they’re wanting to charge me full price. Idiots.

  • Puff

    I think the cell companies _want_ you to go away, after a couple of years you’ll forget all the bad service (maybe). I caught myself looking at a verizon ad the other day and considering it. Then I remebered that the last time I dealt with verizon I had to speak with the city DA who directed me to the state AG, who sent me some forms to fill out that scared verizon into complying with the terms of the contract we had signed.

  • Danny

    Personally, I’m praying for salvation from Apple-Motorola… please, dear God, let them bring in a cartel-busting, customer-kissing wonderphone!

  • TV

    Verizon offers a bi-yearly upgrade allowance to existing customers who sign a 2 year extension. Pretty fair, and exactly what you are suggesting.
    Plus the network works more reliably than Sprint’s.

  • Follow-up comment. Just saw this on /., a link to a hack in which someone enabled a Treo 650 w/ wi-fi. I guess some folks aren’t going to wait around for Sprint & Palm to get their heads out of their azzes: http://www.palminfocenter.com/print.asp?ID=7443&s=1

  • cp

    i just yesterday got a call from verizon. as a current customer, they were offering me extra goodies to renew my cell phone contract.
    too many mba’s, and not enough common sense, and you get……………..sprint! lol

  • jc

    It’s not just cell phones…I have Dish Network (new development, no cable yet). They are now running ads giving away not one, but two dvr-receivers for free to new customers, plus lower rates than I’m paying. And yes, the dvr sells on their website for existing customers for $299 each.
    I want in on some of the new-customer love!

  • Want to know why they do this? It’s called Marketing 101. Duh. Sprint has already shelled out to acquire you as a customer (I’m sure you got a deal of some sort when you signed up). Now they’ve got their hooks in you, and they’re betting that the switching costs (for you, the consumer) are too high to go elsewhere.
    I’m not saying it’s right, but that’s the way that things have operated in just about every service business model for at least the last 10 years or so (or whenever it was that the gov began deregulating the phone companies). If you’re that pissed, take your business elsewhere when your contract runs up. Am I right or am I right?

  • lalana

    after reading these, i emailed sprint customer service complaining about the high price of new phones for their longtime customers. i don’t want to have to “apply” for a rebate. i just want to be appreciated for my consumer loyalty. within hours, i got a call from a nice lady at sprint’s “executive customer service.” she offered me a new phone for 90 bucks (less than half the in-store price), “just for our special customers.” i didn’t have to sign up for two more years’ service. i didn’t have to apply for any rebates. and my monthly plan doesn’t change one cent. you can get the service you want by complaining the right way to the right person apparently.